Presumption of innocence

The perfect distillation of the mindset of the Auburn fan base:

“Everyone is concerned about it,” says Scott Johnston, who runs J&M bookstore on South College Street. “People would be shortsighted not to be. We’re going to presume innocence. But if they find Cam ineligible after the season is over, at least we can say we won it on the field.”

Which is why nobody on the Plains is in a big hurry for a resolution to the situation.

Speaking of distillation, Pat Dye passionately defended Auburn’s decision makers at the Macon Touchdown Club… sort of.

“I do know this,” Dye said. “Jay Jacobs and Gene Chizik have unquestioned character and integrity. And if they’re playing him, they don’t know anything either or any reason not to play him.”

Dye then asked if there were any media members in the audience, and there were at least four or five.

“Are you gonna write what I say?” he asked. “If you are, I’m not gonna say it. All you got to say is. ‘I won’t write what you say.’ These people pay their money to come to this club to hear what the guy says, and some of us up here will tell it like it is, but we don’t like to read about it in the paper the next day.”

The Touchdown Club itself charges dues for membership, but the weekly meetings are open to the public.

He then said he would “reserve my right to not say what I was going to tell you, but it was some damn good stuff.”

I can’t believe Dye wouldn’t break out the good stuff.



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16 responses to “Presumption of innocence

  1. Biggus Rickus

    Does the “good stuff” involve a Wild Turkey infused night where Dye and McGregor used McGregor’s mansion to ply recruits with hookers and piles of poker chips, and while Dye isn’t too clear on the details, he lost a pair of pants somehow?


  2. I disagree with the composite Auburn fan.

    Cam is innocent until we know he isn’t.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      That’s just a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo. This ain’t court. In the real world there is no burden of proof. It is what it is. There is no presumption of anything, much less the innocence of a known cheat and thief. I know that’s harsh but I, for one, am sick of the “you gotta prove it beyond a reasonable doubt” mantra which only opens the door to someone escaping justice by covering up well enough.


  3. The Tick

    pat’s not man enough to break out the good stuff (sigh)


  4. heyberto

    Pat Dye is the gift that keeps on giving, huh?


  5. A Different Jim

    To think Vince was an Auburn man and Dye was a Ga man. How sad.


  6. jw

    I think Pat Dye traded any UGA roots a long time ago. No RED & BLACK left in his veins! We definately got the upgrade with VD! THANK YOU AU for the trade in! Vince Dooley we LOVE YOU!!!!


    • Mitch Mustain

      And to think Erk was thrown in on that same deal!

      It must be noted (sadly) the Takeo Spikes left the Dawg through-and-through confines of Washington County for that damn Cow College in Lower Alabama.


  7. Greg

    Some of the Auburn fan base is like the naive/clueless guy who refuses to believe that his girlfriend is cheating on him because that’s what he wants to believe. No amount of info will convince him otherwise. He’d need to walk in on her having sex with another guy or see a video(even the video would be something he’d probably say was “doctored” somehow or it wasn’t really her).

    Then there’s the other portion of their fan base who would give the money to Cam themselves if they had any. They don’t care anything about cheating. They’ve been on probation 7 times so they know that’s what they need to do to compete. They can always rationalize the cheating later. It’s like the guy said at the beginning of the article – “we won it on the field”…even if it was done with illegal/bought players. What kind of logic is that? The Cow College doesn’t care anything about character and integrity. It’s funny how those words are only associated with Auburn coaches and admin when other Auburn people are talking about them.


  8. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    I’ll bet Pat was about to let loose with a stem-winder of a conspiracy theory.


  9. Macallanlover

    Dye’s reaction to Camgate has been even more disappointing than the AubieCanes’ fanbase has been. He could have taken the high road but has chosen to be Lowder’s lackey. As bad as his public defense of something he cannot have complete knowledge of regarding all the Camgate possibilities, his defense of fairley is even worse. I have no respect for Dye now despite his ties to UGA football.

    No one has all the details on what all went on regarding the role of the Newtons…yet, but to defend fairley is an indication of lack of character and integrity. That is unacceptable for the fans, and it is even more unacceptable for an adult with Dye’s record of accomplishments in CFB. I hope his name is removed from the facility at AU and they pay a high penalty for their actions.

    I think Johnston’s comment is EXACTLY how the AU fanbase feels about all that has gone on the past year. They are so starved for something positive, they have sold their souls for a short-term gain, regardless of how tainted it will be regarded. (Not unlike a drug junkie willing to ruin their lives for 15 minutes of euphoria.) Sad, the last few days have changed my opinion of Auburn forever. They are so inflamed by the attacks from all over the CFB world they have lost touch with reality and adopted a bunker mentality. Burn baby, burn!


  10. Slaw Dawg

    This looks like another pathetic bid for media attention by Dye. Says a lot about AU (nothing good) that so many look for “wisdom” from a guy whose name, had he coached almost anywhere else, would be followed by “who was forced out in disgrace.” Hell, not even Florida named anything after Pell or Hall. Regarding Dye’s attack on Meyer, why should anyone defend Newton’s disgraceful behavior at Florida anyway? Ridiculous to blame it on his youth. My 13 year old son knows better than to steal lap tops or cheat at school. Cam Newton leaves a slimy trail, and it will inevitably lead to trouble for Auburn.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Pat Dye talking about Chizik and Jacobs having high integrity is sort of like Nixon speaking of the high integrity of Ehrlichman and Haldeman. It makes me even more suspicious that there is something stinky going on.



    A metaphor . We’ve all seen the police chases on TV. Some idiot breaks the law and the police pursue him. He won’t pull over or surrender even though his chances of outrunning thirty police cruisers and four helicopters is one in a thousand.
    He’s running because he’s just whiffed in a “three strikes and your out” state.
    The lawbreaker’s freedom is like the setting sun, so he goes for the gusto and settles for the fleeting gratification of “flaunting it in the face of the law”. The more he runs, the more charges he brings upon himself.
    This is just like AU.. They chose to play Mr. Wonderful, knowing full well that his amature status is more than compromised. Of course, once they had played him the dye (intentional sp) was cast for all of the stonewalling and excuses. “Let’s blame MSU”.
    Auburn will get about as much sympathy as the jerk the police chase gets.
    Strike three. Pull over AU.