Looking at the Iron Bowl through red and black colored glasses

It was a fantastic game to watch, even if I didn’t care which team won.  I did have two Dawg-related thoughts, though, as the game progressed:

  • Give Todd Grantham Kirby Smart’s defensive line and I bet he looks a lot smarter this season.
  • Why isn’t the three-step drop slant pass which ‘Bama used successfully in the first half in Bobo’s playbook?  Between Murray’s quick release and Green’s ability on the move, that would be a devastating play to call against the blitz.


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31 responses to “Looking at the Iron Bowl through red and black colored glasses

  1. devildawg

    Funny, we had the same conversation yesterday over Thanksgiving leftovers, about the quick slant. Our conclusion was that they must be worried about Murray’s timing, not his quick release. We saw McElroy botch the timing on a quick slant near the end zone in, I think, the 3rd quarter. Still, I think Murray would be able to manage that, and hope we’ll see it today. But then, I also think Murray should be in charge of hunting Bin Laden in Afghakistan and chairman of the Federal Reserve, so…


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    After a day to think about it, this is a game Kirby could add to the highlights on his resume. The offense didn’t keep Auburn off the field in the second half, and the defense still held a 42 point offense to 28. That assumes, of course, that Kirby is the real defensive coordinator.


  3. JaxDawg

    Did anyone else see the heated, jawboning exchange between Saban and Smart? I know those two work well together, but it reminded me of the scene in We Are the Titans where Denzel looks at his DC and says “Coach, get that defense of yours to tighten up”. Or something like that.

    In any event, it appears Saban still has a big hand in their defensive scheme.


  4. baltimore dawg

    that slant pass is basically undefendable with someone like jones or aj. we simply don’t have much in our offense as far as i can tell to exploit the 7-10 yard passing game with our wrs. of course, when you’re maniacally committed to running play-action so often you’ve already taken that kind of passing game off the table as an option.


  5. NCT

    How many quarterbacks has Auburn knocked out of games now?


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    For the celebration call, the SEC officials are no longer #1 on my shit list.

    Having been replaced by Spencer Tillman who disagreed with the best judgement call an SEC official has made this decade.

    I agree about Bama’s defensive line…if Grantham had them we would be significantly better.

    A note to Bryant Denny….Sorry man, I tried.


    • Bryant Denny

      This one hurts, man.

      Rather be beaten 42-0 than let someone come from 24 down.

      Gonna be a long off season.

      [Based on my performance yesterday, I may get waived by the family.]


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Based on my unfortunate experience earlier in the month, I figured it was pretty much over when Ingram fumbled into the end zone. That mistake gave me chills….eerily familiar.

        I am afraid that fumble may have been the “Miracle Play” Awbun needs to get to the big game.

        I lived in Alabama 15 years, believe me I feel your pain. If we lose to Tech it won’t even come close, although if you read the whining it will seem as though it matters as much.

        There really is nothing like the Arn Bowl.

        Luckily I have a room all to myself during Georgia games…I suspect I may need a little space tonight.


      • Brandon

        You guys just lost too much on defense from last year and it cost you a few games this year. I don’t think Rolondo McClain and the boys let Auburn out of that hole yesterday. No matter what kind of talent you have on offense if you’ve got no defense you can be had. Auburn’s weak on D, they’ve been fortunate to win a lot of close ones this year but they easily could have 3-4 losses despite having Mr. All World at QB. I don’t think there really is a great defense in college football this year (much like in 2005), anyway, I’m going to be pulling for Oregon big time in the bowl game. Ich bin ein Oregonian!


  7. Macallanlover

    Observations made while watching the huge choke/blown opportunity by the Tide (which was shocking given the locale):
    1. Beginning in 2011 I wish I could see UGA players acting like the Bama players did when making a big play/score: hand the damn ball to the official or walk away when you make a big hit, knock down a pass, sack a QB, make a reception, etc……..it’s what good players do, and why you got the scholarship. Act like a man. I don’t care if we have to practice with our mouths taped to learn not to act like a punk. The Alabama players showed discipline even as they were rolling and the crowd was roaring. It is time we adopted this personna. We are getting a reputation as a trash talking team and I don’t think it fits our tradition, nor our coach.
    2. Auburn should take the “A” off their logo and just leave “The U” on their helmet. That way it wouldn’t be necessary to change their colors to green and orange to fit their new reputation. Now, yesterday’s game wasn’t played dirty like ours was because the refs and Auburn had been warned, but the endorsement of fairley’s actions all year (and especially what we saw against UGA) is proof enough. Auburn’s staff, players, and fans have all shown what they will tolerate and stand for, and that says all you need to know about their character and integrity.
    GO COCKS!!


    • NCT

      New reputation? As my father (who’s been following SEC football since the 1940s) said on Thursday, Auburn’s always played like that; through all of their coaching changes over decades, it’s just part of their culture.


