Observations from the 35, Tech edition

Okay, so it wasn’t the prettiest of games – after the third fumble in the space of two-and-a-half minutes, you’d be excused if you wondered if either wanted to win the sucker – but let’s not lose sight of the fact that Georgia has now won nine of the last ten games in the series, which is as dominant a stretch as a Georgia fan will likely ever see.

Even better, those last two wins were delivered by the two worst teams of the Richt era.  So, good times, people.

Speaking of which, how badass was it seeing Samuel L. Jackson decked out in red before the game on the big screen?  The only thing better would have been him delivering a little righteous Ezekiel 25:17 on Tech’s butt.

Anyway, on to the game:

  • At the start, the joint was rocking as Tech kicked off.  Unfortunately, Chapas’ mishandling of the kick sucked all the oxygen out of the place.
  • The defensive line simply got destroyed for most of the night.  It’s commonly thought that the first thing a defense has to do to stop the triple option is to shut down the dive play and that didn’t happen.  The greatest recruiting priority Georgia has in this offseason is to find some viable options for the defensive line.
  • The other member of the defense who got blown up most of the evening was Branden Smith, who was taken out of every outside play run to his side (and Tech went out of its way to find him) with ease.  The option is hard enough to defend playing eleven on eleven.  How bad was it?  Grantham had no choice but to pull Smith and replace him with Jakar Hamilton – and the outside coverage improved.
  • Needless to say, Justin Houston had a tremendous game, not just with the turnovers, but also in playing the quarterback on the option.  Too bad his support on the pitch man was spotty.
  • I thought Brandon Boykin had a good game on defense, with one spectacular play when he tossed off the blocker and blew up an outside pitch for a loss.
  • Yeah, in hindsight, it would have been nice if Washaun had taken a knee at the one after Tech’s defense let him run through untouched for the last score.  But why wasn’t Georgia in victory formation there in the first place?  There was only about 1:30 left in the game at that point and Tech had no timeouts left.  Three running plays (if Richt didn’t want to risk a field goal) would have delivered the ball back to Tech deep in their territory with only a few seconds remaining.
  • I’m not going to link to today’s Mark Bradley fellatio-fest extolling Paul Johnson’s coaching genius, but you wanna bet that Johnson would have liked a mulligan on his fourth down decision to go for it on Tech’s first drive after Chapas screwed up the opening kickoff?  Those three points he passed up sure would have come in handy at the end of the game.
  • As big as the Houston fumble recovery for a touchdown was, don’t forget that it was set up by a tremendous effort from Alec Ogletree on the first down pass attempt to Stephen Hill.  That may have been the best play I’ve seen from a Georgia safety in pass coverage all season.
  • I really, truly hope that Isaiah Crowell enjoyed himself last night.  Georgia’s second biggest personnel need is a game-breaking tailback to complement Aaron Murray.
  • Nice save, Marlon Brown.
  • Caleb King, you’re supposed to follow Chapas when he’s your lead blocker clearing traffic, not turn into the line where all the, you know, tacklers are.
  • Man, that touchdown pass to Orson Charles was a thing of beauty.
  • Georgia did an excellent job bottling up Tech’s kickoff return team.  Other than that, special teams play was hardly that.  Although at least Blair Walsh didn’t, um, you know what.
  • And the defense wasn’t burned on the wheel route.


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  1. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Kudos to Abry Jones, he had 16 tackles, thought he played pretty well.

    I can only assume that Kwame Geathers was hurt? I never saw him or Kiante Tripp, both of whom have played pretty well at NT this season. DeAngelo Tyson could barely stand up in the 4th quarter, but did not seem to ever be subbed out.

    Coach Garner has gone from wholesale DL substitutions every 3 plays , to never subbing anyone under any circumstances. Very curious.

    • Tripp played a good bit after the injury to Dobbs.

      Geathers is the biggest mystery of the season for me.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Yep, thought we would see him. Who knows? I remember, as I said yesterday (???) they were saying he was having a hard time getting his pads down….He sure has the body type for a NG.

      • gatorhater27

        It is for me as well.

      • NRBQ

        I’m sure your omission of Kris Durham is an oversight. What a great Dawg.

        Also, did you notice that Bobo’s second-half game plan included 5 pass plays? Truly bewildering, at best.

