The NCAA’s brave new world

This marks the third major conference commissioner who’s expressed serious concerns about the NCAA’s ruling in Camgate.  I’m hard pressed to remember the last time a major ruling like that has garnered that sort of critical response.

I think there are several reasons for this.  First, there’s the strange way the NCAA went about its business here.  Paul Myerburg compares it with the quick ruling denying Arizona State’s bowl waiver request, and asks,

… I’m just confused as to why the N.C.A.A. has put its foot down so forcefully in this case while dragging its feet, making excuses and throughly embarrassing itself with the Newton investigation. Why take this simple matter — whether A.S.U. can participate in bowl play — so seriously while acting so wishy-washy on a far more meaningful matter occurring at the same time?

Even more damning,

… According to the N.C.A.A., each investigation into a player’s eligibility must be considered on its own: there is no black-and-white when it comes to a case like Newton’s, merely various shades of gray. In shutting down Arizona State’s bowl hopes, the N.C.A.A. is ignoring evidence that plays strongly in A.S.U.’s favor: the Sun Devils had scheduled San Jose State — yes, part of the F.B.S. — but the Spartans opted to drop that game in favor of a bigger payout in a trip to Wisconsin.

Without any F.B.S. options left to choose from, the Sun Devils had to add an F.C.S. team; that gave the program two F.C.S. foes on the schedule, as noted. Can Arizona State be held responsible for S.J.S.U. backing out of a contracted game? I wouldn’t think so.

The second issue is money.  Implicit in all the amateurism rulings which have roiled the college football waters this season is that the NCAA has established at the top of its hierarchy of sins the receipt of a tangible benefit.  Thus, because Cecil Newton didn’t receive a penny of the $180,000 he requested from MSU, Cam stayed in the clear; A.J. Green’s receipt of $1,000 for his jersey got him four games on the sidelines.  This is obviously the big issue, because it trumped one element common to both Green’s and Newton’s situations:  the lack of knowledge on the part of the school that any violation had occurred.

The problem is that there are people who are much, much smarter than and at least as motivated as than Cecil Newton out there who will find ways to exploit the system far more subtly than Cecil’s crude attempt.  If it took this long for the NCAA to get a handle on what happened in that hotel room in Starkville, good luck on figuring out what’s about to come down the turnpike.

And then there’s the lack of knowledge on the part of the player, in Cam’s case, as a mitigating factor.  Aside from the questionable assumption made there (anybody notice that Cam is still being kept away from the media, including Lundquist and Danielson this week, after being cleared to play?), the loophole the NCAA chose to open – and it was a choice – is both gaping and scary in its ramifications.


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28 responses to “The NCAA’s brave new world

  1. ChicagoDawg

    Noise…noise….noise. Can we not just put this behind us?

    The NCAA did the right thing here, the only thing they could have done. No inconsistencies here, just clear minded, deliberate, fair and judicious actions. If you don’t believe me, just ask bold thinkers and social commentators like Tony Barnhart, a cat who is not afraid to call bullshit on the NCAA and Slive when it is warranted.

    Move along Senator, move along.


  2. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    The NCAA, America’s FIFA.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    If Cam Newton is truly innocent and is now “cleared” by the NCAA, there is no reason to hold him back from the media. None at all.


  4. jermaine's dye

    Chicago is participating in the great Windy City tradition of Irony, Satire, humor.

    Of course, we can play that game down here to.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    The NCAA ruling on Newton is going to be like the Warren Commission report on the Kennedy assassination. Lots of influence by three wise monkey theorists. Ample fodder for Grassy Knoll theorists.


  6. aious

    It is only time before the NCAA suspends a player and the school goes public about how hypocritical they are being in suspending their guy but not Cam Newton

    Ncaa is setting themselves up for a future battle


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Seems like this is a refection on the times we live in. Whether it’s going to war or allowing a player to sidestep rules, there’s no rhyme or reason behind decisions handed down from above. We peons assume the right thing will be done, but that seems to be a thing of the past.


  8. Macallanlover

    I am all in favor of the outcry against the NCAA”s handling of Camgate (ditto SEC office), and feel they will have to reverse it once they get adequate cover to hide behind. But where was this outcry when the NCAA made such an inequitable ruling on AJ versus the Bammer DE? AJ’s violation was far less yet the penalty was double. Inexplicable, and that one is squarely on the NCAA, Slime didn’t imoact it at all.


    • Biggus Rickus

      Dareus could rat out other players. Green had no such luxury.


      • Macallanlover

        I agree he git favorable treatment for that, but since his behavior was far worse (and multiple), giving them both 2 games would have been favorable treatment. By giving AJ worse for less agregious actions, they showed they are still clueless and not worthy of respect. Punishment needs to be rationally, and consistently, administered.


  9. Allen

    GA wasn’t capable of making big money for the NCAA or the SEC , so jab them when their down. Bama at that time was ranked #1 and coming off Championship season. Auburn is now #1 and can give the SEC another championship so we need to cover for them. It;s always been about who;s making them thr most money, their all whores.


  10. Aubiece

    You dawgs just won’t let it go…
    AU kicked your ass, and you are still crying….
    Bad AU played Cam and the SEC and NCAA backed them up!!!
    Cry some more…


    • Dan Beebe makes four conference commissioners troubled by the call. They all Dawg fans, too?

      What are you doing here anyway? Your team just dominated the SECCG and will be in the title game. Shouldn’t you be out celebrating somewhere instead of hanging out at a Georgia blog? 😉


    • almightytmc1

      Hypocritical Auburn Scum.
      Here you are once again proving what a universal jackass you are. Trying to talk down about programs that have already been where you are going.
      When ou get a storied tradition like UGA or Bama, then come back until then you are a piss ant on the football horizon.
      You are a fraud, a counterfeit.
      Cam knew, Auburn knew. You are all just too damn sorry to do the right thing about it.
      I don’t care if Auburn wins the Super Bowl this year. Auburn University will still be shit beneath my shoes.


    • Macallanlover

      That is really, really sad. At a time when your program has just accomplished what all teams in the South aspire to, you need to come over and see if anyone notices. AU needs validation that you were a good puppy? You guys should be better than that. The little brother thing is not becoming.

      Or is it just incredible to you that you have gotten away with it? You do realize you haven’t don’t you? It is just an illusion, when it is all over and done you have traded your soul for a mirage. SC will be named SEC champs for 2010 when you have to vacate the title. Were you really dumb enough to think it would get passed over by the whole nation?


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Mac, I sincerely hope that you are wrong about that last thing you said. I think that Auburn will simply have to vacate the SEC title for 2010 and that there will be no 2010 champion. When you look at all the SEC West teams that were better than South Carolina but did not get to play in the SECCG it would seem rather unfair for South Carolina, a team that got beat by 39 points in the championship game, to be declared the SEC champion. I think LSU, Arkansas (who beat them by 3 tds in the regular season) , even Mississippi State kick South Carolina’s ass in that game. Plus, I’m betting Bama beats them easily in a second game. South Carolina got absolutely the most out of this season they could given what talent they have–a ticket to get waxed really badly on national TV. They deserve nothing more.


    • Typical Auburn Fan

      The NCAA ruled that Cam was ignorant, so he must have been.

      I also believe that OJ didn’t kill two people. Juries, like the NCAA, don’t make mistakes.