“I’m more frustrated about that than anything else.”

Gawd, this is humorous:

Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson said the most frustrating thing about this 6-5 season is his inability “to find the hot button on this team.”

Physician, heal thyself.


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    I’m sure there is plenty of “hot button” items you can buy from the local thugs on Techwood.


  2. Will Trane

    Always troubling to hear an opposing coach use those words about his team the week you play them. Never know if this is the game they come jacked up like Auburn. I think that is how Tech arrives Saturday, and for the Dawgs to be prepared to weather the storm for awhile.
    It is interesting to hear the comments about Coach Richt and the program from the newspaper boys and a former UGA QB like Tarkenton. The seem to think neither team is motivated based on season results. Let Murray get some late hit or questionable hit, then the motivation moves up the chart quick.
    Game is about emotion and those who play in control [some Georgia players have problems with that, but toward the end of the Auburn game you could see more maturity about this than in the past]. Something was said by the CBS announcers about the Dawgs coming on the field. They did, but it was controlled, and they wanted to display their [team] dissatisfaction with how the refs had allowed the chippy play to get out of control from the beginning.
    Georgia offensive coaches should have several hot buttons. Something like is the O line man enough to block and protect a QB? Can the RB’s really slash and run with authority? Can Bobo stay in the game the whole time? If I’m CMR, that is one button my fist stays on the entire game.
    No doubt Bobo is no Chris Ault. Bobo likes to run everthing from center field in his sets…that way your slowest defender can even get in on the play. Bobo just does not see the field in lanes, edges, creases, feet, and time. No, Bobo is “coach slow”.


    • Bobo likes to run everthing from center field in his sets…that way your slowest defender can even get in on the play. Bobo just does not see the field in lanes, edges, creases, feet, and time. No, Bobo is “coach slow”.

      Honestly, Will, I don’t think that’s totally fair. Go back and look at Danielson’s break down of the fourth-and-one TD pass against Auburn. It’s a very well-designed play which did exactly what it was supposed to do. (You can say the same thing about the TD pass to Chapas.)

      Bobo’s biggest problem is his reluctance to stick with what’s working until the other guy stops it.


    • Macallanlover

      I don’t understand all the hater comments on Bobo. I am not saying he is a whiz kid, and he wouldn’t be my first choice for OC if it were my team. But my gosh man, if you want to criticize this offense play calling is the least of our problems.

      I can see a challenge of the overall scheme, it is certainly dated and limited. Questioning the OL line performance, as it is the biggest disappointment versus expectations we had, might be where I start. I would also have some real questions about our RBs since we see hard running, quick cutting backs every week on highlight reels breaking long runs from small openings. (Seen a single long run by a UGA back that was worthy of any highlight show in the past few years? Hell, Knowshons best runs were often for three yard gains.)

      When you look at CFB nationally, none of the explosive offenses employ a traditional, pro set, I formation offense. None. Not saying there aren’t some recruiting advantages to staying with a scheme that matches the NFL’s needs, but defensive coordinators don’t have to burn the midnight oil worrying about what UGA or Alabama are going to run. With us, it comes down to execution…..not creativity or outsmarting anyone.


      • Russ

        The main problem we have with the offense is the OL. Playcalling is a distant second. Overall, the offense is not the problem with this team.

        The defense still has the Willies, and it’s taken longer than I’d have hoped to get rid of them. I still think Grantham can do it, as we’ve improved across the board. It’s just that we had a long way to go to become a decent defense.


      • Ausdawg85

        Agreed, but it’s execution by all (including AM sometimes, let’s admit). My guess is that Stafford/Moreno gave us the perfect tools for the pro set, so we stayed with it. Joe C just didn’t give us many different options (oh to have tried Logan Gray more last year….?!). With Murray, the coaches are playing “safe” (recurring theme) by keeping the offense simple, basic, and what we’ve been running. Surely there was an expectation we would be better at running than what’s developed. At some point, we either got to keep recruiting Stafford/Moreno’s, or we have to look at updating our out-of-style-for-CFB offense and recruit to a new one…which probably means a different OC.

        Bobo’s doing what he’s been asked to do. Our philosophy needs to be re-examined at the end of this season.

        Now you may bring on the “30+ points per game” rants…thank you.


      • 69Dawg

        The fact that UGA runs an old system that requires near perfect execution in order to work against the SEC D’s causes us a real problem. How do you get great execution when you are only allowed to practice 20 hours/week? The fast break teams practice fast. Ever watch us practice? It really does look relaxed. I have been the most concerned by our inability to win against quality competition. It would be too hard to change the O a bunch but more shot gun (pistol) might help.


      • James Stephenson

        Yes, but lets be honest, if those new hi-tech offenses were so great the NFL would have co-opted them by now. In fact, you would think that running the ball and play action, pretty much a staple in football since the forward pass was allowed would not even be run in the nfl.

        But look at the amount of teams running it. Saints, Colts, Falcons, Ravens, etc. All of those teams use play action and running the football.

        Now, if our defense gets back to a top 20 defense we should judge the whole team. I do agree we need more belly dive plays out of the shotgun. The defense would have to respect Murray.

        Sooner or later though, the QBs with the tools are going to notice that I formation qbs who make their own calls on the lines are who are good in the pros and will shy away from the Oregons and Floridas of the world.


        • Scott W.

          Your last sentence is very true and may be applied to the other side of the ball as well. Staying on ESPN for them to notice is the problem though.


        • Macallanlover

          I honestly don’t get the need to emulate the NFL. Granted, QBs like Stafford are more in demand by NFL teams than the Nesbitt’s of the world, but there were some good QBs at Oklahoma, and Nebraska that led their teams to titles that never played in the NFL. Think they care in Norman and Lincoln? I want success in Athens and don’t really care about Atlanta, San Francisco, Buffalo, Detroit, or any other NFL city. I do feel there will be continued changes to the pro game as more and more mobile quarterbacks have success. It may be evolutionary, not revolutionary, but who can deny the potential impact of Michael Vick, and Donavan McNabb type quarterbacks will have?

          I do know the game is more interesting to watch, and the game is evolving, whether we like it or not. Who would have ever imagined scores like we are now seeing in the traditional defense oriented leagues like the SEC and Big 10++? 65-62 in Ann Arbor? Or the Arkansas/AU game in the SEC? The times they are a changing…..just hope we don’t get left at the station.


  3. TomReagan

    Of course he can’t.

    Just ask any of the few women that a Techie’s been lucky enough to get to third base with. None of them have any idea of how to find the hot button.


  4. Go Dawgs!

    Has he tried gay porn? I’m told that most Techies respond to that.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Motivation isn’t the issue with this year’s Georgia Tech team.

    Talent is.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Maybe it was a dingo took your hot button.


  7. Scott

    It sounds like they are tired of his mouthy sh!t already.