Tuesday morning buffet

Feel free to jump right in:

  • Northwestern’s athletic director wants his school to play another game at Wrigley.  No word on whether the players agree.
  • Georgia is one of just six schools to have played exclusively on Saturdays since 2000.
  • Auburn has some serious home-field advantage to overcome in this year’s Iron Bowl.
  • Les Miles had to deal with a genuinely creepy 86-year old (former?) member of the media with an Erin Andrews fixation at a recent presser.
  • At this rate, WAC Commissioner Karl Benson will soon be trolling the high schools looking for new conference invitees.
  • Is this really necessary?
  • More on John Brantley, formerly known as the second best quarterback in the SEC.
  • A great line from an otherwise over the top bashing of Junior“Kiffin has a bachelor’s degree from Fresno State in leisure service management, which qualifies him to stick the umbrella in the Mai Tais at Club Med.”
  • Calling the Georgia game for ESPN on Saturday night will be Mark Jones and Bob Davie.  I’m glad I’ll be in attendance.


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    31 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

    1. The Original Cynical in Athens

      Is that the same Norman Chad from the televised Poker games?

      Senator, how many websites do you peruse daily? Do you have a staff of hundreds? This continues to be the best blog around. Thanks for your work, it makes mornings go by a lot quicker.


    2. Dog in Fla

      Prior to doing a rebuttal to the fable of the Fresno State leisure studies major story qualifying Lane to stick an umbrella in a mai tai, Lane recollected on his days in The SEC:

      “Kiffin said his experience in the football-crazy SEC — “You hear so many things down there” — gave him a unique perspective.”I remember so many things said about me that weren’t accurate,” Kiffin said. ”

      But even with all the inaccuracies, Lane still has it going on:

      “Two weeks have nearly gone by and not a single word of congratulations in the newspaper to Coach Lane Kiffin and USC for digging deep to keep No. 1 Oregon from hitting its average of 55 points a game.

      People are so right when they say a newspaper never points out the positive.

      “Thank you,” replied Kiffin, yet humble and reluctant to take all the credit. “We did have a bye to get us ready.”

      You could spend all day asking Rick Neuheisel a question like that and never get an answer worth writing down, and yet Page 2 insists on always quoting Neuheisel. That seems so mean”



    3. Russ

      Dang! Davy Jones’ Locker again? I thought we were going to be on the real ESPN, not on “The Ocho”.

      Interesting factoid about only playing on Saturdays since 2000. I would’ve thought a Thanksgiving or Friday game against the nerds would have crept in there, but I guess not. And I was pleasantly surprised to see the kickoff game next year is on a Saturday as well. We have to make sure to keep it there and not let it migrate to Monday night.


    4. P44Haynes

      I have not enjoyed our lackluster season — which is the reason we have been kept out of many ESPN night games. However, I have enjoyed not having to listen to the terrible broadcasters that often staff certain ESPN night games. Why Bob Davie, why?


      • HamDawg11

        I generally don’t jump on the “I hate this announcing crew” thing, but I simply cannot stand to listen to Bob Davie. There’s no worse commentator on the air, ‘cept Fox’s boy Thommy Brenaman…


    5. Bob

      I am glad to hear that the noise at Bryant-Denny disrupted Ole Miss and Georgia State. Wow, now that is impressive.


    6. Scorpio Jones, III

      First, mucho thanks to the good Senator for his endless plowing of the blogosphere….and it appears your readership is growing like Topsy.

      Second, any Georgia fan who actually listens to the TV broadcasters is insane or computer illiterate.

      As a long time Munsonite, it has taken me a while to warm up to Scott Howard, but I am beginning to find is sense of humor which is dark at times, pretty….well funny.

      You mean there are Georgia fans who actually listen to the TV weasels?



      • Dog in Fla

        “You mean there are Georgia fans who actually listen to the TV weasels?”

        Sure. These two provide some of the best comedy around.

        Predictions: First topic in Davie Jones Locker will be Bob Davie trying to use a telestrator on a Google Map to diagram and analyze the proximity of Athens to Atlanta thereby making this a geographic rivalry game just like Notre Dame -SC. Mark Jones will then compare, contrast and confuse the hedges in Sanford with the ivy in Wrigley

        “Mark Jones said you could see the ivy on the Wrigley walls, when it was an advertising board with pictures of ivy on it. (via KT)” http://www.awfulannouncing.com/pammies/pammy-awards/vote-for-your-week-12-pammy-winner.html


      • Russ

        Internet latency/lag vs. live TV = FAIL

        I don’t like hearing Scott Howard tell me whats happening when I saw it two plays ago.


      • Gen. Stoopnagle

        No kidding. This is why I have a delay play radio.

        Although, to my discredit, I haven’t rigged it so that Scott, et al records on the DVR instead of ESPN drones.

        I haven’t really gotten used to Scott and Eric; and anytime I trip over some vintage Munson, I know I never will.


