Lucky for Auburn there wasn’t a game yesterday.

It’s all over on the Camgate front.

Auburn University football student-athlete Cam Newton is immediately eligible to compete, according to a decision today by the NCAA student-athlete reinstatement staff. The NCAA concluded on Monday that a violation of amateurism rules occurred, therefore Auburn University declared the student-athlete ineligible yesterday for violations of NCAA amateurism rules.

When a school discovers an NCAA rules violation has occurred, it must declare the student-athlete ineligible and may request the student-athlete’s eligibility be reinstated. Reinstatement decisions are made by the NCAA national office staff and can include conditions such as withholding from competition and repayment of extra benefits. Newton was reinstated without any conditions.

Bottom line, they ruled that Cam didn’t know what his daddy was up to and as a result neither he nor Auburn should receive punishment.  So basically, if you want to sell your kid to the highest bidder, just don’t tell him about it.


UPDATE: So much for precedent.


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  1. D.N. Nation

    Cam Newton- Well, there IS the letter of the law, but see, there’s the fact of the matter that the reality of the situation concerning the realization of something with the homina homina thingy with the whatnot and the hey hey, and he didn’t really, see, concerning the thing with the stuff and this that and the other, and he’s eligible.


    • I find the number of hobby horses some of you dawg fans willing to climb on amusing.

      • D.N. Nation

        How dare I. Better send Nick Fairly after my kneecaps.

      • CashMoney

        What’s amusing is your need to get high and mighty on commentators of a UGA Football blog…actually it’s pretty pathetic

        • The topic of the post was….


          I thought so.

        • Hogbody Spradlin

          Oh please. Ward is as welcome to smart off here as all the Georgia fans are at other schools’ blogs. I consider it a compliment that other schools’s fans come here to give us shit.

          If ‘pathetic’ is the best come back you got, you should still have training wheels on your computer.

      • Go Dawgs!

        I find Auburn Fan’s ability to rationalize and believe the BS they shovel you equally amusing. Before any of this ever even happened I was amazed by how quickly Auburn Fan’s opinion of Laptop-gate changed as soon as Cam Newton joined your team. How dare anyone bring up petty theft, when Auburn Fan makes fun of every single athlete at other schools (including Cam, circa his days at UF) guilty of similar crimes? “Well, you see, Georgia Fan, Cam didn’t know it was a stolen laptop!” protested Auburn Fan in a huff. Then why did he throw it out a window when the cops came looking for it? (Crickets…)

        Ward Eagle, what you believe is up to you. But if you believe that Cam Newton let his dad make his college choice for him, going against what he really wanted to do (per the SI article), and had NO IDEA why Cecil picked Auburn, then you’re an idiot. I’m sorry to call names, but you’re either ignorant or just willfilly ignorant if you believe that. Whether Cecil didn’t want Cam to go to Mississippi State because they didn’t pony up dough, or if he knew he’d be ineligible because of the requests that he made, Cam knew what was going on. The NCAA couldn’t prove it. Kudos to the Auburn staff for making sure Auburn was spared in the investigation. But seriously, Ward, you’re happy because Auburn didn’t get caught up in all of this. In your heart, you know that Cam Newton knew what was going on, and you’re just happy that he gets to play anyway. Just pray that nobody ever comes out of the woodwork with proof that Auburn knew, or worse, Auburn paid. But I suspect you’ve been praying that every night anyway.

        • Kevin

          I think he’s just happy they got away with it. He says below that he could easily see AU outbidding MSU in some PFPP scam. It’s not like he’s completely blind to that possibility.

          Some fans are, and those ppl are irrational.. but I think most AU fans will now just cop to “well shit man (brow wipe) that was close”… the same way we would if roles were reversed

      • AthensHomerDawg

        I see you enjoy poking the “Dawg” with a rather long stick.

  2. That’s good news, bad news.

    Embarassing as all get out for a pastor.
    Bye-bye Kenny Rogers at MSU (others?).

