Maybe he’ll ace the Wonderlic.

Now the NFL has started hatin’ on Cam.

… One director of scouting for an AFC team said Tuesday that Newton will be a first-round pick should he decide to skip his senior season but added that not every franchise will be interested because of his off-the-field issues.

“There are going to be questions about the kid,” said the scout, who requested anonymity. “You’re going to want to sit down and do a lot of interviews with him, because he never makes a check or a call at the line of scrimmage. He gets everything from the sidelines, so all that stuff is going to be new to him.

“We’ll want to see how smart he is, and then there is the naive part. He let his dad pick his school for him and all this kind of stuff. If this situation gets really bad, there might be teams that just don’t want the PR nightmare.”

Eh, maybe.  To me, Newton looks like he’s got Oakland Raiders written all over him.  At worst, he’ll be JaMarcus Russell without a purple drank problem.



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  1. TennesseeDawg

    Cam had no knowledge of evil, only Cecil, so draft away NFL. lol


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Oh, right, and meanwhile Mike Vick starts, and Ray Lewis starts and on and on in the NFL. The only question the NFL will have about Newton is how much money the league will make with him on a roster somewhere.

    Not really judging this, just observing.


    • heyberto

      Yeah, and how bad has the backlash affected the perception of Reggie Bush, or his play on the field? I agree it might hurt his draft stock, but not much.


      • Go Dawgs!

        Precisely. Vick and Lewis are felons (oops… sorry, RayLew, you didn’t get convicted… don’t murder me!) but Bush actually committed the same crime, roughly, that Newton’s being investigated for. It hasn’t impacted him one iota.

        And looking at the Vick example, I thought he’d have a lot of trouble finding a new team because of the potential PR nightmare. Hardly. The Eagles were willing to take on that PR nightmare in order to secure *a backup* and it’s certainly paid dividends. Do you think a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs is going to give a damn that their quarterback landed his college on probation? There’s no NCAA probation in the NFL!


  3. James Stephenson

    I always wondered about the whole call at the line thing.

    So many of these offenses now line up, the QB looks over to the sideline to make the call. Why would any team take a chance on one of those kids.

    Say what you will about Richt and Bobo, their QBs learn how to read a Defense and make calls at the line. May not always be the right call, but at least they will not be 100 % lost when they get to the NFL.


    • Dante

      Whitehurst and Greene were both third round draft picks. Heck, Whitehurst is still playing on a regular roster. Greene was subjected to practice squad until he gave up and retired. So I don’t think it makes a difference in drafting, but to be fair, Whitehurst is 100% lost in the NFL.


      • James Stephenson

        Thats true.

        But this whole call the play at the line is becoming more and more prevalent on the NCAA level. I think in the long run this will hurt QBs in the future. Look at the really good ones at the next level, they all called their own plays in college. If I am a QB who wants to go pro, I think I would head to a school where they don’t think I am a moron who can not read a defense.


  4. Paul

    Cam’s purple drank problem sounds like a twitter rumor fire just itching to be ignited.


  5. JasonC

    If he can commit a felony between now and the draft, there is a good chance the Bengals will take a shot with him.


  6. Irishdawg

    If he impresses at the combine, any number of NFL teams with no quarterbacks will want to draft him. The NFL doesn’t give a damn if a guy is low-rent, especially if that guy is 6’6″ with a strong arm and a quick release.


  7. NCT

    Regarding Cam’s Wonderlic: Maybe he can turn somebody else’s test in or find a completed exam on the internet.


    • Puffdawg

      Or maybe just answer all the questions with “No Comment.”


    • King Jericho

      Wonderlic 1998 2010
      Name: Peyton Manning Cam Newton


      • Puffdawg

        Reminds me of a joke:

        Ryan Mallett and Cam Newton are interviewed by the Chiefs. Both have relatively equal qualifications. So they make the two take the Wonderlic, which they score equally on, only missing one question. The Chiefs decide to draft Mallett.
        Newton, confused, says “Why did you pick him over me, we scored exactly the same?”
        They respond, “Because of the question you missed.”
        He says, “But we missed the exact same question!”
        The Chiefs reply, “Yes, but, Mallett answered “I don’t know” and you answered “Neither do I.”


