Mike Bobo, international man of mystery

Last night I saw everything about Mike Bobo that’s driven me crazy all season.

Let’s start with the easiest part.  Bobo and Belin are the two best position coaches on the staff.  The job Bobo has done with Aaron Murray this season is nothing less than phenomenal.  Murray finished last night with an otherworldly passer rating of 250.86.  He didn’t throw an interception in his last three regular season games.  Barring injury, when all is said and done in 2010, he’s likely to surpass 3,000 passing yards and has a legitimate shot at setting a new season passing TD record at Georgia.

Nationally, his accomplishments are dazzling for a redshirt freshman:  ninth in passer rating, top thirty in passing yards per game, top thirty-five in total offense per game and top thirty in points per game.  He accomplished all that despite ranking only sixty-seventh in the country in passing completions per game.

It’s not just the cold, hard numbers, either.  The two touchdown passes Murray threw to the tight ends last night showed him to be one cool customer, buying time in the pocket waiting for a receiver to come open and putting throws right on the money for the score.  The toss to Figgins was particularly impressive.

What was he, the fourth option on that play?  It’s play like that which makes me slightly less concerned about next year’s offense post-A.J.

Anyway, all this praise has a point.  Mike Bobo has done a whale of a job with a kid whom a decent chunk of the fan base was ready to demote after the G-Day game.  That’s nothing to be sneered at.

Which makes Mike Bobo the playcaller all the more frustrating to watch.  When I checked the game stats in the parking lot after the game, the number that jumped out was 14.3 – the average yards per passing attempt.  (Not per completion, per attempt.)  In other words, every time Murray looked downfield, the odds were good his team was going to get a first down.  As was the case with Auburn two weeks ago, the Tech secondary simply wasn’t capable of handling Georgia’s passing game.  Bobo deserves credit for taking advantage of that.  Georgia’s longest scoring drive of the night took all of 4:26 to run; it was the only score that took more than three minutes to carry out.

And yet… and yet, as we’ve seen so many times this season, Bobo hits these inexplicable stretches where he can’t stand success.  The first half would-be scoring drive that stalled when Georgia couldn’t convert the fourth-and-short, the drive which took four running plays and two time outs to pick up a measly six yards to put Georgia up 28-21 (all that after Tech proved it simply couldn’t cover A.J. on three straight completions to open the drive) and, most inexcusable of all, the patented three-and-out series in the fourth quarter – all of that was both utterly predictable and maddening to watch at the same time.

Am I nitpicking here?  Maybe I would be, except that in a game in which Georgia Tech ran a whopping 92 offensive plays to Georgia’s 48, every call was precious.  Once it was clear that Georgia’s defensive line couldn’t stop the dive play, Paul Johnson’s offense was going to get its yards.  It was also clear that Georgia’s defense was gassed in the fourth quarter (how could in not be?).  Georgia averaged a better than decent 5.3 yards per rush, but so what?  When the downfield passing game was getting as little resistance as it was and when the quarterback whom you’ve done a first-rate job of developing is having his game of the season, only throwing the ball 19 times, compared to 29 rushing calls, is doing a poor job of utilizing your resources.

I believe Bobo has it in him to be an excellent offensive coordinator, I really do.  But he’s not going to get there unless he comes to realize that balance in and of itself doesn’t win football games.  Balance is nothing but a means to an end.  Last night, just like two weeks ago, Georgia’s defense desperately needed the offense to keep its foot on the gas.  There’s no reason that couldn’t have happened except for the caution of the driver.



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  1. Russ

    I think Bobo was actually trying to help the defense by trying to take time off the clock and give the defense a breather. Of course, it’s still maddening to watch. While I really like watching Murray chuck it downfield and see AJ or someone else make a great catch, I still have a little Dooley in me. Occasionally, one of the two “bad things” will happen on those pass plays. That’s a risky game to keep playing when it’s obvious the defense is going to give up long scoring drives each possession.

    The defense took a large step back last night. We did finally get a key stop at the end, but 90+ plays run by Tech is absurd. We’ve got to get a DL. Also, the OL is pretty bad on run blocking. That was supposed to be our strength this year.


    • Chuck

      I basically agree with you: the Defense clearly needed a breather, and more than anything, we just needed to take control of the game. But you can take time off the clock in more ways than by just running into 4-5 defenders and hoping you can move the pile. We have a number of short passes, screens and even sweeps where at least the distance you get to run sideways before being tackled takes a few more seconds off the clock and improves your chances of getting a first down markedly. So I don’t think Bobo is wrong to try and control the ball at that point in the game; he just needs to develop a better sense of plays that actually will control the ball.