      • Macallanlover

        I am, admittedly, late to that party. At least in the past much of the dirt remained under the sofa, and the even their fans couldn’t overlook/deny the sanctions so they professed remorse. With the public display of Fairley in a widely watched game, the whole nation saw what they were all about, and even then the fans condoned it. That slapped me awake. Never will I be naive about that program again. We can all have players that do embarrassing things on and off the field, but I have never seen another SEC team tolerate a thug like that guy. I would destroy all my R&B gear if we did, wouldn’t even donate it to prevent others from promoting that behavior.


  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    For some real giggles and a warm feeling, check out the comments on the Mobile Press Register’s comment line on AL.com.

    Here’s a taste:
    Tide’s season defies explanation

    How can a team with Julio Jones, Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson, a highly rated quarterback and the highest-paid coaching staff in college football lose three games in a season as well as lose to their biggest rival after going ahead 24-0? I don’t understand it.



  9. My dad and I were discussing the exact same thing during the game…why don’t we throw the SLANT! I guess that would just be to simple for Bobo to scheme up. He’s dedicated to complex schemes!


  10. Matt C

    Doesn’t this 2010 Bama team oddly remind you of the 2008 Georgia team?


    • D.N. Nation

      Ding ding ding ding!

      Was saying before the game to my Bama pals that ’10 Bama = ’04 Georgia. After last night’s pants-relieving, they get dropped another notch.


      • Matt C

        Georgia 2008 begins season ranked #1

        Loses to #10 ranked and eventual SEC West champion Alabama ( Final Ranking #6)

        Loses to #8 and eventual SEC and National Champion Florida ( Final Ranking #1)

        Loses to #22 Georgia Tech (Final Ranking #22)

        Bama 2010 begins season ranked #1

        Loses to #19 and eventual SEC East Champion South Carolina (Current BCS #18)

        Loses to #10 LSU ( Current BCS #10)

        Loses to #2 and I’m going to go out on a limb here and say eventual SEC and National Champion Auburn (Current BCS #1)

        So when can we start the Alabama is over-rated talk?


  11. shane#1

    Bama’s D line? Hell, I wish the Dawgs had Auburn’s! Fairley takes some cheap shots, but he is one hell of an athlete for a big man. Auburn took away Bama’s running game in the second half but I would have run Ingram more just to see if my guys could gut it out. Challenge your O linemen to move the man in front of them and see if they can do it, if you get beat, then you are beat fair and square.


    • Macallanlover

      Lot of conversation about the OC and play calling (yawn), but the only legit complaint I feel Bama fans have is not running when it was 2nd and 5 inside the 10 before that last FG. You had basically three downs to pick up that 1st down with last year’s Heisman trophy winner. Then you have a pretty certain TD instead of settling for a FG. Even after the 2nd down pass I would bet they make the first down on two running plays.


      • Phocion

        Giving up on the run, and thinking Alabama is a passing team, has been a constant complaint about this O-staff, even last year. Auburn has a great front four, so why not run a few pitch outs to Ingram/Richardson and avoid them? That, and McElroy just holds the ball too long…always has.


  12. slive sux

    We must use play action . Don’t complicate things with logic.


  13. Will Trane

    If you are the top running back recruit in the state of Georgia it might be advisable to consider UGA. I thought the play of the Bama running backs was terrible. You would have to grade them an F. And think one holds a Heisman. Ithouhgt McClendon was the worst RB coach in the SEC. Well he can look down the line and find Bama’s.
    Would have to agree with your assessment of the short passing plays. Bobo is always calling long and deep on the sideline or a fade in the endzone where the coverage is tight an d the real estate limited. We did put up 10 vs 3 for Bama in the second half, and Bama had extra time to prepare. But again Bobo can not call a complete offensive game…therein lies his weakness and the W-Ls the past two years. He does not understand the concept of moving the chains. And Murray…well if you wear an “8” on your jeresey at 20 yards he can put it on the upper or lower part of the numeral, whichever Green would call for.
    Will have to watch a replay of the game and figure out how Auburn shuts down teams in the second half…never thought Roof was that adapt. But when you hav e the seniors and home schedule like Auburn you should have good numbers.


  14. aious

    I must admit I was floored seeing a Saban D give up so many big plays in one half

    Credit Newton and AU as that pains me to say it


  15. Todd

    I did like the way Alabama’s defense lineman tackled Cam though. That Moseley kid at lber is going to be a stud for Bama.

    Just curious, does the height of the qb have anything to do with the ability to throw the slant?


  16. Dawgfan17

    Bobo has his issues but 10 of the 12 games this year the offense scored 29+ points 7 of those going over 40+ points. The two games the offense didn’t score 29 or more were 2 of the 4 without AJ. Now I know we won’t have AJ next year but those are still some pretty good numbers. I think the problem with Bobo is that he can have the team rolling so well in moments and put up points in bunches then go 4 or 5 series in a row with nothing. Curious to know that if the offensive line played better if that up and down by the offense would be much more even towards the top end.


  17. Dawgfan17

    Correction. I did that off the top of my head and a few numbers were slightly off. It was 9 of 12 with 27+ points. 8 of 12 with 31+ and 6 of 12 with 40+. With AJ we scored 27 in his first game back. After that never less than 31.