What’s it gonna take to put you in this scholarship today?

I tend to take articles like this with a grain of salt (you’re always going to be more complimentary about the school your kid signs with than any place else, right?), but Marcus Lattimore’s mom’s thoughts about Auburn’s Curtis Luper are pretty funny.


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  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Wonder how she would react to the Dream Team concept?

  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Since this post is recruiting-related, found this on Al.com.

    “Alabama also is waiting to hear whether Orlando-Dr. Phillips running back Dee Hart will de-commit from Michigan, possibly opening the way for the five-star back to commit to the Crimson Tide.”

    Figured it had some significance.

    • Bryant Denny

      Heard in the twitterverse that Hart will announce at the Army all star game. Heard a rumor that he’s being hold pending NFL labor issues. Bama is still sorting out the numbers.🙂

      FWIW, and I have no idea what I’m talking about, but I would bet on Crowell to UGA.

  3. gastr1

    Thanks for posting that, Senator. It is nice to for a moment be able to believe that there some people in CFB who do have their heads on straight–coaches, players, AND mommas.

  4. 69Dawg

    And she made the Ole Ball Coach dance with her. Gawd the things 60 year old men have to do to get some 18 year old to play a kids game for them. I think being a college head coach means you have to give up any shred of dignity you have.

    Just my opinion here but the big running back and maybe even the kid mentioned above will be at Bama. We now only get the BAMA and Florida left-overs.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I think its much worse than that. I think for out of state recruits we are now last choice among all schools in the SEC except Vandy and UK and for in state recuits we are behind Bama, Auburn, UT, South Carolina, Florida, FSU and any major program like Southern Cal that wants to troll our waters. We still have pretty good skill people (I question how mush longer that will last) but it is the basics (O-line, D-line, LBs and DBs) where we appear to be falling substantially behind.

      • know more

        These last two comments are way off. You guys know nothing of recruiting and you clearly haven’t been following this class.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Which class are you talking about–the as yet unsigned class that people are speculating will be signed and that the coaches are trying desperately to keep together in spite of what happened on the field this season? Or the class signed last year where the best prospects all bolted out of state and we ended up with only about 19 signees? The latter is the one I was talking about. Not wanting to dwell on the negative, but actually, in terms of the raw number of signees, the last 3 classes haven’t been so hot.

          • Normaltown Mike

            What Georgia product made the greatest impact as a freshman this yr? Darick? Markeith? hmmmmm.

            I know, he plays for Georgia and his name rhymes with “mogul ski”.

      • Scott

        Yeah, I think we should just disband the entire football program, since it is obvious that we will never sign a recruit higher than a 1-star of no-star ever again. Maybe we could still have an intramural flag football team….as long as everyone gets to participate.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          No. We just need a HC who is better at recruiting. Maybe CMR will still wake up and be that guy, but I doubt it.

  5. The Rodfather

    Sometimes it just takes a good closer.

  6. Alan


    I really enjoy this blog – your insight and wit is unmatched (although David Hale was close). Thanks for doing what you do.
    I’d also like to hear your thoughts on an All-SEC ballot.


  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Somebody send CMR and CMB tickets to all the remaining Falcons games. Maybe they can learn how to finish games so that you WIN them instead of the other way around.

  8. Jerry Lundegaard

    That scholarship comes from straight from the NCAA.

    But seeing as its special circumstances, Coach said I can throw in a church remodel.

  9. dudetheplayer

    Reading that makes me hope someone outside of the SEC offers Malzahn a head coaching gig very, very soon…

  10. almightytmc1

    Whats it gonna take there Gus.?
    You know when I saw you I said to myself “that guy LOOKS like a Gus,” so any way whats it gonna take to get you to come to work for us. Now remember be reasonable. We are not rich but we do have some good extras to add into the package… “Wink wink”
    Gus: Well, let’s see. The offensive line and the leading scorer will be gone, I will have to listen to that moron Chizik gloat about how he went from 5-19 to the Hall of Fame, Ted Roof will still think his flatulence is funny and Pat Dye will still insist I call him “Sir”. And well, lets be honest Auburn is going to be a 5-7 team at best……….

    • Normaltown Mike


      Gus is a fool if he doesn’t strike while the iron’s hot.

      With the players he could get at the Pooh, he’d be a machine.

  11. FisheriesDawg

    This is funny, considering the widespread (and, admittedly, totally unsubstantiated) rumors that it was going to take a lot of cash to get Lattimore regardless of the school. I remember hearing through the back channels that we had backed off recruiting him some because we weren’t going to get into a bidding war with South Carolina and Auburn.

    Reading this, perhaps that isn’t true, but I’m not sure why the rumor would have made it to the source I heard it from if it was made up. If Marcus did get paid and his mom still went along with this article, she’s one of the most horrible people in the state of South Carolina.