If you’re looking for something to discuss…

this just popped up on the radar screen:


UPDATE: Official announcement of “some administrative re-organization” of the football program coming later today, per Claude Felton.


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  1. Mark Badley


  2. jermaine's dye

    Wondering if this guy is looking for a change in scenery…


  3. Gen. Stoopnagle

    Kelin needs to lay off that tree while twittering.

  4. DawgPhan

    So did he get canned or on to greener pastures?

    Must say that I am looking forward to some changes in the weight room.

  5. BCDawg97

    Joe T is the new SC coach with John Kasay as assistant. Not interim

  6. DawgPhan

    WTF? ugh. I doubt watching 300 and independence day mashups is going to make our team better in the weight room.

  7. Dog in Fla

    It won’t be exactly like conditioning the Afghanis. The administratively reorganized new guy in charge of side-straddle hops should have an easier time than this:

  8. Keese

    Tereshinski, really?!

  9. jermaine's dye

    If these reports are true, this move seems to speak of a certain lack of imagination.

    Plus, it sucks.

    • DawgPhan

      With the proliferation of private S&C “camps” across the country there are plenty of people who’s business is directly tied to their results @ combines and on the field. Certainly someone from that arena would be have better qualifications than “well he was the assistant” and “he just retired and he used to work for Dooley”.

    • Will (the other one)

      And wasn’t JTII the S&C under Donnan, when we were as bad, if not worse in S&C than now?

  10. Dumb Georgia Fan

    We should get Bama’s S&C coach. THAT’S a team that really knows how to finish games!

    (is handed Bama’s results this year)

    Um, hire Gruden?

  11. PauldingDawg323

    We should have hired Tony Horton.

  12. thewhiteshark

    I’ve heard he has been sick too. Don’t know if he’s being forced out or is resigning voluntarily. Never much bought into the S&C argument as the problem. Get people off the field on third down and you’ll get a break. Some depth would help too.

  13. The Sternkid

    Great. Two 50+ year old men teaching our boys how to get strong. Way to take an opportunity and turn it into another reason for the fanbase to piss and moan.

    It pains me to say it delegates of Blutarsky, but to kill something you must first cut off the head.

    • Will (the other one)

      At the very least, you don’t replace one “three sets of 10” guy with two “3 sets of 10” guys.

      So much for those visions of hiring an assistant S&C guy from Flowery Branch to bring in heart monitors and change things up…

      • DawgPhan

        I know…how much do you love hearing about all the new and innovative things going on in Flowery Branch and then see that UGA just hired Jack LaLanne will be boxing kangaroos all off season.

      • GreenDawg

        Anybody with a biology degree can attend a conference and bring back a workout plan. What we need is a high energy guy that motivates the boys and makes sure they bust their tails through the spring and summer in the weight room. Someone who is in their ear all the time about how Fairley whipped their butts up and down the field. I don’t think we got that with these two moves. Hell, I think I would have been happier if they had hired my old high school football coach. Ex-Olympic lifter with a masters in biology. As far as I’m concerned that’s better credentials than these guys bring in.

        • sUGArdaddy

          Brother, if you knew anything about Joe T, you’d know that’s exactly what we got. He’s crazy and nutty, but Joe T has been the only motivator in that building since the day Erskine Russell moved to Statesboro.

          • The Sternkid

            And therein lies the problem, ‘since the day Erk Russell moved to Statesboro’. He was probably there to help him pack his cave.

            The man is 55 years old and has been in this broken system. Cochran @ Alabama is 31. Who do you think has their pulse on strength and fitness?

            • sUGArdaddy

              Well, that wasn’t GreenDawg’s argument. He said he wanted someone to motivate them and whip them into shape. I can assure you that there is not another person on the planet that bleeds red and black and is a motivater like Joe T. Will he have the science behind it? Who knows?

              I can tell you that he developed UGA’s video system into one of the most hi-tech and front-running shops in all of college football. Video is actually one of areas of college football that requires people to keep up w/ the latest technological developments. Our video department is as good as it gets. Just recently we upgraded everything to Mac and every coach has a macbook and iPads to take the film w/ them where ever they go. So…I’m just saying don’t assume.

              I have more questions about Kasay. But what do we know. Maybe this is just interim. Maybe Richt knows something we don’t. The truth is, we just don’t know. I know we need to get better and stronger. To believe that we’ve used outdated exercises and antiquaited programs the last few years is crazy. What I do believe we’ve lacked is fire. Joe T will have plenty of assistants to keep up w/ the science of it all. Whether his tactics and motivation will work will only be evident about this time next year.

