Greg McGarity’s work is done, at least on one front.

Because some of you like to get your lives in the fall organized early, here’s how Georgia’s 2012 home football schedule shapes up after adding Florida Atlantic:

  • 09.01 – Buffalo
  • 09.15 – Florida Atlantic
  • 09.29 – Ole Miss
  • 10.06 – Tennessee
  • 10.13 – Vanderbilt
  • 11.03 – Georgia Southern
  • 11.24 – Georgia Tech

I foresee a lot of noon starts there.


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93 responses to “Greg McGarity’s work is done, at least on one front.

  1. Castleberry

    Good Lord. I thought this was a Groupon for cupcakes.

  2. Joe

    We wanted Florida’s schedule, we got it!

    But seriously, it has not hurt Auburn, LSU or Florida and Alabama to ONLY win the SEC and play for a MNC, despite weak OOC scheds.

    Why not give it a shot! Go Dawgs.

    • Brandon

      We will have to clearly be superior to other teams to make it into the MNC, otherwise they’ll ignore precedent and make up another spontaneous rule like the Herbstreit Doctrine to keep us out. There is one universal rule when it comes to Georgia and bowls, if we can be screwed, we will be screwed.

      • Joe

        That is true. I heard Herbie and others arguing last weekend that if Auburn loses, then if LSU only had one loss, they should go even iof they were not SEC champs.

        They argue for Oklahoma and Nebraska and Michigan to be in the MNC Game despite NOT winning their conference, then argued against UGA in ’07 when we were clearly the bets team in the country at the end of the year, and now back again.

        They are maddening in their flip flopping!

  3. Classic City

    Set up for a run! Just not sure where to.

  4. Spike

    A lot of UGA fans wanted McGarrity as the new AD. Happy now? I think he has been in Gainesville too long.

  5. piper

    where’s south carolina falling in that year?

  6. jim

    At least the new coach will have an easy home schedule that year for his first year…

  7. BCDawg97

    I understand the less than desireable nature of the home schedule, but consider that we also have to go to: SC, Alabama, Auburn. We get FAtlantic before Bama and we get Southern as the “bye” week before Auburn

    I liked Damon’s scheduling as a matter of principle. But I don’t think he considered the logistics of the traveling and SEC schedule combined and that at times put us at a disadvantage.

    Next up for McGarity is fixing that usual trip to Baton Rouge before the Cocktail Party

  8. Turd Ferguson

    As I’ve said before, I think I’ve lost the energy it takes to care about this. After 2 very disappointing seasons in a row, I’m inclined to think that a few more cupcakes are absolutely welcome, as long as at least a few of our SEC opponents (and maybe Tech) are ranked by the end of the season. I can certainly understand why so many are unhappy with McGarity’s scheduling philosophy, but it’s getting harder and harder for me to give a shit when I see the Floridas, Auburns, and Alabamas of the world filling their OOC schedule with cupcakes … and then going on to play for national championships.

  9. hassan

    Hell…it doesn’t hurt Boise St. and TCU when their in conference schedule is weak.

  10. GreenDawg

    Considering that will be my senior year at Georgia, this is very disappointing, but if that it what it takes to win championships in the long run then so be it.

    • JaxDawg

      Trust me kid, it would be worth it.

    • Will

      Damn shame we couldn’t at least keep the Oregon game on the schedule, though. I’m not torn up about losing Louisville, but Oregon looks to be a barnburner, and it could have been great to get in the spotlight early those years.

      • Macallanlover

        Would have been a great home-and-home for all fans. Of course that isn’t a priority for CFB these days. I agree about Louisville, like having another Tech on the schedule. Need a top program every 2-3 years, and a middle of the road program in between..