      • devildawg

        Great points, Chuck.


      • MinnesotaDawg

        Right on, Chuck. Last night, our short passing game was more consistent, safer, and more successful than our (nonexistent) “power” running game.


      • Ausdawg85

        Totally agree, but one thought that might explain the inexplicable….if the O line is doing reasonably well on the pass-blocking (I said reasonably folks) then wouldn’t it seem that at a point when they know they are most needed, they could suck it up and help get a time consuming drive for a least one first down? Hard not to call those runs when they are so badly needed. Then when the O line fails, as Bobo, you look the fool. But the play-calling was probably right.

        It defies logic to explain the poor execution on offense this year with respect to the run, and then see the 30+ point streak reach…7?


    • bort

      So you’re assuming that at some point a “Bad Thing” might happen when we pass, which hasn’t happened in the last 3 games, when you know good and well that something bad will definitely happen when we’re Dooley-ing the ball with our greasy-handed running backs?

      Let our playmakers make plays. Our RBs are not our playmakers.


    • NRBQ

      Murray had 5 (five) pass attempts in the second half.

      Inexcusable in any circumstance, and idiotic after the way he sliced ’em up in the first half (11-14).


  2. The Original Cynical in Athens

    It’s been 2+ years, and all of us “outside the arena” can see it. Honestly, what makes you think it is going to change? The pressure moments are just too big for him.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    As I have readily admitted, I don’t have the technical expertise to criticize (or praise) Bobo’s play calling so I will leave that to folks who (hopefully) have more of the above. Calling plays, I am told by people who do have technical expertise and understanding, is an arcane mixture of science and art.

    You have to have a combination of understanding of your capabilities and the capabilities of the other guy, and you have to have the patience of a Bobby Fischer, which is evidenced at times in calling a play that does not work to set up a play that does.

    All I can judge is one stat: Wins 6, Losses 6…and a side note in this number that should point out that three of the six losses are to teams that are clearly headed for big bowls, one that one the SEC East, and one that won the SEC west and could, unless the law drops the hammer, play for the BCS national championship, and the third to a team that could end up in the Sugar Bowl.

    While the presence of AJ might…might make up some of the ground (literally) lost by having good, but not great runningbacks, I thought Richt’s comments on signing same were telling.

    If you substitute a great runningback for our good ones, I suspect Bobo might look a good bit better as a play-caller. But again, that’s just a guess on my part and I admit I am fixated on runningbacks.

    I watched FSU, with an acknowledged top-tier OC, Jimbo Fisher, calling the plays and what I saw was us, with real speed at runningback.

    But again, I lack the experience and expertise to judge these things.


  4. Rick

    What I don’t get about this reasoning is this: when you go to the air every play you are off the field in a hurry whether you score or not. We were already down 2:1 in ToP, and you want to skew that even more? There is a reason we had to fake an injury against Auburn, you know.

    There is also reason the air raid offenses are consistently paired with shi**y defenses. If our backs are getting 7 yards a carry (as they were against Auburn too!), why go air raid when our defense is obviously so tired it can’t stop the run itself?

    Yes, Bobo looks foolish because of the stalled drives against AU and GT, but if those drives hadn’t stalled not only would he look like a genius, Grantham might have actually gotten a few stops. What we see as Bobo getting inside his own head may just be an unselfish desire to put the win over his offenses numbers. Maybe AU was destined to be a shoot out, but GT should not have been. That was a tired defense.


    • MinnesotaDawg

      You may wish that we had an offense that could run the clock out not using the pass, in order to give the defense a rest, but we don’t have that kind of offense. We DO NOT run the ball consistently or effectively, especially in situations where a run ball is predictable. As the original post noted, our best chance to give the D a rest was by driving the ball down the field (which also gave us the best opportunity to win–by scoring). As usual, our running game could not be relied upon to move the ball consistently or ice the game. Although our running numbers looked decent after the game, many of our yards were the result of about four big yardage runs, which are great, but few and far between (and don’t exactly salt away the game, either).

      This idea that a team’s offense should use it’s pedestrian running attack rather than its more successful passing game to give its defense “a rest” is rather foolish. Unfortunately, I’m sure that was the coaches rationale as well. Three unsuccessful running plays take as much real time as three unsuccessful passing plays and vice versa. Because the defense rest time is in fact real time, that’s what matters.