              Richt’s trying to fix it…and he’ll be the one to reap the benefits or fall on the sword if it doesn’t work.

              • GreenDawg

                Admittedly, the only thing I know about Joe T is what I’ve read in other’s comments. Probably not the best of sources. But if you say he’s got some fire then I’ll believe you. I think that’s what it really takes to run a good S&C program. The nuts and bolts of it can be learned and you can always bring in assistants for that part of it. Maybe that’s Kasay’s job?

                • John

                  So if I made up some story about how my neighbor played under Joe T. when he was S&C coach and said he was the worst motivator ever, you would believe that too?

                  • GreenDawg

                    No, but sUGArdaddy has been around this program a lot longer than I have, and generally knows what he’s talking about. So something as trivial as this? Sure, I’ll believe him.

                    • sUGArdaddy

                      Very kind of you GreenDawg. I can assure you motivation won’t be T’s problem, if there is one. I don’t know. I just get tired of everyone jumping to conclusions when we don’t know. I do know Joe T, and he will be in those guys’ faces every day reminding them of losing in Jax.

                      The question is will we be doing the right exercises? I don’t know…getting stronger is getting stronger. Is it the right hire? I don’t know? But I know we don’t know that it’s wrong until we see the result. Will we get stronger? I don’t know. But I know if we rush for 278 yards against Floriday and win, I’ll think we have. And all I really care about is winning. At least we’re trying something.

                    • gastr1

                      Other blogs have confirmed sUGArdaddy’s take, that JTII is an uber-motivator and will get that part of it done without doubt.

  14. Bad M

    Never understood the point of the Mat Drill anyway. They keep doing each station until they get it right? If they do it right the first time-maybe they aren’t getting a full workout (if the next guy has to do it 5-10 times, how is one time good enough)? If they can’t do it right for a while-there’s a point you are over doing it. Seems like a rare case where you actually work them right to the edge, but not to far so they can recover. That’s why the heart monitors and the rest of it sounds like a great idea.

    • fuelk2

      Not disagreeing that we need change, but my understanding is that mat drills are as much of an intense team building exercise as anything.

  15. flukebucket

    Jack LaLane, Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree..damn I love this blog.

  16. heyberto

    Coach Van was a great S&C coach.. not sure what happened with his ability to push the guys and just run that program, but I’ve spoken to him and the guy was great to talk to and really seemed to interject a lot of excitement. I hope that Coach T managed to learn a thing or two from Coach Van about how to run such a program.

  17. Go Dawgs!

    Jesus. Is Richt just allergic to making moves that will energize and inspire this fan base?

    • Griff

      No, but speaking of Jesus, I think Richt could hire him and people would still whine.

      • Go Dawgs!

        When I see linemen getting pushed around on the field and corners getting pushed around on the field, and I see a lot of our players without the ability to push anyone around, and then I see one of the men who was already in the room trying to strengthen them elevated to the top of the strength program, yeah… I whine.

        • Will (the other one)

          It reminds of the Hawks firing their coach, and then hiring his assistant as the new HC.
          Sure, we could wind up changing our approach to nutrition and workouts, but wouldn’t it be better to get a totally new approach from outside the program?
          We couldn’t move Tech’s lines around this year, and that’s bad.

      • jermaine's dye

        Eh. I hear his nutritional emphasis with locally grown fish and organic loaves leaves a lot to be desired. Also lacks basic understanding of hydration: water is > wine.

        That said, his cardiovascular endurance, pain threshold, and capacity to motivate 11 men (1 notable exception) is unquestioned.

      • Dog in Fla

        Jesus. Already submitted job app but passed over and never even got pre-screened for an interview. While Mexican citizens with a job offer in one of the professions listed in NAFTA may be eligible for a TN visa, UGA S&C was not one of those professions.

        • Dawgfan17

          No Jesus was passed over because the fan base said he didn’t get emotional enough and wouldn’t get in the players faces enough. He is not a yeller and as we all know yelling and screaming is the only way to motivate anyone. As for Fairly kicking our lines butt this year, I believe he did the same thing the almightly AL team who has the greatest S&C coach in the history of the world, even better than the guy who was the S&C coach for the Spartans that made the 300 guys so awesome it took one of the largest armies in history to dislodge them.

          • Russell

            Not emotional ? Not a yeller?
            29Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous,

            30And say, If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets.

