Something I don’t get.

It’s weird, all those teams out there looking for an offensive coordinator, and there’s a perfectly serviceable one likely to be unemployed shortly, Vanderbilt’s Herb Hand.  Check out the résumé:  worked for RichRod at West Virginia, had his brain regularly picked by Chip Kelly and taught Gus Malzahn more than a few things about the spread option.

Yet you aren’t hearing anything about him as a target for hire.  (Meanwhile, Texas is rumored to be going after Boise State’s OC and half the schools in the country are chasing Dana Holgorsen.)  Like I said, strange…


UPDATE: Here’s a hiring suggestion from Paul Myerberg.



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  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    It is probably not as strange as it appears to be. He was OC at Vandy.

    If you had an option to hire a guy like Holgerson, whose teams certainly can score, or Malzahn, whose team is playing for a national championship, granted with Newton, but still, or the guy who masterminded Vandy’s offense, which would you, say you are Mack the Knife Brown, hire to both improve the offense and quiet the Will Witherspoon Now, Not Later contingent in your fan base?


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Did I type Witherspoon? Yikes, maybe I better get back on those nicotine patches….course you all knew I meant Muschamp, right?


    • ThePetis

      Mike Belotti hired Chip Kelly from Division III. I’m sure he had some similar choices, but that seemed to work well for him, don’t you think?


  2. DawgPhan

    Why is the Falcons linebacker in line for the Head Texas gig?


    or you could stop worrying about winning the presser and go get the right guy.


  3. Gen. Stoopnagle

    He obviously doesn’t have the right friend(s).

    It won’t bother me when Gustav moves on from the plains, but they are All Cam. Gustav isn’t nearly as brilliant as everyone makes him out to be. Jimmies and Joes, people.


    • gernblanski

      True Malzahn has benefitted from the incredible season of Cam Newton, but let’s not dismiss Malzahn’s abilities either.

      After leaving Arkansas, his offense led the nation in total yards per game in his one season at Tulsa. Plus he made Chris Todd the 18th ranked qb in the nation in his first year at Auburn.

      Lest we forget, UF had moved Newton down the depth chart behind Brantley before he left Florida. Everyone was expecting Newton to be more of a running qb than Tebow this season. If anything, Malzahn has turned him into a good to very good collegiate passer and a possible 1st round pick in a little less than a year of work.

      His offensive philosophy is spread based, but with more balance than say RichRod, Urban, or Leach. I think as long as he is at Auburn their offense will be dangerous.


      • Normaltown Mike


        He also developed the Wild Cat at Ark b/c of the talent of RUN DMC. Like all great play callers, he senses what his opponent is doing and calls plays based on what his tendency is and what he guesses his opponent will run based on that tendency. Its partly luck but there is a binary nature of choosing probabilty of surprise and execution in a given situation.

        Hold your nose but CPJ is actually good at this (except when he trails late in the game). Friedgen used to do this well at Tech. Not to be Debbie Downer, but I don’t think CMR ever learned this b/c FSU was so superior to the crappy ACC in the 90’s.


        • Gen. Stoopnagle

          That’s what has bothered me about Richt. I’m always suspicious that a significant component of our strategy is to “out athlete” the other team.


  4. 69Dawg

    I also notice that there was not a ground swell of interest in Mr. Bobo.


    • Rick

      Because OCs at his level seldom make lateral moves. Until AU is staring down the barrel of probation, Malzahn’s next move is to HC.


      • GreenDawg

        OC at big programs don’t make lateral moves unless there is big money involved. I think Bobo is a fine OC, but not good enough to warrant a huge paycheck. So, for better or for worse, we’ve got Bobo until he gets fired or someone sees fit to offer him a head coaching gig. (For the record, I don’t see that happening any time soon.)


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Malzahn definitely needs to GTF out of there while he can, preferably as HC someplace, get out while the getting out is still good.


  5. Erked Russell

    Yeah, why isn’t any one intersted in Bobo? I hear his O scored 30 or more points his last 7 games! Should be a sure thing for someone.


    • Will (the other one)

      Seems like they’d prefer to go after the ones that averaged 40+ for an entire season…

      “But 30 points should be enough to win every game!” crowd doesn’t get that.


  6. Dawg

    Will Mr Hand allow pizza in class for the kids?