    At least AU didn’t do anything wrong (for once).

    • Kevin

      I can see how the NCAA ruled this way, i guess, maybe.

      but can you give me your honest opinion on how you think AU got Cam to de-commit from Mullen after wanting so bad to go to MSU and play for him, then allofthesudden want to go to AU?

      Seriously, I’d like to hear your pitch.

      • Vindexdawg

        LOL! You got a long wait coming on that from the above or any other AU poster.
        As I mentioned elsewhere, I was both shocked and amused at the silly comment a couple weeks ago from the foolish Tony Dorsett, formerly of the Cowboys and U of Pittsburgh before then; he said that the investigation of CN’s eligibility was a “lynching.” A appallingly stupid statement to make, but cruelly funny in its revelation of Dorsett’s ignorance. If he MUST resort to offensive historical similes, he would have been far more accurate to describe Reverend Cecil as a slave trafficker.

        • “You got a long wait coming on that from the above or any other AU poster.”


          • 81Dog

            way to avoid the question. Maybe AU beat the rap permanently. Maybe not. Does it make sense to you that there was a pay for play approach to MSU, where he had a prior relationship with Mullen, who he liked, and for whom he apparently wanted to play, and then suddenly, he’s going to AU just because, well, you know, Chizik is a very magnetic personality?

            Pull the other leg, son. That one has bells on it. There’s a difference between what you think and what you can prove; so far, it hasn’t been proved AU is dirty, but I don’t think even AU fans believe AU is spotless on this one.

        • AthensHomerDawg


      • Jaybird

        I’ll reply. Have you EVER been to Starkeville? That will answer your question.

      • I have no idea.

        The rumors say his daddy changed his mind on the pay-for-play plan (PFPP?). I could easily believe he (daddy) wanted to be removed from the entire situation and simply said Cam ain’t going to MSU.

        I could just as easily believe an AU bag man out-moneyed an MSU bag man.

        After all, this is college football.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      That we know of, yet……and nobody has said there are not other folks looking into that….

    • MinnesotaDawg

      Right….actually “insufficient proof” at this time doesn’t actually mean Auburn did “nothing wrong.” Based on the circumstances and Reverend Cecil’s admitted behavior and attitude towards his recruitment, Auburn’s innocence seems unlikely–but I understand that’s not sufficient proof.

      Congratulations to Auburn for not getting caught, I guess. Auburn and the Newton’s approach pretty consistent with the practical advice my criminal law professor suggested to his students (for themselves and future clients): Deny everything until they prove something….then deny everything else.

  3. Scott W.

    This is complete horse shit.

  4. Marquaveous

    Horse Manure, pure and simple.

  5. Russ


    Just, wow.

  6. Scott W.

    So the fact that he said flat out “the money is too much” is not an indication.

  7. Rusdawg

    The blueprint for every top notch prospect was just printed.

    Have at it boys!

  8. Playoffs were just a red herring. THIS is the way everyone wants college football to be more like college basketball.

  9. King Jericho

    Given Auburn’s checkered past, I’m finding it near impossible to believe that there was not money exchanging hands in some creative, near untraceable way.

    Though since there’s millions of dollars at stake for the NCAA, I didn’t expect justice to be able to prevail this extreme conflict of interest.

  10. Cam Eligible

    You guys are a bunch of fucking crybabies.

  11. East Cobb Devildawg

    I’m wondering what the FBI’s inquiry will reveal. We know the NCAA is about selective enforcement.

  12. Biggus Rickus

    So if you can plausibly deny that you knew your father was shopping you you can play, I guess. I’m not sure how plausible it actually is in this case, but even so, it’s a bad precedent. I honestly thought they’d just leave it hanging. It will be pretty embarrassing for the NCAA if there’s something to the FBI rumors.

  13. Spike

    The more this is stirred, the more it stinks.

