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Turkey Day buffet

A few things to tide you over until you sit down at the big meal:

  • Brophy links to a Wall Street Journal piece about a new QB rating system designed to better account for running stats.  It’s drawn up for the NFL, but it would seem to be even more useful for college football.
  • Dan Mullen wants to party, 40’s style.
  • Tech fans can’t even work up good statistical hate this year.  All they’ve got left is measuring how bad this year’s bunch stacks up with other mediocre teams Tech’s dragged to Athens in previous seasons.
  • Scarbinsky thinks that a one-loss Auburn team should have nothing to fear about the BCS title game.  Guess he’s been chatting with Gordon Gee.
  • If Aaron Murray is really in that clip, I can’t find him.  And I’d hope he’d have better taste in the first place.
  • This is the perfect meld of Tech nerdiness and football fandom.
  • Texas Tech’s lawyer now admits that Leach’s actions didn’t harm Adam James?  Sounds like it’s settlement time – on Leach’s terms.
  • More Camgate reaction.  When you’ve lost the pointy-headed, liberal, alt-weekly academic types, you’ve pretty much lost everybody outside of the fan base.
  • We all bitch about the ones that got away from Athens, but it happens at other schools, too.


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“He’s going to get his.”

I bet A.J. has enjoyed film study these past two weeks.

… Tech likes to give receivers a fairly big cushion at the line of scrimmage so that they make sure that they can’t get behind them for big gains. The Jackets have allowed 31 pass plays of at least 20 yards this season…


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Heartfelt Thanksgiving thought

I am grateful we live in a country that inspires over the top commentary like Joe’s.

And I say that even though I think Gordon Gee is an asshat.


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