The spread spreads, continued.

Here are a couple of eye-poppers for you:

  • Auburn quarterback Cam Newton is 197 yards away from breaking the NCAA single season record for most rushing yards by a quarterback. Air Force’s Beau Morgan ran for 1,494 yards in 1996. Newton, with three games remaining, has 1,297 yards. However, Morgan probably won’t have the record for much longer. Michigan’s Denard Robinson has 1,417 yards with three games remaining.
  • Newton and Robinson are tied for the FBS lead this season with 43 carries of 10 yards or longer.

Two players in one season breaking a fourteen-year old record?  Watson, the game is afoot.



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8 responses to “The spread spreads, continued.

  1. Biggus Rickus

    Imagine what Vick would have done running the spread in college.


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    Of course now the question is, how many Denard Robinsons/Tim Tebows/Cam Newtons are out there to be had?

    Are these the type of athletes that were playing different positions 10 years ago, or are they just freak-of-nature athletes?


    • It’s some of both, I think. The training and nutrition regimens are worlds better now than in the past. That’s why we’ve got so many great athletes now, and why the best are better than in the past.

      It’s also that these guys would have played different positions. Decades ago, Tebow’s an offensive 0r defensive lineman, Robinson’s a wideout or DB, and Newton’s a lineman or in basketball.


    • Will (the other one)

      Yes, and no.
      I think durability is part of it. Robinson was on pace to destroy all rushing QB records, but has been hurt and missed parts of multiple games.
      Newton isn’t anywhere near as fast, but being bigger means he hasn’t gotten injured in any game.
      It’s not as difficult to find a Denard Robinson-type. Finding the mobile QB who stays healthy for an entire season? That’s the rub.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        If Newton breaks all the QB records (TDs, rushing, total yards, etc.) then gets DQ’ed do the records still stand or are they gone too? Just askin.’


  3. Skeeter

    At first I was hating on these guys for “ruining” football. But really, maybe this is getting back to vintage football when you had guys who could do it all?

    Looks like they need to make some rules change for the defense or else the scores are going to start reading like a b-ball game.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Since golden-arm, dropback QB’s aren’t easy to find, OC’s have to find other ways of scoring. Got to admire an OC who finds ways to maximize his QB’s skills – if the arm won’t get you in the endzone, maybe the legs will. I think the diversity of offenses are great for cfb. No coaching staff can stand pat in this environment – or they risk becoming a dinosaur.


  5. Will Trane

    The spread is a great offense. Murray is like the QB for Boise. Several high school programs have gone to the spread. After all it started at a high school in Texas. As Coach Richt commented last week, it puts the offense back even with the defense in that it makes the QB the 11th player. The QB is the key. He does not have to be 6’5″, but he needs to have an arm, smarts, and the ability to run. Murray has that in spades. Plus you do not have to have large RBs, but guys who are quick to the edge, crease, and lane.

    Coach Landers, here is hoping you get 1,000 tonight. Thanks for years of great teams and players. You are Georgia basketball.

    Find a high school playoff team tonight and go watch them. Seen several players that the coaches are looking at this weekend. When you see 36+ games over two seasons you come to appreciate the work of players and coaches at that level. In the state of Georgia there are a lot of top notch programs with some awesome coaches. Support the high school teams.