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Good times in Starkville.

Brian Cook has a depressing dissection of what went wrong in the Mississippi State game here, if you’re so inclined to look.

Basically, Dan Mullen stayed one step ahead of Todd Grantham and Mike Bobo stayed one step behind Manny Diaz.

Plus, Washaun Ealey fumble.

Ugh.  What a forgettable game.



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Here we go again.

You can do this once, change your mind and get away with it.  But a second time around, especially after a disappointing season?  I’m not so sure.

On the other hand, it would solve the Addazio problem.


UPDATE: This is beginning to sound pretty official.


UPDATE #2: It is.

Dan Mullen, your phone is ringing.



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Wednesday morning buffet

It’s cold out there, so fuel up.


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Herschel or Cam?

Vince Dooley goes there… and says Charlie Charley Trippi.


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Jonathan Dwyer is unhappy he played ball at an elite school.

This thread at StinGTalk is so deliciously good on so many levels that I really have nothing snarky to add.

Except that they couldn’t draw worth a damn at last night’s basketball game, either.


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