Checking out the AP All-SEC teams

Here’s the complete list, via Emerson:

First team
QB: Cam Newton, Auburn
RB: Marcus Lattmiore, South Carolina
RB: Knile Davis, Arkansas
WR: Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina
WR: Julio Jones, Alabama
TE: D.J. Williams, Arkansas
OL: Lee Ziemba, Auburn
OL: Derek Sherrod, Mississippi State
OL: Barrett Jones, Alabama
OL: DeMarcus Love, Arkansas
C: Ryan Pugh, Auburn
K: Josh Jasper, LSU

DE: Devin Taylor, South Carolina
DT: Nick Fairley, Auburn
DT: Drake Nevis, LSU
LB-DE: Justin Houston, Georgia
LB: Kelvin Sheppard, LSU
LB: Chris White, Mississippi State
LB: Danny Trevathan, Kentucky
CB: Patrick Peterson, LSU
CB: Janoris Jenkins, Florida
S: Ahmad Black, Florida
S: Mark Barron, Alabama
P: Chas Henry, Florida

Second team
WR: Randall Cobb, Kentucky
WR: A.J. Green, Georgia
L: Byron Isom, Auburn
L: Larry Warford, Kentucky
L: Joseph Barksdale, LSU
L: Clint Boling, Georgia
L: James Carpenter, Alabama
L: Bradley Sowell, Mississippi
C: Mike Pouncey, Florida
TE: Brandon Barden, Vanderbilt
QB: Ryan Mallett, Arkansas
RB: Stevan Ridley, LSU
RB: Mark Ingram, Alabama
K: Blair Walsh, Georgia
All-purpose: Patrick Peterson, LSU

T: Marcell Dareus, Alabama
T: Malik Jackson, Tennessee
E: Jake Bequette, Arkansas
E: Antoine Carter, Auburn
LB: Josh Bynes, Auburn
LB: Akeem Dent, Georgia
LB: Don’t’a Hightower, Alabama
CB: Morris Claiborne, LSU
CB: Stephon Gilmore, South Carolina
CB: Casey Hayward, Vanderbilt
CB: Prentiss Waggner, Tennessee
S: Robert Lester, Alabama
S: Tramain Thomas, Arkansas
P: Tyler Campbell, Mississippi

Honorable mentions
RB Vick Ballard, Mississippi State; RB Brandon Bolden, Mississippi, QB Greg McElroy, Alabama; RB Tauren Poole, Tennessee; C William Vlachos, Alabama; LB Jonathan Cornell, Mississippi; S Zac Etheridge, Auburn.

And a few thoughts about that:

  • A.J. Green. Obviously, if you’re a Georgia fan, his second-team finish is what catches your eye there.  I can see both sides of the argument to some extent.  Green only played in eight games, not enough to qualify to appear in the official SEC stats.  And being fair, there are a lot of very good receivers in the conference this year who did play in more games.  On the other hand, his numbers match up very well against the elite:  his receptions per game rank third (tied with Jeffrery), his yards per game rank second (behind Jeffery and ahead of Jones) and his touchdowns tie for first (despite playing in four or five games less than the others).  There’s also the matter how how dramatically Georgia’s scoring increased after Green was inserted back into the lineup.  But the clincher for me was how much opposing defenses altered their schemes and coverages to account for his presence on the field.  I never saw another receiver affect SEC defenses in that way this season.  I would have voted him first team with Jeffery.
  • Receivers. On a related note, no other receivers in the league got honorable mention?  I’m kind of surprised that Darvin Adams or one of the Arkansas wide outs didn’t get a few votes somewhere.
  • Aaron Murray. No way I’m suggesting that there’s something wrong with the first or second-team picks, but if Greg McElroy made HM, Murray was just as deserving, especially considering that he was without his best receiver for the first four games of the year.
  • Nice job coaching them up. Florida had no first teamers on offense and no second teamers on defense.  What happened with all those top recruits, Corch?
  • The center position. Speaking of which, Mike Pouncey on the second team?  I was under the impression that being able to snap the ball to the quarterback on a consistent basis was important.  Is the conference that lacking in decent center play?
  • Sentimental picks. I’d have gone with Jasper at kicker just because of the play against Florida.  And Chris White’s certainly earned a special place in my heart.
  • Injustices. Casey Hayward and Janoris Jenkins should exchange places.  Mississippi State finished the year second in rushing and fourth in sacks allowed; some lineman in addition to Sherrod (who had a fantastic year) should have at least gotten a nod at honorable mention.  Cornell should have placed ahead of Bynes and Hightower.

Your thoughts?


UPDATE: Coaches’ picks are here.

One positive over the AP’s is that Pouncey is nowhere to be seen.  On the other hand, Gilmore as a first-teamer is a bit of a stretch.  He may have been the most inconsistent big name DB I saw this year.

And if Dareus is a first-teamer, so is A.J.  (Of course, I guess three of the voters didn’t see him play in person.  Sigh.)

You gotta like the Orson Charles love, though.



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30 responses to “Checking out the AP All-SEC teams

  1. SCDawg

    Last year’s Ray Guy award winner didn’t make it on either team.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Congratulations to Akeem Dent, the most improved player on our team. He was second in the SEC in tackles. Coach Belin looks like a great hire.


  3. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Mark Barron was TERRIBLE this year. Safety is generally a difficult choice for media to pick, 2nd in difficulty behind OL, because the stats for a safety don’t necessarily correlate to their value.

    There are the no-brainers like Berry, Polamalu, Reed, etc, but Mark Barron was not a good player this year. Part of that may have been the CB’s playing with him, but in the games I saw Alabama play, some of Barron’s angles made Reshad Jones look like Ronnie Lott.

