A magical night

I can’t figure out which qualifies as the weirder sight:  Steve Spurrier electing to kick a field goal down by 35, or an actual crowd in the stands for an ACC Championship Game.

Seriously, is the SEC East wide open next year, or what?


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  1. Camnewtondrinkinggame

    Cam Newton drinking game earlier today – took a drink every time Verne called Cam’s name – two drinks every time they called him Cameron (a la Barhart). Also 3 drinks every time they showed Spurrier on camera with the constipated look on his face. Man I’m blitzed…

  2. dudetheplayer

    USCe worries me a lot with Jeffery, Lattimore, and Garcia all returning next season. It seems like Garcia has been in school for like 7 years.

    If we start off 0-2 next year, the wheels could come off in a hurry…

    • Brah

      I dunno brah, there’s talk of the fifty year storm being due fall 2011.

      No way Garcia bags that for a football season.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      South Carolina really wasn’t that good this year. The SECCG exposed them for all to see. Auburn hangs half a hundred + on them in prime time. Their only real claim to fame was beating Bama and their QB and RB both had career days against Bama and Bama had an off day. Plus, that old favorite thing of SOS, the infamous “open date,” reared its ugly head and gave the ‘Cocks just the advantage over the Tide the ‘Cocks needed. That is the real reason the chickens won the East–that and the fact that everybody else in the SEC East had a down year. When you analyze it, their QB is only slightly better that an average SEC QB, the Lattimore kid is their real offense (without him running effectively there is no passing game) and they only have 1 good receiver. They have a decent, albeit mediocre, defense. This year was a fluke. Next year look for them to fall back to earth with a thud. If they lose the bowl (which I sincerely hope) they will end up with 5 losses–and THAT was their all-time best SEC season? Gimme a break.

      • JaxDawg

        wrong mayor – a few points:
        (1) Jeffrey is arguably the best receiver in the sec as a soph. yes, that includes AJ. He’s certainly not their only receiving option – and all will return.
        (2) Garcia is better than avg and is actually very good when he doesn’t force things. Although he’ll never be as good as Murray.
        (3) Ellis Johnson’s D led the SEC in sacks and was the best against the run. Most return next year.
        (4) Lattimore will be better.
        (5) Most of their OL returns.

        You should check their roster and 2001 schedule as I have. USc will be the fav to win the east next year and deservedly so.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          (1) Jeffrey is the 1 good receiver I was talking about–but even a shitty team can have 1 good receiver (see UGA/AJ Green); (2) Garcia sure looked good last night, didn’t he? (3) The Ellis Johnson D sure stopped the run well last night, didn’t it? (4) The chickens will run Lattimore into the ground. How many games can anybody play without getting hurt when he gets 40+ touches per game? Without him running, they have no passing game; (5) Most of the UGA O-line returned this season. How well did that work out for the Dawgs? As you suggested I have checked their 2011 schedule. The chickens play at UGA, at UT, at Miss State and at Arkansas. They also play FLA (who WILL be better than this year) and Auburn in Columbia. I see at least 4 conference losses, maybe more, in that group. Maybe you are right, though. As shitty as the SEC East teams were this year 4-4 in the conference might be good enough to win the East next year–and get the chickens into another SECCG where LSU or Bama can lay 56 points on them.

      • Biggus Rickus

        Their receiving corps is solid beyond Jeffrey. I agree with your assessment of Garcia. He is capable of looking great at times, but he’s still a head case, as evidenced by his terrible game last night. Their defense will be solid and Lattimore is obviously good. They’ll still lose three or more games again next year and that won’t be enough to win East again.

  3. WFdawg

    If any team ever gave a participation ribbon effort, it was SC today. Ugh.

  4. The Realist

    I’d like to think Georgia has a shot in a wide-open East, but I can’t think of any bright spots to build on from this season. Losing (potentially) the best player on either side of the ball and experience on the o-line…

    Did anyone notice there is only one fullback on the roster next year? How will Bobo call the throwback FB screen?

  5. ChicagoDawg

    I have seen SOS kick meaningless FGs before when he is on the bad side blowout games. I guess it is some pointless, yet higher percentage, attempt to narrow the point differential (or throw up some points for his offense).

  6. Scott W.

    It’s basically a Hokie home game though.