  8. Russ

    His ability to read defenses is about the only possible downside that I can see (and I emphasize “possible”). The guy is an absolute beast as a player. From what I saw Saturday (and pieces of other games), he’s Tebow with a much better throwing motion, accuracy and ability. I don’t know, but I’d suspect he’s also faster.

    He’ll have no trouble at all getting paid at the next level (just like this level, apparently).


    • gastr1

      If they got some knucklehead NFL coach to waste a first-round pick on a klutz like Tebow, there is no way Newton won’t get taken by some other NFL “wizard.”


  9. Aubiece

    Hate on Cam some doggies…
    AU beat that dawg rear end….
    and you guys are still butt hurt….
    The NFL guru that is your D Coordinator really dialed up defenses that
    stopped the AU offense cold….
    It amuses me no end to see the Dawgs whine about the thugs AU has….
    Don’t throw rocks from glass houses…
    What is the Georgia arrest record under the Richt?…
    Yall should be more worried about the decline and fall of the Georgia program…
    Or do you like the course Richt is taking down deNial river…


    • Biggus Rickus

      Insults followed by elipses….
      The Auburn fans troll….
      “Y’all are butt hurt. DERP”….
      Glass Houses was a decent album by Billy Joel….
      Take your shitty poetry….
      And cram it up your hole….
      With probation looming, I say….
      Roll Bama Roll!…


      • Ausdawg85

        /sniff…brings tear to eye. Bravo!


      • S FL Chapter of the Bulldog Nation

        Awesome!! That’s some good work there!

        AU fans should hae A LOT more to worry about than what’s being said about their QB by a NFL scout. Much less what fans of another school have to say about it! They should be worring about 1. beating Bama and 2. whether or not this season will go up in flames as a result of their QB….

        AU fans…congrats on the win last week and a very good season so far! My Dad’s an AU grad so I’m happy for you….but, that’s the first win against our boys in 5 trys…y’all are sure sounding like the NERDS after they beat us two years ago…win with class…

        Good luck to all players and the Dawgs will rise again!!!

        GO DAWGS!!!!!


      • AthensHomerDawg

        +100. I have quoted it to our accountant who is an Awbarn grad and who has ragged me pretty hard since the Saturday game. All in good fun of course, but it has begun to wear a bit thin. SO THANKS!


      • Bryant Denny

        Good one, BR.


      • gastr1

        Outstanding! Did you know t.s. eliot? Work with William Faulkner?

        I have e’re seen a poetry
        So sweet with recompense
        Though I fear t’will never turn the ear
        Of Tigers, War Eagles, even Plainsmen hence.



    • Scott W.

      You should stop being amused and get off the tractor to learn how to use an ellipses.


    • TigersLovePepper

      This is a classic example of cranial diarrhea. Every thought that entered Abuie’s head just spilled out onto the keyboard. Bravo Aubie, Bravo!


    • Hackerdog

      You’re 1-4 over the last 5 years against us. Congratulations.

      Keep living the dream, until the CamGate sanctions come down.

      Gene Chizek is the next Terry Bowden (who went undefeated)!


  10. Big Shock

    The NFL doesn’t care, just like the fans don’t care. If you give me the option of paying a player, going undefeated, wining a national championship and then having it taken away, I will take it all day long. I will tell myself that everyone’s doing it and we just got caught. I can deal with probation…heck, this year feels like probation. I can take anything other than the death penalty. At least I got to be a fan during a championship run. 1980 was a long time ago. You think that USC fans care about taking down the 2005 National Championship banner. Assuming they can hold on until mid-January, you tihnk that Auburn fans care about not getting a banner. I would love to be an Auburn fan right now.


  11. Holy Zion Center for Deliverance

    “‘You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.’ ”

    Unless the money is to fix your church and then its ok to bear false witness against your neighbors…


  12. Bryant Denny

    Say what you want to about the kid being eligible or ineligible, he can definitely play some ball. He will make some huge cash in the NFL.

    I sometimes wonder if these “anonymous” NFL scouts just float this information to better their position.