    Perhaps safety play across the league was simply terrible?


    • Bryant Denny

      Eh, think you might be a little hard on Barron. I’ve watched him play most every game for the last three years. Plays hard. Terrific athlete. Hard hitter. Best player in a pretty young secondary.


      • Will (the other one)

        Yeah, but didn’t he get torched big-time in the SCar, Auburn, and LSU games?


        • Bryant Denny

          Yes – he did. Although in the SC game, he was in great position and Garcia just made an incredible throw to Alshon. In the Auburn game, he looked strange on the long bomb he gave up – in place for the interception, but whiffing – but I’ve decided to cut him some slack for playing with a torn muscle.

          I don’t recall his role in the LSU bombs, but I know all the DBs appeared to be having trouble shifting in and out of their zones.

          The other thing about DBs is this: Sometimes its hard for the fan to tell exactly who is playing well and who is not. I really don’t know if Lester played well at safety because he snagged 7 interceptions or if he just happened to catch overthrows. 🙂 Also, if a CB gets beat and the safety arrives late, the safety looks guilty even though he was just trying to make a play.



  4. Chuck

    My thoughts? I think our guys are being penalized for a 6-6 season. Maybe this is a good thing in the long run.


  5. Macallanlover

    I agree that AJ Green should not be on the first team. He may have the greatest talent, perhaps the most potential, but it isn’t so far ahead of others that he can spot them 1/3 of a season. The award is mostly for performance on the field, and while AJ shouldn’t have been given a 4 game sentence, he was responsible for the actions that led to him not being on the field for his team.

    I would have selected Blair Walsh as the 1st team PK, and Mullen as the COY. Not surprised Butler didn’t get the nod as punter, he was inconsistent this season and his biggest “misses” were in three key situations, Still glad to have him back as he is far from awful, and I think he will step it up next year.


    • So why should he and Dareus be on the second team?


      • Macallanlover

        I think for the reasons you articulated, although I would have no problem leaving him off. It depends on what the “gap” is viewed to be. Is AJ 33% better than those deemed to be 3rd team (since he was unavailable for that portion of the season?) Everyone has their own valuation and perspective. Mine is he has to be “reduced” by his lack of contribution, and what that cost his team.


    • Biggus Rickus

      Green is clearly much better than Julio Jones, enough that spotting him four games shouldn’t matter. I think Green is a little better than Jeffrey too, but the gap is not as wide.


      • Bryant Denny

        I thought our #8 may have been a bit over-hyped his first two years, but I’ve come around. He had a great year. One worthy of all conference. He’s big, tough, fast and is great at down-field blocking.

        It’s worked out that his career stats – other than TD catches – will all be better than A.J.’s.

        On the other hand, though, had A.J. played all season, it would have been hard to not put him on the first team. I think Julio would have been 2nd team in that case.


        • Macallanlover

          Julio did have a great year. I feel he is built like he will be more durable in the NFL than AJ. AJ seems to have the better leaping ability, capable of more spectacular catches and a bigger breakaway threat. Both are going to be missed, and both will make a lot of money in the NFL. Hope they have long careers and represent their schools well for years to come. (Even better, I wish one of them would come back for his Senior year! Come on lockout.)


  6. Kevin

    mike pouncey. wtf.

    i guess for centers, all you gotta do is get your name out there so ppl know who you are. any press is good press.


    • DWH

      Same here. Man I am dumbfounded by that selection. And Emerson had him first team!? I really wish someone would please explain that one to me like I’m a small child.


    • King Jericho

      It’s a lot like voting for a receiver that can’t catch.

      “His hands might be stone, but he runs the hell out of those routes!”
      -Seth Emerson


  7. Fan who buys jerseys but really isn't an agent...Really

    Most telling stat that AJ should have been first team…$1000 for Independence Bowl jersey. Jeffery’s and Jones’ shirts don’t even break the retail price…sold as used.


  8. Johnny Utah

    Deadspin reporting that Seth Emerson is abstaining from Heisman vote.


  9. Scorpio Jones, III

    Guys…..I have seen what? a thousand all SEC teams? The winners are favored over the losers. That’s just the way it has always been, will probably always be.

    Beyond the obvious two or three offensive players, the SEC writers pick based on the assumption the winners have better players.

    If you are a HypeMan voter, if you have real questions about Newton, then should you not abstain, since Newton is obviously the best player. If Emerson is choosing not to vote that seems a sound policy to me.


    • merk

      Oh you mean the ole….OMG they went 14-0 Like every position on that team must rape everyone. Couldn’t ever be one or two superstars carrying a bunch of mediocore guys who get the job done enough to win, but you lose 4-5 games….then everyone on that team must blow. Could never be 1-2 crucial plays missed in a few games that cost loses, while the team pretty much hung with or dominated everyone they played.


  10. Bryant Denny

    Who actually votes for the AP team? AP writers? Dumb question I guess.

    I think this team is a mix of the real all conference performers, the famous names and the players on the hot teams.

    If you don’t like this version, there will surely be another version out in a day or so. 🙂


  11. CWP

    I disagree with you Senator that Hayward should be over Jenkins. Jenkins was great against AJ. We all know AJ is much better than Julio. Obviously, the 4 games hurt, but Julio got first team on name alone. If voters didn’t want to give AJ first team votes, Cobb was the better option to me than Julio.


  12. Richt-Flair

    According to Desmond Howard, D.J. Williams plays TE for us, so we can claim that first-teamer as well.


  13. Boss Dawg

    Maybe this is wrong, but in my opinion Emerson doesn’t deserve a plug on this site. Sorry if this is offensive to anyone.