  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The thing that bothered me the most was the shameless and incessant huckstering for Newton to get the Heisman by the commentators at the SECCG. There are other players who are having really good seasons on teams that are having really good seasons (Moore of Boise State, for example) but the TV shills seem not to be willing to acknowledge that they even exist. How about the Heisman voters making a decision themselves rather than based on what Verne Lundquist and company tell them to do, eh? Also, after all the dust has settled and “Cammie” is safely in the NFL it will come out that Auburn coughed up $200,000 to get him signed. That is the only thing that makes sense given his unguarded “the money was too big” comment about why he did not go to MSU. When that happens somebody in the media needs to call these guys out for their actions and, I hope, end their careers. Are you listening Tony Barnhart?

    • ChicagoDawg

      Tony is listening, but the sound is really muffled from where he has his head placed.

    • Mayor, he’s the Heisman winner. Who you kidding here?

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        So was Reggis Bush. Both cut from the same bolt of cloth. Both an embarrassment to college athletics.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        I really hope, now, that nothing is ever proven against Newton. Because if he is found to have gotten paid he will be the biggest, phoniest lying piece of dung that ever played in the SEC.

        If all that smarmy smiling and playing to the Aul In folks turns out to be just a carefully crafted cover for a larcenous heart, it will depress me no end, and put Newton in the same category as re-born Mike Vick The Dog Lover.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          SJ, get ready for disappointment.

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            Shit, Mayor, I am always prepared for disppointment….I are a Dawg fan.

            Sorry, I am not really that negative, just could not pass it up.

            BTW watched the 81 Sugar Bowl….Notre Dame’s offensive line was huge, just huge, they averaged 245.

            Ours averaged about 230.

            That 34 dude was as big as two of the offensive tackles, and some faster.

            Man, those little guys could play them some defense.

  8. Russell

    If we beat sc next year it will be an upset. I think I’m going to be sick.

  9. siskey

    I agree with Senator. He has totally dominated the SEC this year and has not had a game where he was’nt the best player on the field. I doubt it will be the most lopsided vote ever because of the off field stuff , but it should be. Auburn without Cam would probably have the same record that we do. With him they will probably be 6-7 point favorites against Oregon.

  10. BulldogBen

    USC should favored to win the East next year. Nothing I can see makes me think UGA will be much better next year. Maybe the ball bounces our way in a game or two but we lose too much and are too unproven. Only silver lining I found in this terrible “Championship Saturday” is that Auburn was 5-7 a mere 2 years ago.


  11. This is John Galt speaking....

    Too many years of accepting average performance of our coaches and players have left us in an unknown wilderness of mediocrity with no compass. You have to hand it to auburn, as much as they disgust me, they truly have gone all out and will likely reap the rewards with no penalty

  12. Greg

    If we beat Boise, we’ll be favored by a few points to beat SC. Conference road games are at Tennessee, Ole Miss, Vandy and Kentucky…combined SEC record of those teams this year was 7 wins and 25 losses.

    • Bob

      Don’t forget Florida. Oh yeah, I forgot. That is a “neutral site” game. LOL

    • Bob

      UK is in Athens.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        The UGA-FLA game is a”home” game for FLA next year. Hence UGA gets 4 SEC games in Athens in ’11 which are South Carolina, Miss State, Auburn and UK. The road schedule is UT, Ole Miss, Vandy and FLA in Jax.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Finishing the thought from above: I don’t see UT, Ole Miss or Vandy being improved much next year from from where they were this year. 3 Dawg wins there. Auburn will be decimated by graduation. Dawgs win. UK is well…UK. Dawgs win. The Miss State, South Carolina and Florida games are going to determine if UGA wins any conference titles next year or not. I expect Florida to be back to full strength by next year and for South Carolina to regress to the mean. Miss State may just be the class of the SEC West next year, though. Of course, there are 2 walkover games plus Tech and Boise. This is a great schedule for UGA. Let’s hope we can take advantage of it.