            31Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets.

            32Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers.

            33Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?

          • Dog in Fla

            Yelling and screaming motivate even better in a health care public service announcement.

            • siskey

              I think this guy is a good coach but his fake “Drill Instructor” persona probably misses as much as it hits. Nobody really talks that way.

              • gastr1


                How stupid do you have to be to actually be motivated by that to do anything other than back.. away… slowly?

  18. Steroid Pusher

    I have a solution….

  19. Dog in Fla

    It’s Go Time! Georgia’s new and exciting Strength and Conditioning Team of Program Leaders are rumored to have trained with Izzy Mandelbaum

  20. Derek

    Surely R. Lee Ermey was available.

  21. mant

    I have seen the word “interim” pop up on a few boards in regards to this move. I really hope that is the case…..

    • Will (the other one)

      Me too, provided it’s “interim until we hire someone new” not “interim until DVH comes back from sabbatical”.

  22. gatriguy

    Prior to DVH, it was Eric Fears, who was a GIGANTIC step up from Goff’s S&C guy….John Kasey. Richt just doesn’t get it. This was really his opportunity to change the culture of the program by bringing in a hardass and giving him full rein. Instead, he keeps on with his union shop mentality. This might be the move that firmly places me in the “It’s been long enough” camp.

  23. David

    How about Ah-nold?


    • dawgdayafternoon

      Pretty sure that would be a lateral move, however, the grass is always greener on the other side of the cesspool.

  24. Biggity Ben

    I just want to play devil’s advocate here a bit. Everyone keeps mentioning that we keep getting ‘blown’ off the lines. I don’t disagree with that. I just wonder how much of that is S&C and how much of it is piss poor coaching.

    Also, I didn’t see if this was addressed, but I noticed someone say somewhere that we ‘looked tired’ at the end of the GT game. Didn’t their offense run 90 some odd plays? I would think anyone, whether they are from Bama/Auburn/LSU/FLA, would be exhausted after that. I’m exhausted just typing it.

    Either way, I’m kinda with everyone else is in thinking that even SGT Slaughter would have been a better hire than this. I guess time will tell.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Don’t try and use logic when analyzing our program.

      Clearly, CLEARLY it was Brian Van Gorder’s coaching and pre hear attack Dave Van Halenger strengh and conditioning that made Tim Jennings (2 stars), Odell Thurman (3 stars), Dave Pollock (3 stars) and Thomas Davis (3 stars) into all SEC/early NFL draft picks.

      The fact that Reshad Jones (5 stars), Rod Battle (4 stars), Akeem Hebron (5 stars) and Brandon Miller (5 stars) were disappointments is cuz Willie is a jerk and Van Halenger forgot how to tell guys how many squats to do.

      Poor scouting and recruiting has nothing to do with it.

    • Go Dawgs!

      Well, I’ll be very fair, the defenders being tired at the end of the Tech game isn’t on the S&C staff. Not only did Tech run 90 plays on offense, but UGA also was only rotating in like, 13 or 14 players. They had to be gassed.

      The bigger issue might be the fact that Tech got to run those 90 plays because their lines and receivers were blocking our guys all the way down the field…

  25. If I’m not mistaken…this guy was available. Can you imagine if Ben Jones would have thrown Fairley into the Camel Clutch?

  26. Normaltown Mike

    I think if we want to be the man, we gotta beat the man. And the only man that can teach a man how to be the man that can beat the man, well you tell me, is he a fit?

  27. Dawgfan Will

    Wow. All you guys who are shitting on Richt’s decision before next season even starts be sure to wipe when you finish.

  28. These comments have all been no-wipers, with the exception of your little blood clot.

  29. Why does Richt insist on incestuous hires?

    Why is he so averse to combing the country for the best man available?

    Why can’t VanHal just be fired for christ sakes for poor job performance. Why does he get some kind of bullshit job that just wastes our donations and GA taxpayer money?

  30. Loincloth

    Richt is a thief. He is paid to produce the best team possible, not satisfy his needs to promote and/or refuse to fire friends. This is a disgrace. He is not even trying anymore. Either that, or he is just too stupid to learn from his past mistakes. Desperate, with his back against the wall, and this is his big move? Does he realize he is going to fired after next year? Is he really as clueless as he seems?

  31. Bort

    We could just hire Ranier Wolfcastle to shout slogans at us.

    Push! Harder! Go past the max! Reach over the top! Master your ass!