  14. hodgie

    Hey Cam Eligible,
    After reading your post I had to reconsider what I was going to post. I had a nice well thought out post but FUCK YOU will have to work and I really mean it. FUCK YOU!

    • Ward Beagle

      Don’t be hatin’.

      Cam’s the best player money can buy or in this case not buy.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      over the top …over the top alert. “We are not those kind of men…. it’s peace and quiet that we need… to get back to work again.”
      Remember “DON’T FEED THE TROLL”… kinda like the Gremlins.

  15. dudetheplayer

    Eh, fuck it dude.

    Let’s go bowlin’.

  16. Spence

    What speaks volumes to me about the nature and sophistication of the AU fan base is not that the majority seem to think nothing wrong happened or that the NCAA is inconsistent, but rather that I have not heard one single AU poster suggest that foul play is afoot.

    All in. Family. Blinders.

  17. I’d say this was unbelievable, but its the NCAA we are talking about here.

    I guess they are too fearful of another USC style embarrassment, so they are just giving Auburn a pass here.

    Pathetic. Shouldn’t come of the other conferences at least get involved here? Ugh. Sad.

    Sorry, there’s no freakin’ way Auburn didn’t pony up the money. If he wouldn’t play for MSU without being paid, when he loved the coach and the system, there’s no way he’d play for Auburn without getting paid.

    And where did Cecil’s mysterious windfall come from that saved his church?

    • Jaybird

      God man,… Auburn had 4 o line starters , running backs, and talented wide receivers all coming back. As I asked of someone earlier, have you ever been to Davis Wade Stadium and/ or Starkeville?

      • Kevin

        I highly doubt mr Cam Newton was assessing these facts in making a decision. We’ve seen these 18 yos make some pretty retarded commitments for no reason at all. May I remind you of the very recent article on One Zach Mettenberger

      • Will (the other one)

        This is a UGA site. We know firsthand that returning senior OL players and experienced WRs doesn’t guarantee jack.

  18. I'm Georgia

    May not have mattered but that sure was a quick ruling compared to the length of time it took to rule on AJ

  19. Gshock

    Can someone explain to me why AUB doesn’t have to forfeit it’s games?

    The NCAA rules that a violation occurred and Cam is ineligible but he gets reinstated. We all know the violation occurred before the season. How does his ineligibility not extend back to that time?

    • Kevin


      that’s why.

    • Jaybird

      Because this happened during recruiting, and BY MISS ST, not while he was playing for Auburn. You want to penalize Auburn for something State alums did? Then hell, I’m gonna offer Murray a fat bag of cash right now to get him off the field for the Auburn game next season.

      • Silver Creek Doug

        Doesn’t matter Jaybird.

        As a recruited D1 athlete in my (much) younger days, it was drilled into me and my family over and over again. If you (or ANYONE in your family) are found to have solicited improper benefits, even if you did not receive them and you did not attend any school from which you solicited improper benefits, you are ineligible PERIOD.

        Why is there a double standard in this case? Who knows? But make no mistake, it’s a double standard.

      • Marmot

        Jaybird nailed it. People who want to see Auburn burned really haven’t thought through the unfairness of punishing Auburn in all this. Its only fair to punish Auburn if they paid him or even if the Newton’s asked Auburn for money. There is clearly no evidence that either of these things occurred. (Consider a scenario by which Auburn coaches, knowing Kenny Roger’s reputation, approach Cecil and tell him he’s about to compromise his son’s career for some short term cash.)

        If the NCAA was to punish Auburn for what happened among MSU boosters, then Vandy could travel to the BCS CG on a road littered with their opponents 4 and 5* ineligible bodies by simply attempting to pay every descent southern recruit (or someone close to them) and getting those conversations on tape.

        • Go Dawgs!

          I don’t want to see Auburn punished, unless Auburn put up money for Newton’s services.

          I want to see NEWTON punished, because you’ll never convince me that he didn’t know what was going on. The fact that the NCAA can’t prove that it happened doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen.

