Thursday morning buffet

Cecil Newton wanted his buffet comped.  Mike Slive didn’t have a problem with it.

  • Paul Myerberg has a very nice obit for one of the touchstone games of my life, Oklahoma and Nebraska.  There’s just something not right about its demise.
  • Another year, another recruiting class, another math problem for Nick Saban.  Nothing he can’t handle, though.
  • Like I said, Jon Gruden to Da ‘U is a pipe dream.  His heart in in the pros.
  • Which means they’re starting to freak out in Starkville.
  • Bill Buckner, Kyle Brotzman and Boise, Idaho.  Small world, ain’t it?
  • Paul has some thoughts about Aaron Murray’s remarkable freshman season.
  • Local teams are good business for lesser bowls.
  • More angst from Gainesville.  Good.
  • Pretty hypocritical call by Virginia Tech here.  And a very good point about how blurred the lines have become between traditional media and new media.
  • Heisman Pundit shovels a little dirt on the grave of the I-formation, pro-style passer.
  • Junior expresses admiration for Bruce Pearl’s intellect:  “Bruce is really smart,” Kiffin says. “I can understand why he wouldn’t want to talk about not being able to coach and violations, so he mentions Lane Kiffin. And everyone claps.”


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14 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Not much difference between Lane and Pearl except that Lane’s wife is hotter.


  2. mwo

    Mike Slive has got to be one of the most powerful men in the world. Any time a team in his conference has a shot at the BCS title, they are immediately teflon coated. This Newton fiasco is just the latest in a series of weird coincidences. Arkansas at Florida last year-bad calls kept Florida undefeated. LSU and Bama- the interception that wasn’t. I don’t consider myself one of those grassy knoll guys, but this doesn’t smell right to me. Newton gets deemed ineligible 36 hours after the biggest game of the season so far? Was he not ineligible at the close of business Friday? I guess maybe mt hatred for AU is showing through. It just doesn’t seem right-Newton gets nothing from the NCAA, and A.J. gets 4 games for selling a jersey. My season in hell continues.


  3. HVL Dawg

    Slive is just doing his job. His job is not to be fair. His job is to be a biased advocate for the SEC. He sits in his office during the early season and waits for a storyline to get started then he gets in motion and makes sure the story ends with an SEC Heisman and MNC.

    If he is sucessful every school gets paid. Think that will make McGarity happy as he’s looking for a couple extra million for coach contract buyouts and for a few Fla Internationals ? After McGarity gets his happy money, Slive gets a nice bonus.

    What do you think Slive is supposed to be working on- women’s soccer?


  4. mwo

    I never thought of it that way before-but it does make perfect sense. Looking at it that way I can say he has done his job very well. He certainly has taken care of the teams that bring in the money to the conference.


    • Macallanlover

      Not to be silly about this, so an employee of a drug cartel spreading poison throughout our society should be patted on the back and considered for “man of the year” type awards? Isn’t there a need for Slime to increase the revenues ethically, and within the rules? Otherwise why not just counterfeit money and pass it to the member schools, so long as your pals at the NCAA are willing to stand with you? Sorry, but there is a terrible stench surrounding this, and the embarrassing thing is the way it was fed to us. Take this sheep….and like it!


      • HVL Dawg

        I guess my point is that Slime is accountable to someone, I’m not sure if the accounability goes to the school’s ADs or to the Presidents. But he IS accountable to a group small enough to get a conference call together and tell him he need to fix something. But that’s not going to happen; is it?


        • Macallanlover

          I think he is definitely accountable to the Presidents and no, it isn’t. Slive has made his bed in a very public way, there is no way to back off this. There may be a conference call between several of the SEC President’s (Aubie excluded) because when this blows up, they are going to get painted with that stinky brush. The SEC and the NCAA have to come out of this looking like fools. An extra million for each isn’t worth that embarrassment, chump change for the collective worth of these programs. They shouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice the greedy Yank.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Proly a dumb move by the Hokies, but may they read his “writing”.

    “Media dynamics have changed profoundly in recent years, as the Internet’s become a new…”


  6. Bryant Denny

    Senator, did you miss the WSJ article re: Saban over the weekend?

    An interesting thing about the Bama numbers situation (I didn’t read you link) is that I think all involved were expecting a better season from some of the juniors with the anticipation that they would go ahead and leave. That didn’t happen for some, or now there is some doubt about them leaving.

    Like you said above, though, I think Nick can handle it. 🙂



  7. Go Dawgs!

    Virginia Tech’s administration needs to pull their collective head out of their collective ass. Good for the Purdue site for pointing out the deep hypocrisy of allowing ESPN in when they’re now trying to corner the market on recruiting coverage (they put recruiting updates on the Bottom Line now, for crying out loud), but also pointing out that every newspaper in attendance at the game allows anonymous commenting on their web pages. Have you been to a newspaper’s online forum lately? Most of the ones I’ve visited are worse than YouTube comments sections. So screw you, Virginia Tech. We’re sorry that Rivals hurt your feelings at some point. My only real regret is that the Purdue site couldn’t get that message published on a front page of a print paper somewhere so that you’d actually have the ability to read it. I mean, seriously, you’re a Tech school, and yet you’re trying to shut out the internet. BRILLIANT!!!


  8. Bulldog Joe

    Oversigning and medical hardship scholarship abuse is as big of an advantage as paying players.

    Those who are the most creative win the games and everyone collects the money.

    Those foolish enough to support this farce are the suckers.


    • Bryant Denny

      C’mon Joe. 🙂


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Looking at these numbers it appears that UGA has had almost 50 fewer signees over the studied period than Auburn, the leader in signings, and 63 for UGA versus 89 for Auburn (a shortfall of26) in the last 3 years alone. Of course Auburn has a player advantage! The War Eagles have more scholarship quality football players signed than UGA. This is the worst indictment yet of Richt that I have seen. He is not attending to the basic recruiting requirements necessary for UGA to be competitive.