I know nothink! Nothink!


This is not a picture of Auburn’s assistant athletic director for media relations. Really.


The biggest win in Auburn’s recent history, an incredible comeback led by its likely Heisman Trophy candidate – who doesn’t speak to the media about the victory after the game.  How come?

Nobody really seems to know, actually.

“There’s a lot of stuff going on,” Auburn wide receiver Emory Blake said.

Give credit to Blake for at least being honest about Newton, who also completed 13 of 20 passes for 216 yards and ran for 39 yards against Alabama’s physical defense. His teammates are apparently in denial about Newton and why he’s not talking to the media.

“I don’t know what’s going on with that,” Auburn tailback Michael Dyer said.

“I have no idea about any of that stuff,” Auburn defensive lineman Zach Clayton said. “That’s between him and the coaches.”

So, Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn, what’s the reason for Newton’s silence?

“I don’t know,” Malzahn said. “You’d have to ask somebody else that. Don’t ask me.”

How about Kirk Sampson, Auburn’s assistant athletic director for media relations? He initially claimed to be the sacrificial lamb for Newton’s media absence and said it was his decision that Newton not talk.

He then backtracked and declared that he is only “part of the decision-making process.”

“I don’t know what the official explanation would be,” Sampson said.

I’m surprised nobody tossed out the “Cam does his talking on the field” cliché.  Maybe they’re holding that in reserve for the SECCG.



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21 responses to “I know nothink! Nothink!

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Enough of these distractions. It’s 8:50, time to focus purely on hating Tech for the rest of the day.


  3. JaxDawg

    I have to give AU credit. They came back from 24 (twenty four) down, something the Dawgs could never do these days (or in a million years). Of course it helps to have Newton but the AU D played with much, much more confidence in the 2nd half and virtually shut AL down. Fairley had the stupid 15 yarder which allowed AL to score, but otherwise he played very well (especially on the fumble cause and recovery) and looked as if someone told him to STFU. He’s a damn good DL though.

    I never thought the outcome would have been determined by the AU D. Thought the O would have to outscore AL.


  4. Waaahhhh….Auburn won’t feed our innuendo….waaaahhhhh!!!


    • Repeat violator’s may be subject to increased penalties. …you do understand this concept right?

      With success comes probation…..it’s an Auburn Tradition. From 1951 to 1998, Auburn did not have one coach that didn’t operate under probation. War Eagle!!!

      We’ll be watching Ward……good luck with that whole thumbing your noses at authority thing. This time might be the last time.


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        I agree, Red, but you may not understand the mentality of the long-time Auburn football fan.

        Cheat, win, get caught, cheat, win, get caught, cheat, win, get caught.

        It must be a genetic thing in the state.
        I understand there is a move to change the name of the Iron Bowl to the “Who is on probation this year Bowl.”

        Nobody cares.


      • gastr1

        Oh, Ward, enjoy getting smashed to bits by the Oregon Death Star. Then, literally the day after ’cause that’s just how the NCAA rolls, you can read about getting the death penalty for the entire decade of 2011-2019.

        But you know, haters gonna hate, and blind gonna lead the blind.


    • mwo

      Yeah, as long as we keep our head in the sand (or up our ass), the big bad NCAA can’t accuse us of knowing anything. Yes we CAM!


  5. mwo

    Alabama made the same mistake UGA did after getting up by double digits on Auburn. Their offenses both went republican and it came back to bite them in the ass. Richt should have learned from Bowden,” don’t take your foot off their throat”. UGA had AU 21-7 and tried to take the air out of the football with 10 minutes left in the second quarter. The time for the 4 corners offense has come and gone. That is why they went to a shot clock. The biggest bitch I have about Richt is letting too many inferior teams hang around and get back in games. I understand there is sportsmanship involved, but if you beat everyone by 30, you can’t be accused of running up the score. Ask Chip Kelly.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I couldn’t believe the fiasco of 2 weeks ago was happening all over again – this time by bama. What is with OCs going brain dead after the first quarter?

      The problem with having a successful D, is that a lot of OCs become even more conservative. When you need points, the OCs can’t dig themselves out of the rut they’ve dug.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    On a more rational note…well, rational for a college football fan, I suspect not allowing Newton to talk to the media is a good plan, and for all we know this is the lawyers doing the thinking.

    Everybody knows what the questions will be, and the answers.

    Putting the clamps on access may be portrayed as running scared or something, but it is probably the smart thing to do.


  7. Bobby Fenton

    Why is this an issue? Who in their right mind at Auburn would put Newton in front of the media? He could come off the field after coming back from down 31 against the Patriots, curing cancer, and biting the head off a live rat, and each and every question after the game would still be about a lot of things he’s not supposed to be talking about.

    Isn’t it obvious why he isn’t made available? I wouldn’t make him available either.


  8. aious

    I think we can expect the spineless NCAA to law down the law in the off-season and “vacate” the wins as if that means shit


  9. aious

    I am sure the NCAA will lay down the law like the spineless douchebags they are in the off-season and “vacate” the wins as if that means shit


  10. almightytmc1

    Poor Poor Ward.
    BOT and Boosters being investigated for rigging elections. Possible Fraud in the Colonial bank fiasco. Possible pay for play in Lee county. This is your boosters and BOT Ward. Being investigated by the FBI, IRS, SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) and that’s even before we get into the NCAA and the Southeastern conference.
    Ward, do you honestly think they will find nothing at all? No seriously. Really? I mean. Seriously?
    Is that like way back when Pat and Larry and Wayne were “helping” out the less fortunate players and Pat had to “retire” to keep Auburn from getting the death penalty?
    Oh… that’s right. THAT is not written in the glorious Auburn history book is it?
    But even if we forget that half the Board of Director’s is under scrutiny for Racketeering.
    Just the simple fact that 5 witnesses are willing to state on record that Cecil asked for the money and made a payment plan.
    Guess what Ward.
    Cam was ineligible that second. And the fact that Auburn refuses to comply, in a pathetic attempt at fleeting glory will not be taken well by other teams who may have had a shot at the NC, Or teams who had their bowl picture affected, or by USC fans who DID NOT know that Reggie was being paid.
    Lets just take it at face value, Ward.
    You guys knew that Cam may be ineligible but you played him anyway.
    Its been a while since the NCAA has made an example in the SEC. Guess who’s ass is in their gun sights.
    Enjoy your recent string of victories, you cnn reflect on them 5 years from now when teams like Appalachian State are kicking your ass.