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          If we play Oregon it should be at a neutral site, first game of the year, like the Boise game. I would support a beginning of the year game like that damn near every year against a variety of top-flight opponents (Texas, Ohio State, TCU, even a Southern Cal occasionally) as long as it is followed by a cupcake so that the coaching staff can have the opportunity to evaluate and make changes. The ‘cakes also need to be sprinkled in across the schedule to give the team a respite between the really difficult games. That is how Joel Eaves did it and it really paid off for CVD. McGarity is doing all the right stuff to make the team successful. Scheduling a few easier games in the short run to get the W/L record favorable again and build up team confidence is only the first part of the answer.

  11. hailtogeorgia

    Say what you will about the scheduling, but it certainly can’t hurt us to see Georgia Southern a few weeks before seeing Tech. In a year where we won’t have more than one week to prepare for the triple option (something that seems to be pretty important in beating the Jackets), it will be nice that the team has just prepared for the same exact offense (literally…Southern’s coach came from Tech just last year) three weeks earlier so it’s still fairly fresh in mind.

    On top of that, I always enjoy when we play Georgia Southern. I’m from around there and both of my parents went to GSU (back when it was still GSC) and I grew up going to the games. A lot of their students now seem to think that there’s some sort of rivalry between us, which is disheartening, but still, Erk started their program and won three national championships with them…atleast it makes it more interesting than your average cupcake on our schedule.

    • Silver Creek Doug

      If the rumors I’ve heard are correct, we’ll see the triple option twice a year, as Vandy is supposed to hire the Navy OC as its next HC.

  12. JasonC

    Maybe we can put together “Family Days Ticket Packages” where you get 4 tickets to see the Buffalo, FAU and Georgia Southern games + 4 Cokes & hotdogs for only $360. Or upgrade and get replace one of those games with Vandy for $400.

  13. sUGArdaddy

    I’m over arguing about this in a nice way. If you don’t get this kind of scheduling, then you simply don’t care about putting our guys in the best chance to win. AUBURN HAD 8 HOME GAMES THIS YEAR! Good gracious. Do people not see that we’ll never get that, so this is as close as we can get.

    In the meantime, I’m interested to see what happens to the Clemson series. Damon was such an idiot on this scheduling and basically ignored the SEC schedule when making these OOC dates. He should have looked more closely at who we’ll be playing in conference. In 2013 – AARON MURRAY’S SENIOR YEAR!!!! – we’re scheduled to play South Carolina, Clemson, Tennessee, LSU, Alabama, Florida, Auburn, & Tech. Thanks, Damon.

    Sorry for the yelling. It just makes me mad when people who say they love the Dawgs don’t get that McGarity is trying to give our guys a chance at the crystal football.

    • Castleberry

      I see what he’s doing, and I’m disappointed with the competition.

      Just curious, will you be at these games, or hoping they get picked up by CSS?

      Call me selfish, but I’m going to miss my son playing pee-wee ball (for a noon kickoff) and spend a full day in Athens, to see us whack down another creampuff…

      Between tickets and donation the Athletic Association is in my pocket for $5k plus per year. To see one maybe two real homegames??

      That’s why I’m down about it. I may push the blog to 6 million hits on just this post.

      • Russ

        You’re skipping your son’s game to go see the Dawgs?

        • Castleberry

          Not my proudest moment as a parent. I’ve been able to make both when his games kick off early enough. Missed kickoff for Tennessee this year.

          sUGArdaddy – I cannot hold your jock in terms of attendance. Well done.

          I am forced to work Auburn weekend every year for the last four. Otherwise, someone pretty much has to die for me to miss a home game.

          My road tripping has slowed down with the two kids…

      • sUGArdaddy

        Castleberry, the bowl game this year will be my 59th straight game. I went to Tempe, Stillwater, and Boulder. I’ve missed 8 games (home or away) in the last 16 years. Saturday was my 182nd game since ’95. Overall, I’ve probably been to about 240-50. You know what I’ve learned going to all those games? I like winning. I like winning championships.

