They never learn.

Yeah, adding Nebraska to the Big Ten has paid off handsomely.

… Speaking of smart, the Big Ten obviously was wise to add Nebraska and create a title game. It promises to pay for a lot of shoulder pads and lacrosse sticks.

A source said the league’s six-year agreement with Fox Sports will be worth between $20-$25 million per season. At $22 million, divided equally among 12 campuses and the conference office, each school will get $1.7 million richer each year.

The $22 million figure is more than analysts had estimated, given that the SEC title game is believed to be worth $14-$15 million a year…

Fox Sports, hunh.  They… wouldn’t, would they?  They couldn’t.  It’s not something they’d even think about.

Oh yes, they would.

… Fox Sports President Eric Shanks, an Indiana alum who joked he hoped the length of the deal would give the Hoosiers enough time to reach the title game, hailed it as “the biggest new property to come onto the market.”

Shanks said Fox is “a few months away” from deciding on announcers. Charles Davis and Thom Brennaman teamed for Fox’s coverage of its BCS title games.

Brennaman is a top candidate to call the Big Ten title game, although Shanks joked of the native Ohioan: “If Ohio State’s not in it, he might be weeping during the entire broadcast.”

It’s not too late to give the money back, fellas.



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5 responses to “They never learn.

  1. Russ

    Well, not that I was planning to watch it anyway, but this will certainly clear up any indecision I might have had.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Fox should team Thom Brennaman up with Tim Tebow and let the tongue bathing and the teardrops roll.


  3. Dog in Fla

    Thom on Tim on Fox Sports: Your life will unquestionably be better for it…


  4. Go Dawgs!

    Thom Brennaman calling your conference championship game? Clear evidence that your conference will always be second best.

    It’s spelled TOM, douche.


  5. Spike

    However you spell his name, he sucks no matter how you slice it.