      • Gshock

        But he was still ruled ineligible even if there was a quick reinstatement.

        • Gshock

          Sorry to double post. If he was ineligible earlier this week as a result of something before the season – he shouldve been ineligible all year!

        • And if there’s a black lining in the silver cloud for Auburn fans, that’s it. The school is on record as acknowledging that a violation of the amateurism rules occurred.

          It’s anybody’s guess where that goes from here, though.

          • “…a violation of the amateurism rules occurred.”

            Just, you know, not at Auburn.

            • Puffdawg

              “…a violation of the amateurism rules occurred (thereby ending the offending party’s status as an amateur).”

              There, I fixed the part SB left out, jackass. The guy who is no longer an amateur? Yea, he starts at QB for Auburn.

      • Hackerdog

        You have the facts backward. MSU never offered Newton cash. Newton asked MSU for cash. So offering Murray cash will not harm his eligibility. If you can get Murray to ask you for cash, however, that would.

        Unless you can use an immediate family member as a surrogate. In that case, no harm, no foul.

      • gastr1

        Wasn’t just State alums that did it though. Was the Awbun player’s diddy.
        NCAA makes no distinction about whether one school was extorted but not another…just says “extortion is a violation.”

        Except when they don’t want it to be, though.

  20. East Cobb Devildawg

    Read Gentry Estes’s twitter feed. And then remember that eligible to play is not equal to innocent.

    Good luck auburn I hope the executioner’s axe is sharp.

    • Indeed, and Team Speed Kills has a good take as well:

      There are plenty of qualifiers in that NCAA release, i.e., “based on the information available at this time.” More information could be forthcoming from the NCAA’s subpoena-enabled friends at the FBI.

      Also, as Estes noted, this is an eligibility ruling, not an enforcement ruling. The NCAA has basically said, “We know that Cecil shopped Cam around. We know that Cam was unaware. We don’t know whether Cecil was successful. We’ve told you about Cam; we haven’t said a thing about Auburn. Yet.”

      • Buck Futt

        Gentry Estes is a Turd. And a dumb one, to boot.

        • I think he’s a UGA grad, as he referenced being a former Red & Black editor in chief (unless I misread one of his tweets).

          I don’t know if by the capital-T “Turd,” you were referring to the fanbase of one of our SEC brethren, or you meant literally that he is a unit of feces. Either way, congratulations on the tremendous display of courage you exhibited by anonymously insulting a professional by name on the Internet.

      • East Cobb Devildawg

        Thank you for the TSK link. I personally don’t feel this is over. So I’m gonna get out the popcorn and sit, watch, and enjoy the show.

  21. Prov

    Go Gamecocks

  22. merk

    True story…

    You sell a jersey/talk to an agent/receieve 1k-2k from both you have to sit 2-4 games.

    Your dad tries to make 200k off you to schools for LoI…you have to sit 24 hours.

    Eh…just seems odd that Cam did not know about the attemted sell and thats cool, but when AJ does not know a guy is an agent it is his fault for not making sure he was not an agent(course that had nothing to do with AJ being a superstar…Logan Gray sells his jersey the same way and I bet he would have been out 2 games tops).

  23. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ya know, I have always felt a little sorry for the Aul In Nation, what with their relationship with that school up north and their ingrained inferiority complex as a result.

    So I am more or less glad Newton is currently eligible. I thoroughly enjoy watching him play….just not against Georgia.

    And as far as it goes, cheap shots and all, whatever Awbun gets they will get on the field as far football goes.

    I know a little guy in Birmingham who is probably in tears right now, and you know what….there but for the grace of God go us all. Can you possibly imagine the media hoopla over Herschel’s recruiting if it happened today?

    Lighten up Dawgs, the kid is a great player….everything else, at this point, is just uninformed speculation and is beneath my dignity.

