He knows what he wants, but can he get it?

For Todd Grantham, the stakes this offseason are huge.  The good thing is that he’s aware of it.

… Grantham has been focused on the Yellow Jackets, putting his players through four days of contact work to get them prepared for the cutback blocking Tech employs in its triple option. After Saturday night, he expects to hit the recruiting trail and hit it hard.

“I’m convinced more than ever that we can have the kind of defense here that you want to have,” he said. “I do think we’ve got to address some areas in both recruiting and development.”

You get the feeling that while the next few months may lack the overt drama of last winter, they may be even more important for Mark Richt’s future in Athens.



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15 responses to “He knows what he wants, but can he get it?

  1. Bryant Denny

    CTG better start with a monster NT. 🙂


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    “You get the feeling that while the next few months may lack the overt drama of last winter, they may be even more important for Mark Richt’s future in Athens.”
    Absolutely. No matter how you may feel about Mark Richt as the leader of our football fortunes, it should be clear that Richt can not survive another bad year in Athens.

    And it is equally clear, despite all protestations to the contrary, the offense is productive enough to win games that were lost this year, and I don’t see anything beyond the possible loss of AJ to keep that from happening again.

    Even with AJ gone, we will still have weapons, and Stacey Searels seems to have gotten his O line pipeline working pretty well.

    So the real key to winning more games appears to be the defense.

    It seems to me that it will take more than one recruiting class to get all the players Grantham needs, but there should be considerable improvement next year.

    And I would guess there had better be.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      And, you know, winning a couple more games should be within reach, winning more than that is going to be very tough. South Carolina should be at least as good next year, Florida should be better, Tennessee should be no worse, and probably better. Will eight wins be enough?


  3. JB

    It’s hard not to like CTG. I hope he can get the right bodies in there next year.


  4. aious

    He is not only fighting for his job but Richt’s as well

    Another bad year and they are both done


  5. JBJ

    I guess you are assuming we beat Tech tomorrow night. The fallout from an ass kicking by Tech at home may be the final straw in my opinion. It irritates me to no end how much our fan base concerns itself with beating Tech vs beating Florida.


    • Well, maybe you’ll get your wish.

      I just can’t figure out how you think a team that hasn’t been blown out this year is somehow going to get walloped by Tech.


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Awbun looked like a blowout to me, but then we are not playing Awbun.


        • Dawgwalker07

          Auburn wasn’t a blowout compared to other teams that have smacked us around the last few years (bama 08, florida 08 and 09 and Tennessee 09)


      • JBJ

        You never know. It is going to be a cold night and I expect turnovers aplenty. Hopefully they roll our way but if we are -2 or more in turnover it could be ugly. The alternative is also possible where we win the turnover battle. I will be there freezing and cheering for the seniors.


  6. Spike

    It’s been a long season. We have underachieved, big time. Let’s beat the crap out of Tech and get ready for next season. It can only get better, right?