I mentioned the other day how good Aaron Murray’s performance in the Tech game was in the context of conference passer ratings this season, but I was curious to see how it stacked up against other Georgia starting quarterbacks in the Richt era.

Answer:  not too shabby.  Here are the best performances I found from his four predecessors.

  • Joe Cox – 256.0 (Arkansas 2009)
  • Matt Stafford – 216.61 (Kentucky 2008)
  • D.J. Shockley – 236.57 (Boise State 2005)
  • David Greene – 232.16 (Vanderbilt 2002)

(By the way, since I’m sure some of you are wondering, Greene’s rating in that epic 51-7 beatdown of the ’02 Georgia Tech team was 218.)

Murray’s passer rating was also the highest yielded by Tech’s defense in the past five seasons.  To give you some perspective on that, during that time only two other quarterbacks notched ratings in excess of 200 against the Jackets.

You know what’s even more impressive about the job he did Saturday night?  He wasn’t a running threat.  It was the only game of the season in which he didn’t have a run for positive yardage.  I suspect that the talk about his physical condition after the Auburn game wasn’t a case of blowing smoke.

All this from a redshirt freshman quarterback.  I think we can quit saying he’s going to be special.  He already is.


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  1. jim

    Yes he is special. Wonder what bobo’s rating was in that bowl game against wisconsin in 98?


  2. Mark Badley

    This doesn’t matter. Paul Johnson only coaches offense so he asked that defensive stats against the jackets no longer exist. I’m not going to tell him no, I’m just giddy about him!


  3. JBJ

    Special indeed.

    I was at the Spring game and I was not impressed with his performance. I thought Mett was going to take the starting job. Then, Mett made a poor decision and AM was the man. I had hoped he would live up to the hype and boy has he ever. I could not be happier with our QB situation. I even think Mason is a great backup that could step in and produce if needed.

    I don’t see why LeMay would want to come to UGA unless he expects to redshirt next year and sit for two more before AM leaves. I would hate for us to start a QB carousel like UF.


    • kckd

      Dude, Murray was always the man. You guys put way too much on that spring game. The media did too. If you knew anyone with a link to butts mehre you would’ve known this.


    • MT

      You have to remember too that LeMay didn’t play this fall at all due to his suspension from school.

      While I’m sure other schools would still be interested, a RS year from LeMay anywhere is almost a foregone conclusion with him not having seen live gameday snaps in 1 year


  4. kckd

    What was Stafford’s in the loss to Tech in 2008? He had 400 plus, 5 tds, but one pick.


  5. Jim from Duluth

    Wonder what Greene’s passer rating was in the epic 2004 beatdown (45-16) vs. LSU?



  6. kckd

    ahh, error on my part, meant to say yards per attempt


  7. Greg

    JBJ, you bring up the only down side to having a FR qb do so well. I was wondered the same thing about LeMay before the season started….what would he do if Murray had an awesome season? Surely, one of the reasons he chose UGA was the opportunity for early playing time since the two qb’s competing for the job this season were both FR. I’m assuming LeMay will be honoring his commitment, especially since we stuck by him after his incident before the season started, but you never know. And, for the next season or two, there will be plenty of high school qb’s who won’t consider us seriously because Murray has the job locked down.

    On the flip side, Richt and Bobo have never had problems recruiting a stud qb when we’ve really needed one. In LeMay’s case, I think redshirting would be best in any circumstance….never easy for any qb to come in and play as a true FR in the SEC as Stafford found out. The only scenario I could see LeMay playing next season is if Murray gets hurt and, as much as we might not like to think about that, it’s always a possibility. Having Murray as the starter for the next 3 seasons and Lemay for the 2 seasons after that sounds like a great scenario to me, but I’m sure it doesn’t sound as great to LeMay. He wants to play all 4 years just like it appears Murray will do. Again, I hope that doesn’t impact his decision on signing day. Haven’t heard much about him lately.


  8. Griff

    Is there such thing as a “perfect passer rating’ in college football? If so, what is perfect? I think the NFL “perfect” is something like 158, so 250.86 is mind boggling.


    • Per Wikipedia:

      The NCAA passer rating has an upper limit of 1,261.6 (every attempt is a 99-yard completion for touchdown), and a lower limit of -731.6 (every attempt is completed, but results in a 99-yard loss). A passer who throws only interceptions will have a -200 rating, as would a passer who only throws completed passes losing an average of 35.714 yards.


      • King Jericho

        This is exactly how it should be. Perfect should be unattainable unless you’re doing just that: completing every pass for maximum yardage and a touchdown. It’s a much better scale to measure on.


  9. Macallanlover

    As a UGA fan, I would love to have Lemay come to Athens and be available if needed. As his advisor/father I would tell him to find another school, there are plenty to choose from and you just missed your Senior year of HS. I can appreciate that CMR/CMB are great at developing QB talent, but 2-3 of likely inactivity isn’t a good plan when you have decent options.


  10. Rusdawg

    Friends. LeMay is going to get TONS of playing time in 2012. Just look a couple posts below this one at the home schedule. LeMay is going to have at least 5 second halves all to himself.


  11. Russ

    Good thing we didn’t continue to throw the ball in the second half of the Tech game or his QR could have taken a significant hit. 😉

    Murray is a brilliant bright spot in a gloomy season. And I agree about Mason, he seems like he’s got it going on as well. I’d love to see LeMay come to UGA as well, but I couldn’t blame him if he didn’t.


    • fuelk2

      Apparently LeMay is already signed up and ready to hit campus in January. Barring some sort of strange occurrence, he’s coming.


  12. Will Trane

    Now just think what his numbers would have been if Green had been available those first four games and those RBs did not have to sit out the games they did. When Ellis Johnson made the comment about him after the Carolina game it confirmed what you could see in him. Murray took a pounding in a couple of games. Hopefully, the “retained offensive staff” can solve the protection and design more sets for his ability.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Absolutely! Need to revise the O to squeeze every ounce of Murray’s talent. With his arm and scrambling ability he’s a big play threat on every down. Not sure I want to see him turned into our prototypical pocket passer. He’s going to need to improvise to win some big games. But running has it’s hazards and he has to be protected at all costs. CMB has a huge challenge ahead of him.


  13. Will Trane

    Personally, I think he is the best QB the Dawgs have had during Coach Richt’s era. He might not have some of the passes Stafford has, but he is really close. In baseball there is a phrase about winners…”the player has the right makeup.” Do not want to put too much praise on him, but he just comes across a QB that is solid and gets the job done real well. He has the right makeup.


  14. gatriguy

    Anyone know Shock’s rating from the 05 Auburn game? DJ was throwing missles that night. Damn you Brandon Cox. Damn you and Willie Martinez to hell.


  15. Scorpio Jones, III

    For the “pre-D Day” crowd, what’s our runningback rating?


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      In reply to myself, I noticed Washaun had a couple of “real runningback” runs against Tech, maybe I have been a bit harsh with him.


  16. Scorpio Jones, III

    If Murray can adjust to protecting himself he may very well be the best we have ever seen with a G on his hat.

    If there is one phrase that sums him up to me it would be “in command”.

    “he’s only a freshman”


  17. travis fain

    How is it, again, that this young man did not beat out Joe Cox last year?


  18. Leland Perry

    Aaron Murray injured his triceps last year