Athens misery loves Austin company.

If this isn’t a fitting metaphor for Texas’ wretched season, I don’t know what is.

… Texas A&M punted the ball back to Texas with about 10 seconds left and Ken Wood had to pick the snap off the ground to get it away. Texas tried to block it and freshman returner Adrian Phillips let the ball bounce on the ground.

That let the final seconds run out. The mistake was a fitting end to Texas’ miserable season and several players threw up their hands in frustration…

If Georgia wins tomorrow, the Dawgs will finish 6-6 and begin preparing to play in a bowl game, both accomplishments the Longhorns, with all that money and all those top five recruiting classes, will miss in 2010.  After the Colorado loss, who could have foreseen that?


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  1. Ben

    I have a friend who is a Texas grad, and he loves to remind me how superior Texas is in everything. There are few collapses I’ve enjoyed as much as the one Texas has had this season. What makes it even better, though, is that another mutual friend is an A&M guy…


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    The fact the Newbergians rated everybody in all the Texas classes as star laden does sort of make the case these folks opinions are no more valuable than those of anyone else when it comes to evaluating the prospective talent of 18 year old kids.

    And, I have noticed that Will Muschamp, despite constant….to use a Senatorism…tongue bathing by the weasels in the booth, has more or less disappeared from the Anti-Mark Richt Radar.

    The long good streak by Texas just makes a bad year look that much worse, sound familiar?

    After four hours or so of Jesse Palmer and Craig James’ constant, unending efforts to make me believe they both know more about Texas than Mack Brown, Bob Davie would be a welcome relief (If I had to listen to him, which I sure as hell don’t.)


  3. Bryant Denny

    Good luck to you Dawgs against Tech. The Denny household will be pulling for you guys.

    I don’t Texas’ problem is talent.

    Have a good day,



  4. Me


    Jan 08, 2010 – Texas is playing in the BCS championship game.
    Nov 25, 2010 – Texas is not playing in a bowl game.

    Has there been a bigger drop for one team? And, as the Senator points out, Texas has been cleaning up recruiting-wise the past couple of years.


    • Macallanlover

      The answer, according to the Boooth Geniuses, is no. The Horns broke new ground this year with a losing season following their 2009 lofty status. As stated by others, it can happen to anyone and recruiting is a very inexact science. The QB situation at Texas and LSU is baffling given the talent availbale to both of those programs annually. McGarity is just awful as a QB. LSU may find a solution with ZM next year but I don’t know what Texas has, I doubt anyone of ZM’s caliber.

      The Bluebloods in Austin have to be very concerned about the commitment they made to Willie the Volcano. (As I recall, he gets a $5MM payout if he doesn’t get the HC job by 2012. UT certainly has enough well-heeled boosters to handle that but the egos involved will not like admitting an error of that magnitude.) Mr. February may have a warm seat under him but I can’t see them moving Muschamp into that job after watching his antics on the sideline. BVG is proof that being a fiery, loud coordinator doesn’t necessarily mean you have the skill set to run an operation like UGA or Texas.) Should be fun to watch.


  5. HamDawg11

    Is Bobby Cox their coach?


  6. As a graduate of both Texas and Georgia, I can’t wait to flush the 2010 football season.

    Here’s what I take from this:

    1. It’s not just us (Georgia). You can have the AD budget, the recruiting base, the recruits, the facilities, proven coaches, etc., and sometimes you still lay a damn egg.
    2. Never underestimate the cost of losing leaders. Plenty of 5-star players take a backseat to alpha dogs like Matt Stafford, Colt McCoy, Rennie Curran, Jordan Shipley, Knowshon Moreno, Sergio Kindle, etc. And when those alpha dogs leave, they take a lot more than their stats.
    3. Winning is a habit, but so is losing. Once that seed of doubt takes hold within a program, killing it becomes the ultimate test of coaching.


    • Brisket

      Same here as a grad from both schools. It’s hard to argue with your observations.

      I never thought I’d see a season where the Horns AND the Dawgs struggled — or even failed — to get bowl eligible. Here’s to 2011 being a different story.


  7. Brandon

    I hope the Will Muschamp fetish some of our fans have had is now dead, it should have died when we thrashed his his 37-15 on the plains in 2006 but better late than never.


  8. ScoutDawg

    Off thread sorry, but seeing Alabama #8 take the opening kickoff, and our poor performance there this year, who is not ready to see AJG get some returns? And I mean everything from kickoffs to punts to towels back to the locker room. Especially considering probably his next to last game in our beloved red and black. I say get his hands on it every damn chance we can. Hell, I would give it to him out of the backfield in the I, he’s bigger and faster than our two “marquis” backs anyway. Who wouldn’t want to see what a team that absolutely RODE AJG could really do before he is gone?


  9. ScoutDawg

    HAHAHA, Fairley off the field to the locker room with a shoulder apparently hurt last week at UGA. Hope he comes back so they can hit it again, and again!