        Don’t sneeze at the fact that we stopped winning championships with Richt when we started this crazy scheduling in 2006. It might be coincidence. It might not. I, for one, DO THINK the travel affects play during the season. While Florida is resting players in home blowouts, we’re playing our starters for 4 quarters in Boulder. The wear and tear does make an impact. When the NCAA added the 12th game, some teams added a “playing off week”. Some teams added a war. We added a war and I think it’s hurt us.

        I’m going to be there no matter what, but I’d rather go to Jax w/ a healthy team and everything on the line and give it a go rather than a beat up team and a few losses.

        I also have 4 boys. I’ve decided that Pee Wee football can wait and they can play in middle school because, as I told my wife, I don’t remember a single play or game from Pee Wee football, but I remember where I was sitting with my Daddy at all those UGA football games in the 80s.

        Just one man’s opinion. I want to see us win. I don’t care about ‘great games.’ I want the best shot at a magical night in Glendale, Pasedena, Ft. Lauderdale or New Orleans. We’re not taking Tech off the schedule and we’re not moving the Jax game, so this is what we’ve got to do. If we played Florida home and home, we’d have more wiggle room. But we don’t, so I’m down with it. As a guy that goes to every games, I’m also glad to have one less game to travel to. Athens is a lot closer to my house than everywhere else.

  14. goalinestalker

    Didn’t we play UT in Athens this year? Did I miss something?

  15. paul

    I don’t know. Buffalo, Florida Atlantic and Georgia Southern all in the same year at home? As a season ticket holder and Hartman Fund contributor these are certainly not the games I feel inclined to pay good money to see.

    • Castleberry

      Exactly – at $400 / seat donation + $42 face value – you are taking a bath…

      At least, as a contributor, you may be eligible to order some road game tickets so you can actually see us play real live competition. Of course, you probably won’t be able to order Tennessee or Tech next year unless you’re over $30k. Maybe you’ll get Ole Miss and Vandy. Yeah!

      Can you say “It’s Saturday AFTERNOON in Athens” before noon?

      “Dawg fans – that’s not loud enough…” – pipe in some crowd noise.

      • hailtogeorgia

        Oh jesus, quit with the whining. It’s seven home games when normally you only get six. Not to mention, how are you going to feel when playing those games get you a better chance of watching an undefeated Georgia squad play in the SEC or National Championship? Sorry, but complaining about this stuff is just getting old.

        • Jesus

          I’m whining about this too.

        • Bob

          You can call this garbage 7 home games with a straight face? Seriously. So just because Auburn and Bama and Florida do it we need to follow the Pied Piper and do it too? Does someone seriously think that their sorry ass OOC contributed to them going to the BCS game instead of the fact that they also happened to be good.

          I get so tired of that lame excuse that these trips to Tempe or Stillwater drained us so much. It simply doesn’t fly. And EVEN if it did, then why do some of the same folks who love scheduling these pansy teams for the benefit of another home game have no issue with flying to Jacksonville every year without ever getting a return game in Athens or God Forbid, even Atlanta. The most convoluded logic on the planet.

          This is one season ticket holder who has serious qualms about keeping them.

          • hailtogeorgia

            No, Bob, I don’t think that their sorry ass OOC schedule contributed to them going to the BCS game. Of course they were good teams. The point being made here is that their OOC schedule didn’t prevent them from going to the BCS game. Why can’t you see that? It’s not about contributing to it, it’s about risk management. When you play in the SEC, there’s no reason to imitate Pat Hill’s “any team, anywhere” philosophy, because the in conference schedule is tough enough to get quality wins.

            I understand wanting to see big games in Sanford Stadium and wanting to have enjoyable roadtrips to exciting locales, but believe it or not, there are fans who want more than those things. There are fans who want to do things like win national championships and SEC championships and understand that in order to do those things, sacrificing a marquee OOC matchup (when we already have a yearly OOC matchup in GT that earns credit in the polls) to gain a seventh home game is a means to that end. The seventh home game gets the athletic association more money (and Athens, for that matter)…more money means more opportunities to improve facilities, which in turn attracts higher quality coaches and players alike.