  2. Marshall

    I agree on Geathers? What is up with that? Where was he? And we did we really only play 16 different players on defense against an option offense? That was crazy!

    As always, your analysis was spot on Senator; however, I guess I’m the only one who thinks that final touchdown should have sealed CRM’s fate…it was obvious that they, the coaches, had not even thought about Johnson letting them score. I don’t blame Ealey–he’s in game mode at that point and without a heads up from his OC or HC, we wouldn’t have a clue…I don’t know if I’ve seen one play speak louder volumes as to why our program is practically in dire straits right now. You go from having the game completely over and won to giving Tech a very possible chance at victory. Can you imagine how decimated we would be if we had given up the 8 and gone on to lose in OT?! I shudder at the thought.

    I just know that I haven’t been this disappointed after a win in a long, long time.


    • Marshall

      * extra “we” in the first paragraph and that should be CMR in the second. My B.

    • Dawgwalker07

      I totally understand your frustration and I’m not entirely sure why we didn’t just take a knee either.

      If there was one silver lining for me it was that we won a close game for the first time this season, despite our best efforts (throughout the game) to screw it up.

      Let’s hope we can build off that and go somewhere with it.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        My wife thought I was crazy for screaming “Take a knee, take a knee!” What worried me more than the 8 point thing was the proclivity of our backs to fumble in key situations all year. That was the real danger, IMO. Running plays into the line when taking a knee wins the game shows a complete lack of brains on the part of our coaching staff. Remember years ago when the Giants lost to the Eagles by running a play with a 3 point lead and only seconds on the clock, the QB fumbled the handoff and an Eagle player returned the fumble for a TD? The entire coaching staff got fired the next day. The QB got cut, too.

        • The Realist

          when the Giants lost to the Eagles by running a play with a 3 point lead and only seconds on the clock, the QB fumbled the handoff and an Eagle player returned the fumble for a TD?

          I think you actually got that backwards, but point taken.

          There would have still been time left on the clock had they taken two more knees. The plan was to run two plays taking five or so seconds each which would have killed all but a few seconds on the clock. They just didn’t remind Ealey to take a knee if they let him score… or if they did, he didn’t listen.

    • Griff

      At first I wished he would have taken a knee also, but I don’t think it “should have sealed Mark Richt’s fate”. I liken the TD to the common basketball dilemma…you’re up by 1 shooting 2 free throws with 2 seconds left. Do you make both to go up 3 points and assure yourself of not losing in regulation? Or do you miss one on purpose and let the clock hopefully run out before the other team gets a miraculous full court shot to beat you.
      After the game I decided I was happy with the TD…if ever there was a year we could blow a lead in the victory formation it would be this year (plus saying we beat them by 8 stings a little more).

    • MinnesotaDawg

      Agree completely re to the final TD. An example of football ignorance from a 10 year college coach that is astounding. Richt’s game management failures are especially acute when it comes to predicting the motivations on the other sidelines in close, end of game situations. This is just another of a continuing trend to fail to see things from the other team’s perspective or make an unconventional decision based on the circumstances.

      In 2005, I’ll never understand not letting Auburn score….or our failure to acknowledge the possibility of the fake punt against WVU. As one example this year, we fail to recognize Colorado’s dire need to stop the run and cause a turnover, so we call a delayed draw on first down against a run blitz and lose the ball.

      I could forgive such strategic errors when Richt was a novice HC, but 10 years running seems a little much.

      • Regular Guy

        HUGE +1 on the Auburn 2005 reference. I remember after everything was sorted out on the 4th down play, I looked at the clock, did the quick math, and thought to myself “We absolutely cannot try to stop them here, the worst thing that can happen is stopping them 3 times, melting all the time off the clock, then allowing them to kick a FG as time expires”. But of course, that’s what we did. Yes, there is that chance that there could have been a fumbled snap, bad exchange, etc but with the way Shockley played that night, we had a much better chance by letting them score like Tech did last night, then giving him the ball back with a little over a minute to go (I don’t remember exactly how much time would have been left, but it was somewhere around a minute or a little more I think) and giving him a shot to drive us down and get a TD. Shockley was on FIRE that night, and should have been given a chance to win it for us.

        • TigersLovePepper

          If Richt had let them score in that 2005 game and then Shockley and Co. failed to go down and win the game, what are the chances that you would be on here lambasting Richt as a bad coach? Pretty high, I’m guessing.

