What’s it all about, Mikey?

According to this piece, it’s quite simple, really.

… No, this new Leach lawsuit isn’t about ESPN. Or Spaeth.

It’s about Craig James.


With one goal in mind.

… If trained lawyer Leach is correct, his latest legal action may soon devastate Craig James’ professional life the way Leach’s coaching career was effectively crashed by the ESPN announcer.

If that’s all Leach achieves with his lawsuits, he still will have gained the satisfaction of performing a national service.  Turnabout is fair play, even for a pirate.



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5 responses to “What’s it all about, Mikey?

  1. Section Z alum

    amen and amen. the texas/texas a&m game was great – with the sound off. after two quarters of hearing those haircuts repeat the phrases “this texas offense/defense” and “this texas a&m defense/offense” at a rate of 1 per sentence, i had almost forgotten how often jessie palmer says the word football. maybe when they get a new broadcast crew he can sue espn for inflicting brain damage by using too many chemicals on his hair.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Leach’s suit against the Worldwide Order of Weasels (WOW) is going to be interesting in a lot of ways because if it goes further, the WOW will probably realize it is on trial for more reasons than just hiring, and continue to employ Craig James. Leach’s suit, it seems to me, goes to the heart of the WOW’s credibility as a broadcast entity.

    I just can’t see any downside to the suit going forward. GATA Mike Leach.


  3. gastr1

    Oh yeah, baby.

    I personally thought Craig James’ use of ESPN as a personal platform was horrifically poor form and he should have been either shut down or let go.

    I cannot believe ESPN let him comment like that. I cannot believe he let himself comment like that. Here’s hoping he gets his due.


  4. lrgk9

    Yea – I thought that on your previous post. As Robert Perry Sentell used to say ‘you take your victims as you find them…’ Mike Leach is a very dangerous victim that Mr. James, in his hubris chose to, imo – slander.


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The linked article, while good in some respects, is flawed. One premise in the article is that if the case, now on appeal from the trial judge’s decision not to dismiss Leach’s claim against TTU as being barred by governmental immunity, will never be tried as TTU will settle immediately with Leach should the appeal not go TTU’s way. First, Leach does not have to settle if he doesn’t want to do so, no matter what TTU offers. Second, Leach can settle with TTU only and still maintain the lawsuit against James. I am betting on the latter and that the case of Leach v. James will get tried in Lubbock, a venue that James will not find to his liking. Even if TTU wins the appeal the claim by Leach against Craig James will not be dismissed as James is not covered by governmental immunity. Look out Craig James. You are in for a bad time, and soon.