            As for Jacksonville, who cares? Mark Richt has one of the best road records in the SEC, but people still harp on Jacksonville. Give me a break. Mark Richt has a .500 or better record in: Bryant-Denny, Jordan-Hare, Williams-Brice, Vought-Hemingway, Davis-Wade, Razorback , Neyland, Tiger, Memorial (Clemson), Vanderbilt , Commonwealth, Bobby Dodd, and Sun Devil. That’s every team in the SEC, plus Clemson, Georgia Tech, and Arizona State. Why would a neutral field (say what you want about the city, the game itself is 50-50) where both teams have to travel (one by plane, one by bus) be any different? To paraphrase George Stephanopolous (and I mean this in good humor), it’s the team, stupid. Besides, where were all the complaints about Jacksonville when Georgia was on the giving end of those beatdowns in the seventies and eighties?

            • Bob

              Yeah, Mark Richt has a winning record in all those away venues. But he doesn’t play in those away venues EVERY year. EVERY year.

              Look, I fully understand that Jax is a done deal and nothing I or anyone else says is going to change that. But then please don’t use the same argument, like our AD does, to pontificate about how he wants to give the fans another home game or how he wants to help businesses in Athens. Bringing in Florida Atlantic is not the answer.

              And as someone else said, if you are so obsessed with winning it all, apply for the Big East…or hell, even the ACC. Get out of the SEC if the regular season schedule is so brutal that we have to schedule this trash for OOC games. That would be a more dignified answer.

              LSU made it to the National Title game in 07 ONLY because they played and whupped Virginia Tech. No Va Tech and they sit home. Had Auburn played anyone with a pulse, they might have gone in 04 instead of sitting home. They came close despite that.

              Georgia didn’t go to the BCS title game in 02 because two other BCS teams went Unbeaten. That is pretty simple. Had Florida in 06 or 08 had two other BCS teams that were unbeaten, they too would have sat at home. Ditto for LSU in 03. Most can figure out that getting to the BCS game is more than just winning your conference…it takes lots of luck. Florida’s record in 06 and 08 was no better than Georgia’s in 02…but the Gators didn’t compete against an unbeaten Ohio State and Miami. Pretty damn simple.

              It is amazing how this mythical BCS title chase has destroyed the idea of competition. It is a mythical title…and the non SEC schedule has nothing to do with winning an SEC title.

              • King Jericho

                You’re giving no credence to the fact that a harder OOC schedule could be conducive to added stress on the SEC schedule. Like someone else said, while you’re playing your starters hard for 4 quarters, your opponent is resting there’s for the second half.

                Having won the last 4 (and maybe 5 after this season) MNC games, the any SEC team is going to get the nod if they go undefeated. Playing in the SEC is so far and away more difficult than any other conference schedule that the OOC games are almost irrelevant. If we’re not playing to win championships, what the heck are we playing for? To see a good show?

                And wanting us to go to the Big East because of our OOC scheduling, you think this is something we just invented? Look at any other SEC team and you’ll see plenty of cupcakes on the schedule. Hell, look at any other team in the nation and you’ll see many cupcakes on the schedule; some of them in conference, some of the outside. It’s not the SECs fault that the teams in our conference can all be competitive at any given time.

                Sure, we can go to the MNC game with a respectable OOC schedule of all ranked teams, but why handicap yourself? At that point you would need to be so head and shoulders better than everyone, or, as you said, lucky. With all the competition we have around us, I don’t see any team ever pulling that off.

              • hailtogeorgia

                What does the significance of playing in the same venue every year have to do with anything? Mark Richt has shown he’s consistently a great coach in hostile environments…why would Jacksonville not apply to that? Additionally, what argument should I use if it isn’t the same one that the man making the decisions use? What are you implying the reasons are for playing the Jax game?