  24. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Wonder if Bo knows …

    1. Cam didn’t know the laptop was stolen
    2. Cam didn’t know his daddy was shopping him
    3. Cam didn’t know why his daddy made him change his commitment from MSU

  25. JaxGamecock

    I used to be JaxDawg but this week I’m a gamecock.

    Fuck Auburn. Die Auburn. Go to hell Auburn.

    Go Cocks!

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Think that through a little more JD. There is still the possibility that the truth will still come out and it will be very ugly for the Tigers/Plainsmen/War Eagles and that they win the SECCG and the BCSNCG but get stripped of both titles. Do you really want the ‘Cocks as SEC champions? I don’t think so. Better for us that USCe loses the rest of its games including the bowl and finishes 9-5. Likewise I am pulling for FLA to lose its bowl and finish the season with 6 losses and UT to lose and go 6-7 on the year. If UGA can pull a 7-6 year out after all that has happened this season and some bad things happen to our rivals, that’s good for us.

  26. Dog in Fla

    From his battlestation at the The SEC Headquarters, Mike Slive relaxes, tells underlings to smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em, and thinks to self, “Free at last, free at last. Heisman secured and BCS still available. Thank God Almighty!”

  27. Julie

    If this is how the NCAA has decided to conduct business, McGarity needs to get off that pile of money Damon left and get on the phone to the Dream Team’s parents.

  28. Aubiece

    keep grasping at straws Bulldogs…
    It is not going to change 49-31 score…
    nor the fact that AU will win the SEC and the MNC games…

  29. Keese

    What’s the chances that the NCAA did this in order to establish a ruling at a certain point of time in this case…? Just in case more evidence comes out and penalties need to be levied retroactively…

    The NCAA has no legal or subpoena power over anyone outside of their affiliation…but the FBI does. I have a feeling this is just getting started.

  30. Buck Futt

    … and make sure he doesn’t actually sign with the school you talked about money with.

    Minor detail there.

    This was never an Auburn story, despite the efforts of ESPN to make it so. It was always a Mississippi State story.

    • Ward Beagle

      Word word word!

      The WWL kept throwing in facts like his name “Cam Newton” and the school he attends (he he) like that’s relevant.

      Just cuz he playz fa Auburn and his dad axed for money from MSU don’t mean they had to keep mentioning the name of the player and the school he attended.

      They shoulda been all: “The father of a player recruited by MSU allegedly asked for cash money. The player signed elsewhere. In other news….”

      Don’t be hatin on the Plainsmen.

    • Biggus Rickus

      It started as a Cecil Newton story. Auburn just happens to be where his son signed. But I’m sure he stopped shopping him after MSU.

  31. NC Dawg

    I believe that the NCAA statement contained the words “no evidence at this time” that Cam Newton knew about Daddy’s attempted grifting. So I’m not so sure it’s all over. I would imagine they’re still trying to pin down that earlier report that Cam told MSU that he’d love to go there, but the money was too good elswhere. Plus, what about the SEC rule about being ineligible if a family member solicits FOR you?

  32. heyberto

    I’m going to get Gene Chizik to buy me a lottery ticket.

  33. Will Trane

    Here is the essence of the NCAA rules. There are none. Accordingly, the NCAA has no enforcement power.
    The other side of this. Let your parents negogiate your LOI. Give them the authority to sign for you. In the mean time you play and take the cash.
    Amazing how the SEC engineered this thru so early in the week knowing that Auburn players and coaches had to be available after the SEC game for interviews. And we thought the SEC and NCAA were separate. Apparently the SEC has more authority.
    Now if the old ball coach can get his team to take care of business this weekend.

    • heyberto

      Yeah, it was awfully nice for them to hear it so quickly.. how long did AJ have to wait in uncertainty? Hilarious and sad.

    • Julie

      I’m sure whatever crew has been assigned to this game already has received Slive’s marching orders. There is no way SC can win this game.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      I think the ole ball coach has peaked.

  34. Julie

    Reggie Bush needs to be on the first plane out of NO to NY to reclaim his Heisman.