          • Castleberry

            I agree that letting Auburn score in ’05 would have increased our chances to win. I thought the same thing in that game. However…

            We had the lead in that 2005 game. Tech was already losing so Johnson was only opting to be losing by more points. Richt would have had to concede the lead so it is an altogether different decision.

  3. NCT

    Are we in the same section? 130? One of these days I’m going to shake your hand (assuming I haven’t done so already without knowing).

  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    I had the TV sound off, natch, what was Samuel L. Jackson doing there?

    • Scott

      They didn’t say why. I am thinking that he was in town for the Falcons game today. Supposedly he is a big Falcons fan. At least he said he was when he was asked about his Falcons promo spot.

      • Ricky McDurden

        I heard that he was old friends with a HS coach in attendance last night, but whatever the reasons till pretty cool to have him decked out in UGA garb. Would’ve been awesome if he pointed at Aaron Murray and asked a Tech player, “What does Justin Houston look like?”

      • gastr1

        Jackson’s daughter is married to a UGA art prof (Radcliffe Bailey).

  5. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Wow, watching the Falcons’ game right now, and you see what Van Gorder brings that the Dawgs are sorely lacking.

    Twice already, the Falcons have turned back arguably the best offense in the NFL on short yardage. It’s the attitude, refusal to get beat, whatever you want to call. Van Gorder brings it with him, and right now the Dawgs simply do not have it.

    • Just like a Georgia fan to take an example from one game and use it as an indictment against or resounding glory for a particular coach. BVG hasn’t been spectacular in Atlanta. He’s been serviceable. I guess the way Houston played yesterday says nothing about Grantham. I suppose the technique Boykin used against the option says nothing about Lakatos or Grantham.

      • The Original Cynical in Athens

        It’s just an attitude. Has absolutely nothing to do with technique. UGA finds ways to lose games. That is all. If you want to deny that, then you are a blind loyalist, have never watched football or are mentally handicapped.

        • HackerDog

          You’re using the example of UGA winning a close game to argue that UGA loses close games? Interesting.

          • Regular Guy

            C’mon Hacker, I think the reference is clearly to the past 3 years or so, where nobody can deny we’ve found some amazingly creative ways to lose games, and done it repeatedly. And we darn near found a way to blow a 14 point 4th quarter lead last night against a team that was nearly held in check by Duke, and the week before that was held to 10 points by a team who’s head coach just got fired for poor performance (Miami). Not saying I 100% agree with Cynical’s context of the post, but his point is pretty hard to argue that we played with a much different attitude – I would argue on BOTH sides of the ball – when VG was there than we have since he left. Not saying we won’t get back to that attitude, I’m a pretty big Grantham fan and think he can get us back there, and when the defense plays with that attitude, it carries over to the whole team. It just hasn’t been there the past few years, and we have absolutely been a team that finds ways to lose close games.

        • dan

          “If you want to deny that, then you are a blind loyalist, have never watched football or are mentally handicapped.”

          You just used that line on someone who played at UGA.

          Just Sayin

      • W Cobb Dawg

        BVG has been awesome for the Falcons. Other than Abraham and Dunta, Falcons really don’t have much talent on D. BVG squeezes every bit of talent out of his players. BVG is “serviceable”?! – name a DC who’s better – college or pro.

        There’s a damn good reason BVG was selected as the #1 assistant coach in cfb while he was with the Dawgs. He WAS the best assistant in cfb.

        • gatorhater27

          Dick LeBau, Dom Capers, Mike Nolan, Rex (and Rob) Ryan, Romeo Cronnell, Greg Mattison, Belichick, Leslie Frazier, Rod Marinelli, Gregg Williams, and so on. Van Gorder is good, but I wouldn’t even call him one of the 15 best in the NFL. And I surely wouldn’t say the Falcons don’t have any talented players on defense either.

        • dudetheplayer

          Jonathan Babineaux and Curtis Lofton say hello!

    • HackerDog

      Plus, Van Gorder was brilliant enough to arrange for Ryan Grant to get hurt. He really is amazing.

      • The Original Cynical in Athens

        Look, if you are too stupid to have seen what has happened to UGA over the last 3 years, then that is your fault, and you are obviously beyond logical comprehension.