                LSU made the national title for more than beating Virginia Tech, they made it because they won the SEC. Everyone understands there’s a decent amount of luck involved. If you need a good amount of luck, though, then why, as King Jericho said above, would you handicap yourself even more by scheduling more than one tough OOC matchup?

                What you seem to be missing in citing your examples is the reasoning behind the schedule. Did it ever occur to you that the teams in the SEC who make a habit of scheduling a tough OOC matchup on a yearly basis are the same ones who have their biggest rival in-conference?When you play Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina play Georgia Tech, Florida State, and Clemson on an annual basis, there’s no need to schedule an additional marquee OOC game to get validation…it’s already there. I guarantee you if Auburn and Alabama or LSU and Arkansas were in different conferences, they wouldn’t schedule an additional OOC game.

              • Macallanlover

                A-fricking-men! Frightening how we have lost our way, and you can blame it all on the phony title. UGA cared about quality before the “20 pieces of silver” crowd made sheep of CFB fans.

        • Scott W.

          They’ll stop the whining when the winning starts for sure.

  16. Macallanlover

    We have lost our football soul chasing the BCS faux title. Enjoy the empty seats Dawg fans, that is garbage. Between the uninteresting games, the high noon starts, the continual fan harrassment by the do-gooders, etc., I will enjoy watching real football games from the comfort of my den. You should never make it too easy for people to save money and time.

  17. The Realist

    The sellout streak will come to a screeching halt in 2012 if not sooner.

    • Bob

      As it should. This should be an embarrassment. But unfortunately there are far too many Dawg fans who like this stuff. I understood and had no problem with 2 of these cupcakes….but three along with Vandy in the same year is nauseating.

  18. Macallanlover

    We have lost our football soul chasing the BCS faux title. Enjoy the empty seats Dawg fans, that is garbage. Between the uninteresting games, the high noon starts, the continual fan harrassment by the do-gooders, etc., I will enjoy watching real football games from the comfort of my den. You should never make it too easy for people to save money and time when there are better alternatives. The lack of atmosphere will eventually hurt us in recruiting; the ploy is too obvious and will result in disrespect.

    By that time this is recognized, it will be too late to go back. I appreciate this is just an opinion, and many others feel differently, but that is my forecast. In 10 years we will see who is right,

    • Macallanlover

      Oops, sorry. Was interupted and didn’t finish the thought. Once was enough but didn’t realize I had already posted.

    • sUGArdaddy

      Mac, you’re right, it has absolutely killed Auburn, Florida, and Alabama’s recruiting and atmosphere? You wanna talk about killing atmosphere? Playing Tech at 5-6 kills the atmosphere.

      Winning more (and winning championships) will increase fan interest no matter who you’re playing. And winning helps recruiting, which gets you more stars. And people want to come see stars play no matter who else is on the field. And then some people will give their tickets to friends who seldom get to come to the cupcake games, and that’s not a bad thing.

      • Macallanlover

        SD, you are a great Dawg fan, and I respect your right to that position. Ultimately, I think you will see this differently but we both want what is best for Georgia football. And really, we are only one game apart on the issue. With a twelve game schedule, I want two cupcakes, the GT albatross, and one home and home against a decent opponent. You want three cupcakes and GT. I don’t feel that one additional challenge is too much for a quality program to face and it can change the perception dramatically. Of course you have to win against Colorado, Ok State, AZ State, Louisville, Clemson, etc. when you play them, but if you cannot do that you will not be winning the SEC title anyway.

        One of the biggest drivers in the difference in our position is what our ultimate goal is. Mine is to win the SEC, yours is to play in a contrived title game. They are not mutually exclusive. Winning the SEC will usually give you a chance at your goal, but even that is no guarantee. Another quality win could be a difference maker.

        I refuse to let the BCS dictate/override what has always been UGA football’s strategic objective which was to win an SEC title and put a quality product on the field that would provide great entertainment for our passionate fanbase. In my opinion, we have sold out and that will eventually erode what we have long enjoyed. I agree with the other posters who feel we might as well leave the SEC if our objective is simply to get Ws via a weakened schedule.