  35. King Jericho

    No, no, no. TOTALLY different. One was basketball and one is football. TOTALLY different.

  36. keith

    jaybird..Auburn is just Starkville with an interstate running through it. Get over yourself.

    • Jaybird

      Keith..WRONG. I’m not speaking of the town only, but the entire package…town, stadium, facilities, returning starters on O, all of it. I will say that State does have a bunch of HOT COUNTRY GIRLS too.

  37. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I hate to say “I told you so” but those of you who read this blog regularly will recall that I predicted that nothing would happen to CamNewton or to Auburn. That said, the NCAA has effectively forfeited any basis for being considered a legitimate athletic governing body by its actions in this matter, not to mention the SEC. Let’s hope the FBI and the IRS are not as susceptible to bullshit.

  38. Irishdawg

    With Keith on this one. Once dated a girl from Opelika and we would go out in Auburn sometimes. Color me underwhelmed.

  39. CoachSpurlock

    Here is an interesting twist. According to the L.A. Times, USC plans to use this ruling to weasel their way out of their own NCAA trouble. They will claim that they didn’t know about the activities of Bush’s family members who received improper benefits. Sounds like they may have a case, huh?

    • gastr1

      Occurred to me right away…I would think they would have grounds to appeal. Plus, Lamer of course is not remotely above turning even the most far-flung pebble to get U of Spoiled Child off the hook.

  40. almightytmc1

    Wow. Just wow.
    This one got pushed under the rug before anyone knew about it.
    At Bama Julio, Dareus , and Harris took weeks after Bama self reported. AJ had to sit out long enough to have an negative effect on the Georgia. But let Auburn IGNORE the problem and the NCAA just expedites the matter for them. Nice assist there NCAA.
    So let me get this straight, The NCAA declared Newton ineligible just long enough to declare him eligible. Lickity fucking split. That quick. When is the last time the NCAA ever gave ANY FUCKING BODY that quick of a ruling? ONE FUCKING DAY?
    The NCAA are corrupt pathetic cheating bastards.
    Fuck the NCAA and thier double standards.
    Well luckily the FBI and others are still investigating.
    But a couple of questions stick out.
    So several of Auburn’s BOT and boosters are being investigated by the government for racketeering. Are we honestly expected to believe that if you are fixing elections, you are above paying for players? Bullshit.

    Ok so the NCAA admits that there was in fact a PFP scheme for Newton’s services. But they dont believe that Cecil would charge Auburn for Cam. WTF is up for that? Auburn’s money is just as green as MSU’s.

    Finally. Of course Cam didnt know. I mean come on!!!!! Cecil is only HIS FUCKING FATHER. Cam woulnt have noticed that the church was suddenly back in the black. Cam wouldnt have noticed that his Daddy got a new truck. Cam wouldnt have noticed any of that shit. Because apparently all of Cam’s motives are ethical. Except for the laptop thing, and the rumored academic issues and of course.the 12 traffic tickets……..
    Somebody needs to be suing the NCAA.

    • King Jericho


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Plus the “money” comment made by Cam. Anybody who thinks Cam didn’t know is FOS. If and when it surfaces that Auburn paid the Newtons to get Cam signed the NCAA is really going to have egg on its face–even more than now.

  41. Ausdawg85

    Poor Cam….really. His own daddy (a pastor!) sells his son with NO intention of sharing the money (this is true, or else Cammy would have known about the PFP deal, right?). No wonder he stole a laptop…look at his “role model”.

    I’ll buy the Cam is a victim story line right up to the moment when he gives Pops a big ‘ol hug and cries with him on stage when he gets the Heisman. Reconciliation story of the year I’ll guess.

  42. almightytmc1

    I was reading that Haden and USC are going to adress this during the appeal next month.
    I would like to see how the NCAA tries to side step this one.


  43. TennesseeDawg

    It’ pandalerium at Auburn!