        Did you see us F*CK the SNAP in the ass last night on 4th down when we were trying to ice the game? Did you see Washaun Ealey fumble the ball two straight games earlier this year to lose games? Did you see WVU run a fake punt against UGA in the ’05 Sugar Bowl? Did you see the end of the 2006 UK and Vandy games? Did you see last year’s UK game?

        The evidence is so overwhelming as to be beyond argument. This program is too mentally weak to compete with championship programs anymore. It’s really nice that UGA found a way to win over a TERRIBLE Gtu team that should not be within 2+ TD’s of UGA, but if you are going to use that as reference to what is right at UGA, then you have totally lost any sense of reality.

        • HackerDog

          I have a bit of friendly advice for you Cynical (sic). If I were you, I would not bring the subject of stupidity into a debate. That’s akin to running Carlton Thomas between the tackles. It’s just not your strength.

          As for what you’re passing off as arguments, are you contending that Richt coaches players to fumble? Are you contending that well coached teams don’t fumble at inopportune times? Are you contending that well coached teams don’t occasionally fall for fake kicks? Did you see Florida fall for a fake kick against LSU after the LSU coaches kept calling the kicker over to the sideline to discuss the fake kick? Do you think that Corch Meyers is a terrible coach? Are you actually trying to argue that blowout losses in prior years under Martinez should somehow be held against Grantham?

          If those kinds of arguments are your “evidence”, then you should just give up trying to support your position and use your time more constructively by posting “FIRST” after Mark Bradley columns.

          • The Original Cynical in Athens

            You are clearly not based in reality. That’s alright, I congratulate you on your blind loyalty and optimism, and wish that I could go through life a naive child.

            If you cannot see that the UGA football program is terrible right now, then good luck to you. I like competing for championships. I like watching quality football. I like watching a team that is smarter than their opponents and tends to every detail in preparing for their season.

            Of course good coaches get fooled occasionally. Bad coaches get fooled all the time. I am proud for you that you can revel in mediocrity. It must be a pleasant way to go through life.

            Unfortunately, when a coach is making $3 million + and will be overseeing the 3rd straight year of drastic Hartman fund contributions, the bottomline nature of the college football business is going to trump all.

            It’s pretty obvious that Coach Richt will be back next year, unless he wisely packs up for Coral Gables, but unless he pulls an epic recruiting class in the next two months, things are not going to get better.

            • Charles

              It’s fun enough pulling for our boys against our rivals. But, now I’m learning that it’s even sweeter pulling for our team against the drama-queen-minority in our fanbase. It’s sad that it’s this way, but that’s pretty much the contrast you’re setting up here. Jeez, the only way this could be any worse was if we had our own Finebaum.

              I will agree that this has been a tough go the past two years. And I’m certainly hoping for better next year. It’ll definitely be time to take stock then But nuking the entire coaching staff and pissing and moaning about our EFFIN!!11!!! STOOPID!!!111!!! players sure falls far short of ‘striving for excellence,’ or whatever the heck you’re talking about.

            • HackerDog

              More insightful commentary from Cynical (sic). Referring to people with whom you disagree as stupid, blind, naive children is apparently your attempt at keen wit and sharp intellect. Oh well.

              For the record, I am optimistic about a defensive coaching staff that took a mediocre defense and improved it across the board immediately. I understand that coaches, even bad coaches, don’t train kids to fumble. I understand that gambles sometime pay off, even for your opponents. I understand that The Great Recession is outside of Richt’s purview.

              These are positions that most intelligent, rational, calm adults share. The fact that you disagree says much more about you than it does me.

              • Macallanlover

                Wouldn’t waste my time, that guys is a pure hater. he lives to point out any negatives he can recall ina an attempt to make people as miserable as his existence is. I guess that is a mental handicap of sorts. Always funny to see the posters they claim they are based in reality have no balance in their post history. Sad, but not worth jousting with.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          You’re kinda over the top today. This is a well done blog with a good group of football savy posters. Lighten up my man.

    • Silver Creek Doug

      Do you really believe Ryan Grant would have been stuffed on those short yardage plays? I don’t.

      It makes your defense look good when you are facing the third string running back.

      • dudetheplayer

        And the Falcons would’ve been a lot more explosive/diverse on offense with Jerious Norwood in there.

        Injuries happen to everyone, but very few teams have been able to stop the Packers with or without Grant.

        What exactly is your point?