  13. JaxDawg

    There wasn’t a damn thing “magical” about last night. Gross ass cheating AU won in a blowout and everyone other than gross ass AU fans wanted to see them lose. F Auburn. Florida is my most hated school due to their arrogance and self-entitled birthright to win, but at least they’ve spent the last 20 years doing it without morally, ethically, and mentally challenged Juco transfers, and have not once (to my knowledge) sniffed an NCAA investigation (not so before Spurrier). AU, on the other hand, can’t seem to shake the 100 year tradition of cheating to win and making a living giving semi-retarded guys like Kenny Irons, Rudi Johnson, and Nick Fairley second chances b/c no one at AU gives a shit about doing it right. All they care about is “all in”. Well, I hope that “all in” turns into “all the way up their asses” after the formal investigation is complete.

    Watching Chizik speed chew gum and speed robot talk makes me want to scream at the world for allowing such a stupid, meathead coachbot to football anywhere other than Iowa. What a complete and utter meatstick.
    Not to mention he played at, yep, Florida.

    May the best team money can buy lose the title game. I hate pulling against the SEC but this AU program is beyond tolerance. Their blatant disregard for honor combined with embracing the SMU model is just too much for me.

    • Jax, cut your sarcasm meter on.😉

      • JaxDawg

        no problem boss, but my mood omits it at the moment.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Chizik played at Florida under Charlie Pell, the cheatinest SOB who ever blew a whistle and Galen Hall, a decent guy who had to swim in the sewage that Pell created. If there is anybody out there that doesn’t believe that Chizik was not up to his eyeballs in the Newton pay to play thing………PS. Don’t hate pulling against our enemies. Auburn winning the BCSNC does UGA absolutely no good.

  14. Hogbody Spradlin

    As I expected, losing badly brought out the gracious side of Steve Spurrier. The few times I have seen his teams get smeared, he has been a stand up guy with no whining.

    On the one hand Cam Newton could use a little humility. On the other hand he’s riding a whirlwhind. I guess modesty is passe. No offense intended to anyone, but it bugs me a little when people at the center of controversy pull out the G_d card in their interviews, but that’s his family business too.

    • JaxDawg

      Spurrier has always been OK in my book b/c of exactly what you say. He’s been on the winning side more often than not but when he’s not, he is as humble a coach as you’ll find. I love the fact that he will say “we got our asses whipped and deservedly so” as quick as he will chastise the incompetence of another coach/program.

      The problem folks have with Orr is that he lost so few times in the 90’s that he never really had many chances to exhibit is gracious looser side.

  15. Spike

    I was pulling for the Cocks to win for a number of reasons.. ugh, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. But after a while it was enjoyable watching the Head Ball Coach getting his ass handed to him. Now he knows how it feels. And yea, what is up with the crowd at the ACC game.

  16. shane#1

    I always pull for the SEC teams, nay, Southern teams in their bowl games[even Tech, but don’t tell anybody]. However, I can’t get excited about Auburn this year. Maybe some of the old fire will come back at BCSNCG time, maybe not. NCAA impotence and media ass kissing have left me with a sour stomach and a feeling of, blah.

    • Biggus Rickus

      I never pull for a rival against anyone, but I’m not even going to feel smug about strength of conference if Auburn wins this year.

  17. 69Dawg

    The wheels of justice grind slowly but they grind to a powder. NCAA will have to act and act with great vengeance once the FBI investigation is made public. The national media will scream for justice just as loudly as they screamed for Cam once the facts are out. At least the NCAA gave the old we done at this time have any evidence. Slime at the SEC went all in with his cash cow and made an exception to a plainly stated rule.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I am hopeful that when all the facts are in, the presidents of the SEC member institutions will finally see Slime for what he is and fire the SOB. This could end up being the single most embarrassing sports scandal in the history of the SEC and maybe all of college football. And Slime ignors a clear rules violation and lets Auburn play the kid. Pathetic.

      • Phocion

        How is this worse than what Carroll and Bush did at USC? All of that was in as much plain sight as what the Newtons have done here. The only difference is that it happened to the media sainted Trojans so it got dismissed by the media and the NCAA for as long as they could.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I think you are right, but after it got highly publicized look what happened. Carroll is gone from USC (I don’t think that is a coincidence), the AD (Mike Garret) got fired, Bush gave back the Heisman and USC had to forfeit the BCSNC plus all the games it won. I still think as long as the FBI keeps digging on the tax fraud angle that the real, unvarnished truth will come out and then you’ll see a similar fate for those involved in the Camgate fiasco. Plus, Slime..er..Slive acted so transparently in this (obviously only after the $$) that he should get dragged down, too.