Herschel or Cam?

Vince Dooley goes there… and says Charlie Charley Trippi.


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  1. piper

    not trying to be “that guy”, so please don’t take it that way, but it’s Charley, not Charlie. i have much respect for your blog.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Appreciate Dooley’s “pre-D-Day” thinking. Runningbacks…..sigh.


  3. Bryant Denny

    Educate me some (please) on Herschel and his Heisman…should he have won as a freshman over George Rogers? Marcus Allen rushed for over 2k his senior year, so I don’t if there was a case for Herschel as a sophomore.

    I don’t know if I’m remembering correctly, but wasn’t there some talk that Herschel won as a junior as a sort of “career” award (albeit a fantastic career).

    I’m a Bama fan, but was a big Herschel fan back in the junior high days. I remember being in the gym before football practice imitating Herschel jumping over the goal line. I remember feeling really disappointed when he decided to turn pro.

    Have a good day,



    • I certainly thought he was robbed. Not only did he help transform a team with a losing record the prior season into an undefeated national champ, but he also outplayed Rogers in their head-to-head meeting.


      • Russ

        Agree. If voters then had the same attitude today WRT underclassmen, then Herschel most definitely would’ve won as a freshman.

        However, in 1980, we were less than 10 years removed from freshmen even being eligible to play football. Different era.


        • Macallanlover

          +1 No question about it, Herschel’s freshman year was off the charts. In today’s environment he would have won the Heisman in 1980, and it would have been a landslide. Rogers was a solid back for SC that year but the only reason he got votes over HW was because of his class status.


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        I have a vague recollection that Rogers was a senior, Herschel a freshman or so the argument went. Rogers had a pretty good game against Georgia, unfortunately he had one fumble that cost SC the game.

        Back then the HypeMan folks were concerned about upper classmen having more of a body of work than say, a freshman.

        Herschel won the award as a sophomore….right?

        Luckily his daddy was not in the church business.

        Anybody remember the “agent’s” name….Jack Henderson????


      • dokes

        Don’t forget the sentimental influence of Roger’s daddy just getting out of prison… Can you imagine how Verne & Danielson would have played that up?!? Wooden Nickel City…


  4. Russ

    Hard to argue with Dooley. I’d be happy with any of them (and I’d throw Sinkwich into the mix as well).


  5. thewhiteshark

    Cam’s a great player but Herschel gets the nod. Herschel ran into the teeth of defenses that were geared to stop him. Auburn’s system creates a lot of space for Cam. I can’t even imagine Herschel running with that kind of space. Having said that — Newton is something else though.


  6. Macallanlover

    I have always felt Herschel was the best CFB player of all time (and I say that in an unbiased way, it hasn’t been a close call). Bo Jackson is second in my mind. . I am really torn on Cammy, I feel I need to wait to make that assessment when I have more perspective. For the entire year he has dominated CFB as much as HW, or any other player I can ever recall. As with HW, he made an average team excellent, and both made winning plays even when the opposing team knew they would get the ball on those plays. Very impressive.

    Two things that I have to come to grips with to determine if he is first or second: 1) as a QB he has the ability to hurt you two ways whereas HW only could run over you, or around you. Being a RB allows the defense to set up to stop only you (even though it never worked), but a QB gets an “assist” with other players diverting attention from him due to the passing threat. While that may seems obvious, it makes it much more complicated than comparing Herschel and Bo. 2.) While I acknowledge Cammy’s total domination of the game every week, in my head there is the issue of honestry, and integrity. That may only impact the eligibility issue and not speak to his athletic ability in isolation, but look at Tiger Woods’ domination of his sport. I acknowledge he is the very best to ever play the game, and that really isn’t a close call to me, but if I found out he had cheated, or accomplished his feats outside the rules, I would keep Hogan at the top and relegate him to the “Bary Bonds section” of stained athletic accomplishments.


    • Will (the other one)

      Y’all aren’t forgetting Barry Sanders’ last year at Okie State are you?

      Best single-season offensive performance ever, hands down I’d say, and not even #34’s best season or Cam’s this year come close*.


      • Macallanlover

        I have heard many opinions that BS was comparable to HW at the college level, while doubtful, I honestly cannot dispute that. That was before games were widely broadcast, or ESPN had highlights every day during the season, or I could follow teams closely via the internet. Herschel was so much better than anyone I saw before and since, I will stick with that opinion as it is based on first hand knowledge, and seems unlikely that two Superheroes of that ilk were playing at the same time when it had never happened before. If that is being a homer, or short-sighted, reckon I am guilty.


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    If we are talking about impact on a team’s fortunes, then I think Herschel and Newton are about equal.

    Both Georgia in 1980 and Awbun this year would have been good but not great teams without them.

    For sure there are things going on off the field with Newton that make me itch, but as far as his performance on the field, nobody should even come close this year, and I might point out that LaMichael James has actually been proven to have some socialization issues.


  8. AlcoholicGenius

    Loosen up, yall. The stats don’t do it justice. You missin the essence. I seen all them fools. Trippi? It wasn’t even the same game then. There weren’t brother one on the field. There are eight aknowledged wonders of the world, including the Godfather, who was number eight and gave us such tunes as [drum roll] “The Grunt”, “Pass The Peas”, “Gimme Some Mo”, “Man’s World”, “Sex Mo’Sheen”. Ladies and Gentlemens, without no doubt to anyone who witnessed him on the field in person and know there was no optical collusion, Herschel was the ninth! He was a bad dude, man. He was Superman, Spiderman, Soul Brother No. 34. I am sorry I never met any of him, them, all them you know personality he had (maybe he was also the Mail Man, Hairdresser Man, etc., don’t know or care). Maybe that why he could run over a linebacker then outrun a cornerback. Big strong dude personality shift to little fast dude, chasing him to kick one of his own many ass, and that will make you fast. Drank a quart of Fighting Cock bourbon, you’ll see. Dawgs got to recruit more split personality players. That what happened to Tiger Woods but he couldn’t handle it, wrestling with the only thang in the world that undefeated, and it backfire (or frontfire, probably hard to tell). I’d pay good money to see Herschel in a MMA Ultimate fight with Cam, and I bet you all would too. I bet Cam wouldn’t be showing them big choppers acting a silly fool after that – – wouldn’t have no choppers – – unless Dr. H.Walker, DDS show up. Now, if Pope Cam show up, hell, I’m calling it a draw.


    • Dawgs got to recruit more split personality players.

      If you give a scholly to a player with three personalities, does that count as one or three against the twenty-five man limit in a class? If three, could you let one personality enroll in January to count against last year’s class?


    • Dawgfan Will

      This post is full of win.