Ivy League football is for wusses.

Harvard flip-flops on vuvuzelas and bans them from the Yale game… because the Yale Band – excuse me, the Yale Precision Marching Band – is worried it’ll be drowned out by the horns.

Mere collectors' items now. (Photo Source: Eric Cervini via Bloomberg)

Personally, I’d like to see everybody that bought one stand outside the stadium at halftime and blow ’em while Yale’s band performs.



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11 responses to “Ivy League football is for wusses.

  1. Nathan

    They could give the whole student section vuvuzuelas and they still wouldn’t drown out the Redcoats. We’ve been doing the annoying horn thing for 100 odd years, those south Africans are upstarts damnit.


  2. Stumpy Pepys

    Ivy League football can’t be all bad…they used to let you carry coolers full of your favorite beverage(s) into the Yale Bowl. Don’t know if that’s still the case.


  3. Dante

    Wusses indeed. I always remember this story when I think of the Ivy League: http://www.dailypennsylvanian.com/node/21704 Can’t even tear down your own goalposts? That’s just sad.


    • 69Dawg

      I was once at a UGA Vandy game in Nashville and it looked for a while like Vandy might pull the upset. The Vandy fans around us were asking us if we would help them pull down the goal posts if they won cause they didn’t have enough fans at the game to get it done. UGA won but I LMAO.


  4. bba

    does anyone recall these being sold at stadiums in the 80’s? I bought a blue one at the ’87 citrus bowl when allbarn was playing usc (cousin was in the halftime show). it was awesome, and i kept it for years even though it was allbarn blue. i don’t remember them at sanford, but it’d be strange if the citrus bowl was the only place they were hocked. i actually had friends ask me about it when we were watching the world cup last summer. anybody?


    • Russ

      They’ve been around for much longer than that. I bought one at an Atlanta Hawks game in the mid-70’s when I was in high school. We were asked to “temper” our enthusiasm a bit. 🙂


  5. Gen. Stoopnagle

    Yes, yes, and all that, but Farnsworth sometimes creates a bally-hoo!

    You Suck, old boys!


  6. Biggus Rickus

    Vuvuzelas are annoying and should be banned on general principle. If I’m at a game the last thing I want to hear is the constant hum of those things.


  7. What the Tech

    When all the guys on my hall get together for Fantasy MLS Draft, we played them so loud it broke Mryon’s glasses.