You think they’re not taking this game seriously?

The coaches are having the players go through a full contact practice today in preparing for the Tech game.  The man behind the plan appears to be the defensive coordinator.

… it appears defensive coordinator Todd Grantham may have had a say in the Bulldogs’ physical practice plan this week.

“You can do drills for (cut-blocking), but they’ve got to get out there and play,” Grantham said. “They don’t really like doing it right now that way, but that’s the way we do it, because that’s what is going to happen on Saturday. You’ve got to learn to bring your feet with you, and you’ve got to learn to get away from the guy and accelerate down the line. We’re going to do those things, and the best way to do it is live. So that’s what we’re doing right now.”

Me likee this.  A lot.


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20 responses to “You think they’re not taking this game seriously?

  1. fuelk2

    “They really don’t like doing it right now..”

    Good stuff. Hopefully they come out pissed off, focused, and ready to take it out on the other guys.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    There is an obvious question here, but I will let it slide. Just dayum glad to see they are doing everything they can do.

    Tech is probably better than Colorado.


  3. Bulldog Joe


    They can have their fun on Saturday night.


  4. Jack

    Echoes of Bloody Tuesday, baby. You play like you practice.


  5. the Coondawg

    Lets beat the livin hell outta the Nerds!!!!!!!!


  6. Hopefully this full contact in practice during game week trend will continue thru the spring and into next year, not to mention some 1st team Defense vs. 1st team Offense. GATA!!!!


  7. Erked Russell



  8. Love it! Biggest smile I’ve had all day after a long one at work.

    To Hell with Georgia Tech!


  9. Buck’s Blog today essentially said the same things I said yesterday, only he said it much better. Can’t figure out how 30% did Not agree with it . I certainly did. We will see on saturday. G.A.T.A.


    • Reptillicide

      Because Buck is a douchebag, and most people will dislike his blogs just out of spite.


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Nice to know somebody remembers Buck the player.

        Run, Lindsay, Run.


        • JaxDawg

          yeah but he’s been living off that for 30 years while going absolutely nothing meaningful in the meantime. He’s like a c-rated actor doing d- rated movies. Plus he’s proven himself to be a smarmy, condescending asshole. That piece about Nick Fairley did it for me.


  10. M

    GT may be better than Colorado, but Tenn. is probably better than GT.


  11. JBJ

    Let’s do this!