Now that’s power.

Tim Tucker sums up the moving and shaking behind the Georgia-Boise State game in one amazing paragraph:

… The Georgia-Boise State matchup in next season’s Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game at the Georgia Dome, announced Friday, required eight teams to juggle schedules: Georgia, Boise State, Louisville (dropped from Georgia’s schedule), North Carolina (added to Louisville’s schedule to replace Georgia), James Madison (switching dates on North Carolina’s schedule to accommodate the UNC-Louisville game), Ole Miss (moved a scheduled 2011 season opener against Boise State to 2014), BYU (replaced Boise on Ole Miss’ 2011 schedule) and Oregon State (changed dates on BYU’s schedule to accommodate the BYU-Ole Miss game). Who has enough clout to facilitate all those changes? Only ESPN, which played a major match-making role.

If the WWL really wanted a D-1 football playoff, how long do you think it would take for it to get its way?


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10 responses to “Now that’s power.

  1. gastr1

    Wonder if ESPN makes any money broadcasting all those bowls.


  2. Dante

    “Who has enough clout to facilitate all those changes?”

    Cold hard cash. If anyone threw around the money they threw Georgia and Boise’s way to make this happen, it still would have.


  3. Paul

    Whose job is it at the WWL to look at every permutation of scheduling to see if they can generate more income/better TV matchups? I want to elect them to public office. They get shit done!


  4. Bulldog Joe

    Surprised (and happy) to see Georgia still has that much juice.


  5. Will Trane

    That is clout. But UGA gets to attend a free clinic on offensive line blocking for pass plays. If Bobo, Lilly, Searels, Ball, and McClendon are still around they get to see what a legit passing team looks like for free. They will get to see that when you need 4-5, 8-10 yards you do not send your receivers down field for 20-30. That when you have a QB who can put a football thru a button-hole at 15-20 you find sets and routes for back and receivers that are quick and can not be covered by LBs and CBs. Granted Murray has thrown for over 2,500 yds, you have to ask the question, in the absence of a running game, how could you make “The University of Georgia’s” passing attack unstoppable. That you can set your O line where it is impossible for the opposing D to tell if it a run or pass based simply on stance, pad level, and head level. That was a mystery for VT who spent a spring and fall trying to figure it out.

    Thanks ESPN for paying for our football clinic.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Dawgs need to milk this game for all it’s worth. The wwl megaphone/echo chamber would likely support us all the way if Dawgs can shape the publicity to highlight all the good things about UGA and Dawgs football. Not saying Dawgs need extra pressure on themselves to win over BSU, but we definitely need all the good publicity (particularly with recruits) we can get. First, CMR needs to end the season strong with wins over gtu and whatever bowl we get. Then sign a terrific recruiting class. Then completely stop the annual off-season player problems.


    • CSA

      Wishful thinking. This past season has forced me into a Georgia pessimist.


    • Ausdawg85

      Interesting…depending on what happens with the rest of this season (bowls included) and Spring / Fall practice issues, UGA and CMR could be painted in a very negative light if the WWL so chooses. “Arrests…” “Hot Seat…” “Program in decline…” “Losses to rivals…” “Loss of talent….” etc.

      Add that to a whole bunch of “feel good” stories for Boise, and we could face a bit of a PR nightmare that makes DE and red panties seem like a little harmless fun indeed. Not predicting this, of course, but wouldn’t be surprised either if it becomes popular to bash our program come game time.


  7. OldDawg55

    A great stage to showcase a revived Dawg team! Now start to prepare for this in recruiting, getting out good PR copy, emphasize our NFL connections, find the good JUCO players, and get Georgia back to where it belongs on the national stage. Even with our dismal record this year, commentator/journalists still gave Georgia its proper respect when we one “dissed” the Dawgs. It was really a “sleeping giant” affect. Start now, Dawgs!! Go get Tech and whoever faces us in whatever bowl! GATA!!!!!!!!!!!