      If we’re talking about running out the clock at the end of a game–well, that’s a different question, but that’s not what’s at issue here (if we’re really talking about the D needing a rest). BTW, the best opportunity for the D to “rest” is for them to make a 3rd down stop.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        + 1. The most important thing an O can do is score. Anything else is icing on the cake.


      • Rick

        The D did get stops against AU and GT early on. But when ToP is that put of whack, then only one team gets to play against a tired D. So which team is less likely to hold serve? The answer is pretty obvious, and was illustrated against AU.


        • MinnesotaDawg

          My point is that this UGa team is LESS likely to improve their ToP or their likelihood of winning by running the ball up the gut. We’re simply lousy at it.

          Yes, some pass happy teams put their D in a bind, but that’s not what happened last night. We sure didn’t lose the ToP game because we threw the ball a ton, with lots of incompletions (stopping the clock). We only threw it 19 times(!) with only 4 incompletions(!). Our passing game is the part of our offense that worked, moved the chains, and allowed us to keep the ball (and score). Our D was clearly tired in the 2nd half, but it wasn’t because we were chucking the ball around on offense (we threw it FIVE times after the break). It’s because, outside several very big turnovers, our D couldn’t stop the GT offense.

          Our “beginning of possession” turnovers (fumbled kickoff and fumbled punt return) also skewed the ToP numbers in favor of Tech.


    • J

      UGA did not fake an injury against Auburn. At least none that I saw. If you are referring to the play where Auburn scum booed our injured player, he truly was injured on a low block right into his knee-cap. He came up from the block limping and tried to make it to the sideline. When he couldn’t make it to the sideline in time, coaches signaled him to go down to stop the clock; the same courtesy given to any injured player.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Since I brought up FSU, has anybody, anywhere ever seen a cluster fuck to equal the Florida offense? The only thing that comes to mind for me is the Yankees at first Bull Run, or the British in Market Garden in WW2.

    Who would have thought that at the end of what passes for a bad season in my little corner of the world, I would have equated losing to Florida as worse than losing to Colorado?

    Addazio may take the heat, but anybody who believes he is the mind behind the mess needs to be thoroughly examined by a competent pyschotherapist.


    • gastr1

      +1. It is just astounding that we lost to CU and FU. Just astounding.

      Almost as astounding was that we ALMOST lost to GT. This team is a bumbling mess. And the defense got WORSE toward the end of the year instead of better.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The problems on this team are bad D-line and worse O-line. Add to that backs who fumble and you have a recipe for disaster whoever the OC may be. UGA has sooooo much more talent than Tech yet had to rely on luck to win the game. UGA should have won by 20 points based on the skill personnel of the respective schools. I hope we draw somebody we can beat in the bowl but that is a really small universe.


  7. GreenDawg

    I get the argument that Bobo was running the ball to give the defense a rest. Honestly, it was probably needed. But an offensive coordinator has one job, to score points in any way possible. An offensive coordinator doesn’t waver on this goal unless told to do so by a head coach. That includes giving the defense a rest or creating balance. I was a staunch defender of Mark Richt when we were 1-4, but over the 5-2 stretch I have lost confidence after almost every game, including some of the blowouts. I still think Richt should get another year, but he better have one heck of a year. Also, as a side note, if Bobo is outright fired I might lose it. At least keep him on as a quarterback coach. He’s been undeniably incredible in that role.


    • J

      Defenses also breath when the play clock is not running. What I’m getting at is that if Murray threw two incomplete passes and got a first down on the third, more real time would have passed in the offensive series than running the playclock down. As evidenced in the end of the game, a 14 point lead was not enough with that much time left on the clock. UGA is desperate to shut our own O down; we do it too soon again and again. Will we learn we can’t trust our D to win a game? And the best breather Bobo could have given them was to get at least one first down.


  8. The thing that bugged me about Bobo’s playcalling was his endless pitches and dives, neither of which worked all night, instead of counters, which were unstoppable against Tech last year and went for a first down virtually every time last night. Georgia could’ve done nothing but pass and/or run counters and walked away with a comfortable win.

    Yes, Bobo’s playcalling was so strange it even bothered this Tech fan.