  6. Jonathan

    What was the Marlon Brown save? I was pretty caught up in the hate for tech and must have missed that.

  7. OldDawg55

    Welcome to Samuel Jackson…y’all come back, you hear? For all concerned: CTG has enough fire in his belly..don’t test him, for sure!! Serious concerns on defensive recruiting…I’m beating the drum I know…search JUCOs..we don’t have to wait two years to get someone ready!!! To hell with taking a knee, the offense’s job is to score..the defense to defend!! Admittedly, it upped my pucker factor to give them the ball! Testimonial time: GTP remains the premier blog on the web..succient, wise comments on the Dawg scene..thanks, Senator, for a good season…again!!

  8. Hey Senator, here’s an explanation of why the final UGA TD happened: Give ‘er a read.

    • Ben, I agree with your math there. I’d have been happy to leave Tech with 10-15 seconds to go fifty yards to kick a game winning FG.

    • se127

      Good article. Johnson’s strategy was out of desparation, and there was little to no chance that UGA scoring was going to come back to bite Richt.
      However there is one factual error in your post.
      “Washaun Ealey is a 19 year-old kid…”
      Washaun Ealey is a 21 year old true sophomore. If we can be allowed to question the presence of mind of a football player, I think that’s a valid point.

    • Marshall

      Gonna have to completely disagree with you here Dukes. Also, my math would have made it more like 3-8 seconds left for the 4th down snap. In that situation, you could have put Murray in an extended shotgun and have had Ealey 5 yards behind him. Make the snap, toss it back and have Ealey run at an angle to the far sideline—time expires, Game over. Another safe and easy scenario–run the shotgun on 4th down and have Murray throw the ball away deep through the endzone–time expires, game over. There are a few others that would have worked as well but another one would be what Bower did at Southern Miss a few years ago–starting on the 2nd down play, line up in the V formation but have Murray backpedal about 5-7 yards before he takes the knee and burn 4-6 more seconds–do that twice, and you probably don’t even have to make the 4th down snap.

      But now this is the kicker, and you said the same thing I had previously said–you can’t blame Ealey. He was in game mode and he’s hardwired to go for that TD. What you left out was what I had mentioned–obviously our coaches had not even thought about or discussed that scenario and certainly didn’t give Ealey a heads up. That is as epic of a fail on the coaching/game management level as I have ever seen! The game went from being over to being in doubt!

      This whole issue is getting bigger by the minute. I have since discovered that there are a lot of people who are as concerned and furious about this play as I am. They seem to be the ones who think that there are major issues with our program. Meanwhile, as I have also recently discovered, there is also a large number of people who are thinking nothing of it and think that people like me are making a big deal out of something that doesn’t warrant it. I think this issue serves as a very good indicator that there are indeed two factions in the Bulldog Nation and that they are growing further apart with each game and really every single snap.

      GO DAWGS!

      • The Original Cynical in Athens

        It’s really no bigger deal than the Wide Receiver coach and the Offensive Coordinator not knowing whether or not Marlon Brown played in the opener at Okie St. last year.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        You might be right. But I have never before watched a game where the D let the O score. I never even thought about it until the announcer made the point. Guess that’s why CMR makes the big bucks.

  9. aious

    So, what did we learn?

    We learned that our D still has major issues. Maybe not as much as last year but still a bunch

    We have turnover issues in critical moments…as usual

  10. heyberto

    I’m enjoying all the Paul Johnson love on AJC… I guess at Tech and the AJC, moral victories really are enough for the NATS. Funny, Richt & co. didn’t get that treatment out of the state rag after the Florida game this year.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      You mean the North Atlanta JC?

      They are hardly the state rag, they are barely the Atlanta rag.

      If they wrote about Georgia there would be mistakes in the story.

  11. Bulldog Joe

    Let Georgia Tech fans enjoy their moral victory.

    They are the new Gamecocks.


  12. Irishdawg

    I thought that looked like Samuel Jackson; holy shit it really was him. USC can shove Will Ferrell up their asses; we’ve got Jules Winnefield.

    • Ricky McDurden

      Well at least we’re capable of beating Texas and USC in the “Who’s a more badass celebrity fan” category. Matthew Mconaniaghsfhjbslj and Ferrell ride in the trunk compared to Samuel L.

