SEC Power Poll, Week 12

Bye weeks and close calls didn’t have an effect on my power poll.  It stays the same for the third straight week.

  1. Auburn. When you’re already number one, there is no bye week bounce.  I’m a little surprised the Tigers opened as a three-point dog to the Tide, though.
  2. LSU. Not a good sign when you let an Ole Miss team which quit against Tennessee the previous week hang around until the bitter end.  I wouldn’t read too much into Jordan Jefferson’s day throwing the ball against the worst secondary in the conference, either.
  3. Alabama. I wonder who Finebaum is picking to win the Iron Bowl.
  4. Arkansas. Give ’em credit for winning another tough SEC road game.
  5. South Carolina. You know the OBC loved that point total.  It always helps when the other team doesn’t bother to show up.
  6. Mississippi State. Did everything they could to win the Arkansas game.  Except win it, of course.
  7. Florida. Before the start of the season, I didn’t believe that the Gators would be an underdog to FSU, but damned if things haven’t turned out that way.
  8. Georgia. No bye week bounce for you!
  9. Kentucky. If this bunch of ‘Cats can’t beat the weakest Tennessee squad in ages, it’s hard to see when it’s ever going to happen.
  10. Tennessee. The season’s turning out just like they planned it.
  11. Vanderbilt. I didn’t have the heart to move them back to the cellar, but losing to Wake Forest should do the trick.
  12. Mississippi. Showed signs of life against LSU.  Can they do it in the Egg Bowl?


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2 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 12

  1. Hackerdog

    I swear I heard one of the talking heads say that Jordan Jefferson would enter next season as a Heisman contender. I can’t say who, because I was busy cleaning up the beer that I spit on my coffee table.


  2. Macallanlover

    He will be backing up Zach Mettenberg before mid-season. What a gift The Hat is getting with a QB that has been trained by CMR and CMB. LSU will be stout as they have basically been without a decent QB for three years.