  9. Brandon

    Bobo is a good coach. I’ve said it before, he’s good enough to win a NC, our defense has been crap for virtually his entire tenure as OC. In big games and even some not so big games our offense has to score nearly every time they get the ball in order to win. This magnifies every play and every call, so many fans have improperly fixated on Bobo as the object of their frustration instead of putting the blame where it truly lies, on the defense. We gave up over 400 yards rushing, 500 yards total last night, we’ve given up 125 points the last three games against FBS teams, one of whom was Florida, we’re dang lucky to be 1-2 over that stretch. Ask yourself what would have happened last night if Nesbitt played, I think Tech would have scored at least half a hundred and probably had 600 yards of offense. If we didn’t have an offense that could score points quickly and consistently we’d have been blown out of the stadium by our three biggest rivals this year. You look at the FSU-UF and the USCe-UF game and the difference is defense, those two teams played some and we didn’t. Richt is not a defensive minded coach, he is totally dependent on his DC to run that part of the team, since BVG left he hasn’t had one that can do it adequately, the jury is still out on Grantham, this is his first year in the new system but I’m not impressed with these last three games. If we are still playing like this or anywhere close to like this at the end of next year we shouldn’t waste anymore time on him and just look for another guy and keep looking until we find one, its pretty simple as I said yesterday, lather, rinse, repeat. Just to be clear I am not calling for Grantham’s job, I am saying the kind of D we have seen this year is only tolerable because Martinez left him a wreck and this is his first year, we must expect better, if we expect to get back to the SEC championship and beyond we have to expect and indeed get much much better on that side of the ball. If it does not happen it won’t matter if we get Bill Walsh or (insert your own sexy fantasy OC name here) as OC, we won’t win crap as far as championships are concerned.


    • Macallanlover

      Very solid point about how magnified Bobo’s role is due to the constant need to answer an opponent’s score. This is the worst defense I have ever seen at UGA in my 50+ years of following the Dawgs. That is not a comment about last night, it applies to the whole season.

      I understand that fans of every program are going to criticize playcalling, and that is legit maybe 5% of the time, but it is inevitably the result the fans hate, not the call. Our scheme isn’t as limited as GT’s, but we rely on a small base of plays in every situation so the defense is going to guess right much of the time. Usually it is an execution issue, just like with GT.

      What I don’t understand is what we did for 2 weeks in preparing for the option. It looked like our defense was surprised that Paul Johnson showed up on the sidelines last night. Two tackles spread wide with the ILBs 4 yards deep reading the damned dive? That was a plan? Let the A Back come to your position 5 yards down field? What the hell kind of plan was that? We may not have tackled well in 2008, but we were in the right position to make the play the past two years.


    • gastr1

      + 1, Brandon. +1.


    • Brian

      Could not agree more. 7 straight games scoring 30+ points. A halfway decent defense out to be able to win most of those. I agree that if CTG does not make SIGNIFICANT improvement next year, start shopping.


  10. Macallanlover

    I fully appreciate the need for some runs to eat clock and rest the defense, but on a night where the pass was pretty much a lock, why run two running plays and leave yourself only one bullet? On the three and out in the 4th Qtr., it was just too critical to not have that first down. After the stuffed run on 1st down you have to give Murray two chances to find a receiver, not one. If you were going to try another run in that series (and why would you?) it would have had a better chance of succeeding on 3rd when GT was obviously expecting the pass. Looking at the percentages, and seeing GT’s coverage all night, Murray would have found someone running free for a first down if given two chances.


  11. Castleberry

    Which fake injury are you talking about Rick??
    Faloughi got rolled up the legs – go back and watch again.

    I’m not opposed to the running play calls. I do think if you went back and looked at the patented 3 and out drives they would all start with a run off tackle to the left. Maybe other DC’s are picking up on that?? At least this time it wasn’t Carlton Thomas.

    Also, I think Murray checked to the run on second down. It looked like it might have been a pass set up for max protect and he checked there. Not sure…

    I totally agree on taking what you are given and staying with something until they stop it. Johnson didn’t seem to worry about going away from the dive once we failed to stop it.

    I like Bobo alright and definitely agree with other commenters that he’ll benefit from an elite tailback. If he could change one thing, I’d say he needs the killer instinct. Let’s not get all conservative when we have the lead and a tired defense.


  12. Russ

    For those of you attending the game, or who chose not to listen to the “expert” commentary, you missed some real gems.

    In the pre-game blather from Rece Davis and the two stooges, Rece mentioned the history and tradition of this game, and at Georgia. Then he said that Georgia Tech used to have tradition “many years ago”. 🙂

    Next, Mark Jones, in his expert commentary, mentioned that “Heisman winner” Garrison Hearst was spotted on the sideline. Seriously…

    Then finally, Bob Davie talked and Murray and troops going to the Tech-Duke game last week, and that since Tech can barely draw 42k for a game, they were probably glad to have a few more people in the stands. +1 for the old coach.