        • Scorpio Jones, III

          I feel you, General, but the broadcast, in a journalism sort of way, is more “enlightened” with Zeir and Howard….I know, I know.

          And to defeat the delay is really simple. Listen to the broadcast with head down or eyes closed, then open eyes, raise head for what is effectively an instant replay.

          Munson, like Herschel and, it would appear, like real runningbacks are no longer part of the equation.

          I would probably be more sane if I could break the radio/tv cycle, but I don’t think I can.

          That said, it appears I am missing some really great “reporting” on TV….too bad.


          • Russ

            “And to defeat the delay is really simple. Listen to the broadcast with head down or eyes closed, then open eyes, raise head for what is effectively an instant replay.”

            Creative, I like that!

            Question – does UGA still force you to pay to hear the radio broadcast? I used to listen to Larry several years back, but eventually, the UGA AA blocked at the feeds except for their pay feed. Pissed me off to no end, so I quit paying for it. Now, every game is televised (and Larry’s no longer calling the games), so I just watch on TV and bitch about the announcers.


      • rsy

        try getting that in mississippi


    7. Hogbody Spradlin

      Are those 2 announcers the ones who say ‘throw the football down the football field and make a football play’


    8. John From Texas

      Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Not Davy Jones Locker. Noooooooooooooooooooo.


    9. Will Trane

      Nick Fairley and Ga Tech…linked.
      Many still complain about the Dawgs defense. Understand. But this a side of the ball in transition…players, coaches, and players plus coaches seeing new schemes together for the first time.
      The key to Saturday night may not be the Dawgs maintaining assignments and discipline on the defense side of the ball, but the other side.
      All ten of those guys on the offense have to maintain and sustain blocks. Can not have Murray go out with an injury or a flare up for injuries from Fairley, Auburn, and the season hits. The coaches and players on the offense have taken a few “holidays” during the past games. Would be advisable to play ever play like it is a win or lose situation.


    10. Richt-Flair

      Cannot wait for Jones and Davie to 1) mispronounce half of our team’s names 2) ignore the play on the field to continue a Jackie Sherrill story from the 1980s and D) talk about Boise, TCU or some other school and the BCS standings during a game where the majority of the audience watching could care less


    11. Bulldog Joe

      Why… does… ESPN… put… each… one… of… Davie’s… words… on… delay?

      Are they afraid he might let loose with an expletive?


    12. Bulldog Joe

      Wow. Northwestern wants to move more home games on a neutral field where they just got their @$$ kicked.

      I can’t imagine any program stupid enough to do that.



    13. GreenDawg

      In honor of the upcoming game with GT, I would like to suggest an addition to the lexicon.

      ACC move- n. – a point at which trash talk and/or a discussion about two football teams moves from football into the realm of academics or basketball.

      Example: Really? You’re going to talk about the engineering program? Man, that was a total ACC move.


      • Wade

        I submitted it for consideration to Urbandictionary. com


      • Normaltown Mike

        Great suggestion.

        Classic ACC move happened to me while exiting MARTA for the 99 PeachBowl. A UVA fan let loose with this withering taunt: “Georgia was my back up school”

        One of my friends responded: “kickin’ your ass is my backup plan”


    14. Bryant Denny

      Maybe in the next couple of years you guys can work in a Thursday night tilt versus your instate rivals – the Fightin’ Panthers of GSU.


      • Ubiquitous GA Alum

        We’ll leave that to the North Avenue Trade School … Either school can take MARTA to the game with no transfers!


    15. Macallanlover

      I had always listened to Munson with the TV sound muted/reduced when at home. I stayed with that after his departure and was about to buy the sports sync product available on the internet which allows you to delay the radio call by up to 8 seconds on your stero. Sometimes you need a little more delay, but it solves the problem in most cases, or at least gets close enough to enjoy.
      Then I had a death in the family on the Vandy weekend and was forced to listen to the satellite broadcast without the TV available. That was when I realized Scott had bigger problems than just not being able to live up to Larry’s brilliant phrasing. Now I won’t listen to the UGA broadcast over the TV because you cannot follow the action with his style anyway. He tells you what is happening, but not the result until well after the play is over. For instance, he will say the ball is handed to Ealy, and he will say he breaks a tackle then is wrapped up by three Vandy defenders. I have no idea where. I don’t know if the hit was behind the line, five yards down field, and certainly have no idea whether that resulted in a first down, or loss of yardage. Very frustrating for the listener. Doesn’t ask much to say he broke the line of scrimmage was hit on the 25 and broke free to the 34 before being tackled, or run out of bounds on the 37 for a first down. It was a lot of words without describing what the listener wants to know about the action on the field. Never realized that until I had no visibility of the play.
      I can live with the style difference, but someone needs to tell him he is missing first base. Perhaps if he listened to a tape of his broadcast over a DVRed version of the game he would see how long it is before he communicates what a radio guy should be trying to do for his audience. With Larry, I could visualize what was happening as well as those sitting in the stadium. Sorry for the rant, but that is correctable