        • hailtogeorgia

          Mac, it isn’t about letting the BCS dictate or override anything. Georgia can still win the SEC and can still put a quality product on the field without scheduling two tough OOC games a year. Florida hasn’t seemed to struggle with that in the past few years, have they? I just don’t understand all the fuss. Before Damon came into office, Dooley scheduled like this for years and it was never an issue. He refused to leave the south, he knew he had a legitimate opponent in Tech each year, and that was that. Now that McGarity is following the lead of arguably the best athletic director in the country at one of the most successful athletic departments in the country, people are going crazy. We’re still playing a tough in-conference schedule and nothing is going to change that. No one is advocating bailing on that SEC schedule or going to the Big East, they’re just proposing that we not kill ourselves in our OOC schedule unnecessarily.

          • Macallanlover

            I think the major difference is the 12th game. It gave us an off week, room for two cupcakes, anOOC rivalry, and an opportunity to spice up the schedule with an interesting opponent. I understand that every school did not rush out and do that, but I appreciated Damon’s approach. I was sorry he unsuccessful in getting the Big 10++’s red panties off.

            • hailtogeorgia

              I agree that 12th game was instituted for that reason, but I don’t think that it necessarily has to be done every year. It’s nice to have the extra game every now and then, but to put your team through that year after year when the other teams you’re competing with in your division are resting players in the 12th game is just foolish. I mean, Damon had three in one year!

              I like the marquee matchups, but until it’s mandatory, there’s no reason to handcuff yourself unnecessarily.

    • NRBQ

      The same way it’s hurt UF and Bama’s recruiting?

  19. Dog in Fla

    I asked my receptionist who scares me to take a look at the awesome Saturday morning 2012 home schedule and tell me what she thought. She thinks it’s garbage too but then again she also thinks she’s a little paranoid.

  20. Will Trane

    It is all about wins. That is what the BCS is based upon.
    I have no problem with it, except for these noon kickoffs. They have to end. Not every alum lives around the corner from Athens. Also, it works against getting in recruits from their Friday night games.

    • Sanford222View

      The Noon kick offs will increase with that schedule. There is a chance UGA will play only teams with losing records or whatever they call Div1-AA schools now at home in 2012. You think CBS or ESPN wants to air those type games? Get ready for lots of SEC Network or CSS broadcasts for home games in 2012.

  21. W Cobb Dawg

    So 2012’s record is going to be 7-5?

  22. JBJ

    I really don’t understand why people get excited about putting together a weak schedule. Senator is always talking about not diminishing the regular season games with a playoff. How about dumbing down your schedule to get easy wins? Florida Atlantic, Florida Atlantic, and Buffalo???

    Here is an idea for all you people that want to got down this path. Why don’t we leave the SEC and join the Big East? We wouldn’t have to worry about Florida, Auburn, LSU, or Bama anymore. The level of competition is lower and the Big East gets an automatic BCS birth. Then you can get your MNC.

    • JBJ

      Florida Atlantic, Buffalo, and Georgia Souther. Sorry don’t want to leave off the toughest in-state cupcake.

    • hailtogeorgia

      Sigh. The hyperbole here is absurd.

      During the BCS era, one single SEC team has played more than one marquee OOC opponent in a season and won the National Championship…Florida in 2008 when they played both Miami and FSU. All other teams who have won it (Tennessee in 98, LSU in 03, Florida in 06, LSU in 07, and Alabama in 09) have played one marquee OOC game and the rest were cupcakes. Tennessee, I’ll even give you, was before the 12 game schedule, but the point is still there. It’s simply not necessary. In contrast, Georgia, who has had atleast two marquee OOC opponents every year for the past six years (and had three in 2009) has seen the BCS Championship game how many times?