  13. baltimore dawg

    i think zm’s dismissal from the team took a bunch of pressure off of murray, too. instead of having to compete for the job in the summer and fall (and maybe press too much) he was able to assume ownership of the position and, to his great credit, use those unfortunate circumstances for the team to make an mvp-contribution (imo) this season. he’s quickly becoming one of my favorite all-time dawgs. i hope we don’t squander this gem of a qb.


  14. baltimore dawg

    bobo does a lot of things that appear to defy reasonable explanation if you assume he knows what’s best and is in complete control of his own thought processes all of the time. but i don’t assume those things about him because he’s too often demonstrated the opposite. and richt’s patronage hires are automatically suspect as far as i’m concerned.

    that said, bobo has been the most successful of richt’s patronage hires and i think he can be a very good oc. what kills me about his pursuit of balance is that the logic of it–that you have to force the d to defend the run and the pass–doesn’t seem to translate for bobo to taking what the d gives you until they adjust to take it away, and then moving on to exploit what they give up in making the adjustment.


    • MinnesotaDawg

      Exactly right. The only logic that seems to prevail with our playcalling is that we get tentative and conservative, especially in late and close games, so much so that it is entirely predictable what we will do. Such predictability negates another advantage of having a truly balanced attack.


  15. OldDawg55

    A few comments on this and next season: 1. Bobo has been a Div-1A OC for several years, good and bad…he’ll get better but must self-analyze himself for next season, 2. Grantham sould visit JUCOs for help and in the off-season read a couple of treatsies on defending against the triple-option..and plan! 3. Do take a look at conditioning, nutrition, etc..it helps! 4. Recruit..those players who are good..not necessarily 5 star..and WANT to come to Georgia! We don’t need the prima donnas who take a year to subdue their egos! 5. Starting now, those who don’t like Richt and staff, spend some time picking another team to pull for..we don’t need you and your wiseass comments on a
    Dawg blog! Let’s get behind the Dawgs for a bowl game..and GATA!!!


  16. On the 3-and-out in the 4th quarter…Murray checked out of the 2nd down play, and the play he checked to was a run. We have no way of knowing what the initial play call was. Third down call was a pass play, blown up by a blitz call that we saw for the only time all night.

    So it’s not like Bobo called three straight dive plays and then the punt.

    Offense put up 35 points last night, and has consistently put points on the board for most of the season. I really don’t think he’s the problem.


  17. 69Dawg

    Lost in all this talk about Bobo’s play calling is the fact that he is doing what the Boss wants him to do. Mark has always been too conservative on O. CMR will try and sit on a 1 point lead. When we went up 21-7 on Auburn I knew it was over. We would turn conservative and lose momentum. Watch Oregon when they get you down they just keep kicking you.


  18. If I was CMR & I figured next season was going to be my last OR if I decided that I would like to try my luck At Miami, Bobo would definitely be my choice for QB coach & for OC. I might be more hands on & I might even make some of the calls, But, I trained Bobo & he is going to run the Offense the way I want it to be run. This year It has been the D not the O that has been the problem.


  19. Regular Guy

    When we took the field for the 3-and-out series, I turned to my Dad and said “Well, here’s where Bobo typically clams up with his playcalling, even though we could just throw it on every down and easily go down and score”. So like most of you, the playcalling on that drive was about the least surprising thing of the night.

    There was absolutely no reason that we should have had more than 10 runs in that game last night. Their secondary makes Auburn’s secondary look like a bunch of Deion Sanders clones. They are horrible in every sense of the word, yet we kept trying to run for some reason. Even the few runs that worked, I still feel it would have been as good or better to call a pass play, because the pass play likely would have gone for as many yards as the run!

    That being said, we won. Was not an inspiring win, but a win is always sweet against the Nerds.

    And it hasn’t really been discussed, but I loved Richt’s call to go for it on 4th down towards the end of the game there. There was no reason to assume our defense would have kept them out of the endzone at that point (obviously we did – twice, but there was no reason at the time to think we would), so in my mind the worst thing to do was kick a FG there. The fumbled snap was a downer, but that call by Richt was the closest thing we’ve seen to “Playing to win instead of playing not to lose” all year. We need more of that mentality —- if the coaches will adopt that mentality, so will the players, and they will execute more often than not in those critical situations.