      • Bulldog Joe

        Even our “B” list celebs Lady Antebellum, Adam Wainwright, and John Isner on the field put them to shame.

        • GreenDawg

          I heard rumors of Zac Brown there as well. Who knows about that one. Are we allowed to claim Adam Wainwright? I have no clue if he was a Dawg fan growing up, but last I checked he signed a letter on intent for GT, before going directly into the pros.

  13. Section Z alum

    in addition to bob davie, i found richt’s decision in first half to go for it on fourth exasperating.

  14. Dawgfan Will

    I guess I’m not really surprised at the venom directed at our coaches even when they do exactly what everyone has been bitching they couldn’t do: win a close game.

    I prefer to concentrate, at least for now, on the proper way to look at Johnson’s” nerd flop” last night: while it may have been the “smart” move, it was also a bitch move, and that’s the reason Richt didn’t do the same thing against Auburn in 2005. Either let your guys play (even if they don’t have a chance), or go ahead and wave your pretty white panties in surrender.

    • The ATH


      You put your players in the best position to win. Letting what little chance left tick off the clock for the sake of letting “your guys play” is a willing concession. That’s waving the “white panties in surrender”…

      CPJ gave his guys a chance last night – Auburn ’05, CMR never gave his guys the same. I’m still on the Richt train, but CPJ’s move should be embraced more often. Mike Holmgren did it a few years ago in a Seahawks game.

      It ain’t over til the fat cliche sings.

    • Its a “bitch move” that could potentially have saved or even won the game for them. So I’ll say its not a “bitch move” at all.

      A “bitch move” is giving up, rolling over, and just taking it up the rear.

      • Dawgfan Will

        That’s funny, because I’ve never heard a Georgia fan speak of the “Gator Flop” with anything but condescension and derision. I don’t see any difference in the two situations.

  15. Congrats on your win Dawgs. We managed to crap the bed against our in-state rival.

    Word has it that the ‘Canes are after your coach. Thoughts?

  16. D.N. Nation

    Holy crap, that Bradley column is the height of hacktacularness.

    If the Dunwoody Journal-Constitution thinks that kissing Paul Johnson’s substantial behind is the only way it can keep from going out of business, well, have fun with that, fellers.

  17. JBJ

    I was there last night to witness the highs and the lows in the freezing cold.

    So at the end of the day UGA was +2 in the turnover column against a terrible Tech team. Tech ran for over 400 yards and compiled over 500 yards of total offense. Thanks to that turnover margin and a missed extra point we squeaked out a win. I am pointing this out in order to prove my arguments from last week. 99% of the fan base was crowing about how we were going to crush this horrible Tech team. My counter argument was that we are both bad teams so the enthusiasm that we were going to kick their ass was entirely unjustified and the turnover margin would tell the tale.

    It should be apparent that when the dust settles we are not a good football program.. We are continuing a decline that is going to accelerate next year with the exodus of Green and company. The lone bright spot is #11 that played his heart out all year. I hope I am wrong with my assessment, but I believe I am one of the few not wearing UGA colored glasses. It is an unfortunate and difficult position we find ourselves in. I dread another year of this.

  18. Julie

    We could have defended the pitch much better had Sanders Commings not been injured. While Smith is fast, he lacks the weight and physicality #19 brings.

    With all the bitching about Bobo, Tony Ball and John Lilly, very quietly, have done a remarkable job with their charges. Durham has turned into a Finneran-type option, and Orson Charles will one day cash a very large paycheck.

    Also, unless I have channeled my inner Helen Keller, Tech’s offensive line sure looked like it moved early a number of times last night — and not just on the extra point attempts.

  19. Castleberry

    Castleberry needs education on one item. Why was the kickoff that Tech didn’t field in the endzoen blown dead? I thought that was a live ball. I thought only high school had an automatic touchback there.

  20. Dawgy45

    Last year the Dawgs held tech below their season averages for rushing yards, points, and time of possession and we won by 6 points.

    This year I don’t know the numbers but I am willing to bet that the 411 yards, 34 points, and 16 minutes of difference in T.O.P. that we allowed were above their season averages…and the Dawgs won by 8 points.

    No point here. I just hope that burns and rots in the guts of the tech fans. There’s nothing clean about my hate.

    • JBJ

      It was the turnovers. Tech was -2 and they paid dearly on one of those that resulted in a fumble return for a TD for UGA.