      Georgia under McGarity, like Florida under Foley, will still have the occasional year with two (2013 and 2014 with Clemson & Georgia Tech), and even next year Georgia has Boise (if you count them) in addition to Tech. If you can’t recognize the value in not scheduling those teams, I’m not sure what to say.

      In closing, one question: if Georgia made it through the SEC schedule with one (or no losses), but was kept out of the national championship game that they otherwise would have made because of a season opening loss against, say, Oklahoma State, how would you feel?

      • JBJ

        Following your logic, then we should join the Big East where the competition is easier.

        • King Jericho

          Continuing the logic train, so should every single other SEC school.

        • hailtogeorgia

          I don’t follow your logic.

          • JBJ

            According to you, UGA needs to play cupcakes for their OOC schedule in order to improve their chances for playing/winning a conference title and positioning themselves for a MNC.

            The logic is that if your goal is to weaken your schedule to improve your chances of winning, then you should join a weaker conference that will improve your chances of winning even more. For instance, the Big East which gets an automatic BCS bid.

            • hailtogeorgia

              No, my logic is that UGA doesn’t need to unnecessarily schedule tough OOC opponents when they already have a legitimate OOC opponent on their schedule in GT, in addition to playing in a nationally respected conference. If they win the SEC, they’ll have a good shot at the national title, so there’s no reason to hurt their chances with additional tough OOC teams other than Tech. If they didn’t have the annual OOC matchup against Tech (as LSU, Auburn, and Alabama don’t), then fine, schedule away.

              It’s not about improving Georgia’s chances by scheduling cupcakes, it’s about not hurting their chances scheduling more than one tough OOC matchup when it’s unnecessary.

      • Macallanlover

        Speaking of absurd hyperbole, GT is a “marquee OOC opponent”? Oh really? That is news to all of America.

        • King Jericho

          Who cares that they won the ACC last year.

        • hailtogeorgia

          They’re more of a marquee OOC opponent than teams like Colorado, Arizona State and Louisville that you seem so fond of scheduling, that’s for damned sure. They won their conference last year, tied for their division the year before, and were picked to win their conference this year. That sounds like a marquee opponent to me, even if it is little brother.

          • Macallanlover

            You guys can pay your respect to them if you wish, but they have no more respect nationally than the other mid-level teams you are discussing, That is why we need 1-2 more of them every yearm or at least a top tier OOC game. Now I am all in favor of dropping them from an annual game. Play them every 3-4 years, mostly in Athens. No need to go to that bandbox they play in and legitimize them as some sort of equal by playing them on a home and home basis..

      • Dog in Fla

        Knowing how essential hyperbole is to a dysfunctional society and thinking back to a memorable link here on Monday,

        “There are 119 Division 1A teams playing college football. There are 110 pussies playing free safety. I’m not worried about free safeties.”

        Our new hyperbolic home scheduling philosophy could be similarly expressed by Greg to be:

        “There are 120 FBS teams playing college football. In any given year, half of them are pussies. Between them and the 125 FCS teams, I’m not worried about finding pussy. There’s plenty of pussy for everybody.”

      • Hailtogeorgia brings up a good point, that I think could be one saving grace of the 2012 schedule: the 2011, 2013, & 2014 schedules (especially the 2013 schedule, as has been pointed out already).

        McGarity has scheduled Boise State for next year, and kept Clemson for a home-and-away series, and that counts for a lot. I would be much more concerned if the ’15, ’16 and ’17 schedules (when they are made) deomonstrate an overwhelming pattern of cupcake catering.

        Also, by 2012, we have no idea how good Ole Miss, Tennessee or Georgia Tech will be (or, hell, even Vandy with an option based offense). Georgia may have some very big home games that year, which will not devalue anyone’s season tickets.

  23. Go Dawgs!

    I hate this crap.

  24. Thank god.

    We play enough tough teams in the SEC. The OOC games should be tune ups, rest, etc.

    Until we get a playoff system, this is the only hope for playing for a title.