Don’t forget to dust the shelf before you put it back.

As ledes go, this one is quite well-played, Mr. Emerson.

There is, in fact, a trophy bestowed to the annual winner of the Georgia-Georgia Tech game. And on Tuesday the Governor’s Cup, which stands about three feet, was sitting informally on a desk in the office of Georgia associate athletics director Claude Felton.

To be fair, Felton said the trophy was only moved out of the trophy case this week, in preparation for being awarded Saturday. But it’s a safe bet that not many people ever noticed the Cup when it’s in the case.

That tends to happen when a rivalry is as one-sided as this one has been. Georgia has won eight of the past nine and owns a 60-37-5 record in the series.

Let’s not forget that if Tech loses Saturday, Paul Johnson will join the ranks of every Georgia Tech head coach since Bobby Dodd in posting a losing record against Georgia.  You’ve got to appreciate a football program which respects tradition like that.


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11 responses to “Don’t forget to dust the shelf before you put it back.

  1. 81Dog

    actually, the testy little Mini-Skipper already has a losing record against UGA, career-wise. Let us all hope he adds one to the loss column this week.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    Paul may just go off and start punching people in the face.


  3. The Original Cynical in Athens

    This game is a must-win for Coach Richt.

    Haven’t seen anything mentioned about it this week, but Coach Grantham’s brother was hired by Coach Paul Johnson at Navy in 2005. Grantham is still LB coach there, so perhaps he can give Todd a little extra insight this week.


  4. Jim

    Dang we seem to be confident. Hope we don’t get surprised or let ourselves down. Would be a fitting end to this season if we did. I wish we’d just keep our mouths shut and go about our business until after the game. I know the team and coaches are mum but they read this stuff.

    If we win, as we should, then we can all run our mouths then


    • Man, if you can’t get a little smack-y before a rivalry game – one in which you’ve dominated the opponent, to boot – when can you? 😉


    • Go Dawgs!

      Jim, you realize that none of us are players, right? It doesn’t matter if we’re overconfident, nothing we do outside of maybe yelling loud is going to have any impact on this game.


      • Jim

        Look, i’m all for getting smacky with conference rivals (although we haven’t dominated many of them lately) but I’d much prefer the quiet, under-stated approach with the nerds.

        The agony of enduring a year after a loss to them is so brutal (as was the case following the ’08 game) that I don’t want to give them any more incentive than they already have to crow if they happen to win here.

        In addition, I like them being a little self conscious about the perception we are there biggest rival by a wide margin, but they only begin to approach being our biggest rival when they win. Tech is the not the team I want to beat the most, but they are certainly the team i hate to lose to the most.

        Finally, “Go Dawgs!”, you are correct in that yelling in the stadium is about the only thing we can do to directly influence the outcome of the game. However, if you don’t think those 18-22 year old kids read this stuff and it gets into their head (whether they acknowledge it or not), I don’t think you are living in reality. I’m not saying our team sits on GTP on a daily basis, but the attitude of the press and fan base I believe is understood well by the team.

        I’m not saying we are going to lose this game but the last time i saw our fans and the press this confident about a game it was before the ’08 ‘bama game and we all know how that turned out. We also have a knack for coming out flat in game where everyone takes for granted we are going to win…

        All that said, HBTD and let’s stomp these nerds into the ground. I was in Sanford Stadium for the 51-7 game and I will say that was something I will always cherish.


  5. Sonny Perdue is a former Georgia walk-on, so, regardless of whether the Bulldogs beat Georgia Tech, somewhere in the locker room of Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall, the governor’s cup always remains, right next to the governor’s jock.