  20. W Cobb Dawg

    Have to keep in mind gtu is a lousy team. Per CMB, even a terrific record-setting season by Murray netted only 6 wins. Wish I had the confidence in our coaches to turn things around that other commenters seem to have. Dawgs may have an excellent recruiting year and get back up to 10 wins in 2011 or 2012, but I don’t see this staff challenging for a national championship in the near future. Maybe AJ and Justin stay another year and give the team a boost – but that’s more a prayer than a plan.


  21. Will Trane

    I’ve said all year Murray is a player. I think he and the Boise QB are the best in D1. They can get the ball out there and they see / understand the field with players.
    But I agree. There is a wall that Bobo gets to in a game, and he can not seem to get by it. With Murray the Dawgs can score quickly from anywhere on the field. Time of possession is one factor in a game. The number of snaps is another. Did they help Tech? No because of Murray. He can direct a very efficient offense and do it quickly. I think you can slow him down, but not shut him out. Ask Johnson and Groh. Murray caused Tech to burn 2 timeouts. That caused Tech to be unable to come back due the number of snaps it takes them to score. 92 plays, almost 2xs the TOP, but only 34 points [factor out the importance of the kicking game]. That is not productive or efficient. Tech is a one dimensional game, so was Auburn and MSU. Dawgs on multiple.but with quick strike. You put the scoring hammer down you change not only the opposing defense you change their game plan and offense, like Tech having to throw the ball against a decent pass defense team. A tired D, perhaps against the run but not the pass. If Bobo would simply keep the pace and move the chains…not necassarily a 1st down game or TOP, but pressure to score and score.
    Great comments.


    • Regular Guy

      Agreed. Also, there are a couple of offenses out there that don’t give a darn about building up time of possession……….Oregon and Auburn……….by the way, anybody know who the top 2 teams are in the polls right now?

      I still subscribe to the “defense wins championships” mantra, though Auburn may prove an exception (I’m honestly not knowledgeable about Oregon’s D – I just know they’re fine with lightning quick scoring possessions on offense). But a strong offense that doesn’t take it’s foot off the gas doesn’t hurt either.


  22. Bulldog Joe

    Improve our strength and talent along the lines and all of a sudden our offensive coordinator looks a lot better.


  23. Bright Idea

    I agree with OldDawg55. We have too many fans that show up to one game and drunk and all they know is what Bradley and Shultz tell them in the AJC. I know they do it to get hits, but I’ve never seen a rag constantly pound on a program like the AJC does, even when it wins a game.


  24. Biggus Rickus

    For what it’s worth, Murray checked into the second down run on that 4th qaurter three and out, and I think he probably made the right decision. That our line play sucks at times is more to blame for the inconsistancy of Bobo’s scheme than anything.


  25. JBJ

    Great point about Bobo coaching up Murray. That should not be overlooked. I think a lot of the time we tend to overanalyze Bobo and not give the other Defensive coaching staff enough credit. Another great point someone made was about the horrid defenses we have had during Bobo’s tenure at OC. I personally like our offense and when it works it works well. I just hope we have some playmakers step up at receiver next year.

    I have been really impressed with #3 the past two games. He just looks like the better all around running back.


  26. Will Trane

    I want to comment on Dawgs last possession. Kneel down, time out Tech. Dawgs could not run the clock out. You never know what can happen. But Johnson did what Thomas County Central High School did several years back in the state playoffs…let the other team score so you can get the ball back with enough time to tie or go ahead. Thomas County Central let the other team score, and then down the field and scored a go ahead TD with the opponenet with no time left.
    The issue here is no about the age of the players, but the coaching smarts of a team. Give Johnson credit, but you have to ask Bobo if he was aware if Tech would do that after the first snap. Having seen it twice and the way Tech had moved it, yes I wondered if they would. Look at the plays Tech did run after our score. Their mistake was not running the speed option to the sideline more. Frankly I thought they had a could shot. Bet CMR and staff learned a lesson here. Remember Murray had fumbled a snap from center. This is where a solid running game comes in for UGA next year. This is what hurt this team this year. In the past UGA has had solid running back when we had stellar records and SEC titles. In addition to a top RB, Dawgs need a legit nose player and stronger DE’s. They finally understood you needed bigger and quicker corners and safeties.
    Did Bobo grow some this year. Like the Senator has so greatly bright lined, who knows. I bet CMR says daily prayers for his OC…like keep between the sidelines for the entire game and ahead of the opposing D by at least three calls. But Dawgs have to get RB speed to the edge and outside more.