Turkey Day buffet

A few things to tide you over until you sit down at the big meal:

  • Brophy links to a Wall Street Journal piece about a new QB rating system designed to better account for running stats.  It’s drawn up for the NFL, but it would seem to be even more useful for college football.
  • Dan Mullen wants to party, 40’s style.
  • Tech fans can’t even work up good statistical hate this year.  All they’ve got left is measuring how bad this year’s bunch stacks up with other mediocre teams Tech’s dragged to Athens in previous seasons.
  • Scarbinsky thinks that a one-loss Auburn team should have nothing to fear about the BCS title game.  Guess he’s been chatting with Gordon Gee.
  • If Aaron Murray is really in that clip, I can’t find him.  And I’d hope he’d have better taste in the first place.
  • This is the perfect meld of Tech nerdiness and football fandom.
  • Texas Tech’s lawyer now admits that Leach’s actions didn’t harm Adam James?  Sounds like it’s settlement time – on Leach’s terms.
  • More Camgate reaction.  When you’ve lost the pointy-headed, liberal, alt-weekly academic types, you’ve pretty much lost everybody outside of the fan base.
  • We all bitch about the ones that got away from Athens, but it happens at other schools, too.


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16 responses to “Turkey Day buffet

  1. King Jericho

    Never a day off, huh Senator? I’m thankful for the hard work and I’m thankful for having something to break away from the family to keep my sanity. Have a great one!


  2. keith

    Most disheartening point on the GT board;

    Georgia has beaten La-Laf, Vandy, Tenn, UK and Idaho St. That is all they have beaten!!!!!!

    Dam, hate seeing it in print. But that ain’t good. I don’t care who Tech has or hasn’t beat, but D,JD, we have laid the wood on some juggernaunts this year.


  3. dean

    There’s a kid in the top of the video wearing a black T-shirt that “resembles” Murray but it’s inconclusive at best.


  4. The wheels pretty much fly off that opening GoJackets.com post when the guy whips out his “If Aaron Murray plays at all” argument. I mean, there are certainly cases to be made why Tech could win Saturday, but that one is pure, uncut Colombian wishful thinking.


  5. Keith

    Senator, ain’t none of it good.

    Even funnier maybe the guy that calls our play action 3rd and longs.
    Heck, you know its bad when even the nerds know whats coming.

    But, look on the bright side, if its 3rd and long to AJ, they can’t cover him.


  6. Jas

    My favorite part:

    4) We’ve won 3 of the last 6 in Athens.


  7. Bulldog Joe

    Until this thing plays out, however, about all I can say is that if Auburn is playing Iraq, I’ll be the guy in the turban.

    Well of course Mr. Cobb, Iraq is one of the good guys now.


  8. Bulldog Joe

    By posting the video sideways, you’re not supposed to notice the nerds only filled up about one third of their stadium.


  9. Jas

    Just saw this gem off StingTalk, Athony Williams new hairdo, enjoy


  10. Jas

    I don’t know what’s funnier, Tech fans wanting to buy vuvuzelas and living up to every stereotype, or the fact that this may be the only time in their lifetime that a Tech fan ever gets to hold a thong.


    • Brad

      Do they really think we care about this? Maybe if Damon Evans were retained this would touch a sore spot but he is no longer a part of the university and most people actually like our new AD more. I think they just want to see what thongs look like up close and not on a computer screen.


  11. Jas

    Holy shit, this is the holy grail: