Jonathan Dwyer is unhappy he played ball at an elite school.

This thread at StinGTalk is so deliciously good on so many levels that I really have nothing snarky to add.

Except that they couldn’t draw worth a damn at last night’s basketball game, either.


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  1. Gen. Stoopnagle

    “I only leave early when the team has already quit.”


  2. RandallPinkFloyd

    We are an elite school and our fan base is small as a result+ our stadium blows (we’d sellout if they made it a modern football stadium like UGA or UT). about a minute ago…. You see, it’s just because their stadium aint fancy like Sanford or Neyland, Senator.

    • FisheriesDawg

      Yeah, I suppose Sanford is a lot more modern than Bobby Dodd seeing how BDS is a whole 16 years older; Sanford just recently opened in 1929. Neyland Stadium is also a whole 8 years newer than BDS, it opened in 1921…it feels like just yesterday when they were cutting the ribbon up there.

      • Russ

        Hilarious! I remember some girl friend’s parents (who were tech geeks) telling me how much better BDS was than that dump Sanford Stadium. I just laughed and asked them if they’d ever seen the dirt walls and bare wires/bulbs in the “restrooms” at BDS. I’ve pissed in nicer Portapotties.

    • Comin' Down The Track

      And, um, Neyland is a dump anyway.

  3. Go Dawgs!

    I was so frustrated when I turned on the game last night and saw Alexander Memorial Coliseum less than two-thirds full for the game. If I’d known that was going to happen I would have driven the hour and a half into Atlanta for the game. I figured that would be a sure sellout. Tech fans allegedly love basketball, and it’s their biggest rival coming to town. So much for that.

    How ’bout the Paul Hewitt? Nobody does less with more than that guy. Mark Fox is 2-0 vs. Tech and life is good.

    • Go Dawgs!

      Also, wow. Jonathan Dwyer. Good to see you skipped the English classes. Don’t worry, though, Jackets. I’m sure he dove right into the advanced engineering courses and didn’t have time for any of the grammar nonsense.

    • I was really surprised at how empty the place was fifteen minutes before the start. I know it’s exam week at Tech, but still…

      • GreenDawg

        That would explain some students not being there, but for the most part I thought the student sections were full. It was the alumni and general fan sections that had the most empty seats. I would assume this is their version of a “Paul Hewitt” boycott..

  4. NCT

    I know a lot of Tech alumni, including several relatives. My general impression (I’m sure this is nothing new) is that the vociferous and stubborn extreme arrogance many of them carry is the result of such severe academic hazing (it’s a special institutional feature over there) that they are trying to drown out the regret that burns in their stomachs — regret that they didn’t go to school somewhere else. But they went to Tech, and they’ll be damned if they ever let that regret get the better of them. So they follow the pattern and insist they’re better than everyone else. It permeates everything they do. I’ve never seen a group with that kind of love-hate relationship with their alma mater.

    • The Realist

      I second this. Everyone I know that went to Tech hated it with every ounce of their soul, but they carry the emotional carnage around like a badge of courage, thinking it makes them superior somehow to have wasted their college years.

      • Yup. This. EDSBS’ own Orson Swindle got his master’s there, and says that even now alums don’t refer to themselves as having “attended” GaTech so much as having “survived” or “endured” it.

        I see the Tech alumni community’s relationship with their alma mater as being kind of like a parent’s relationship with an underachieving, dumb-as-bricks, ne’er-do-well kid. You can talk all the shit you want about your own lazy good-for-nothing spawn, but you’ll be damned if anyone else is gonna say anything about him. So they lay into Bulldog fans for ridiculing their school as shitty, even as they gaze longingly at places like UGA or Bama where the students had fun, got to talk to girls, and basically weren’t made miserable for four (or five, or six) years.

        • Russ

          And here’s the dirty little secret to all these “elite school” arguments. Two years (or less) after graduation, no one gives a flip where you went to school. I work in the space biz, so I see lots of “elite” students. They are generally good workers, get their jobs done, some of them are above average in productivity. Just like all their state school co-workers. When you’re going for a promotion or bonus, no one asks you to bring along your diploma.

  5. FisheriesDawg

    Somebody archive that post. It’ll be a nice automatic response whenever a Tech person starts bragging about how much tougher their athletes have it than at other schools in the south. That may be true, but apparently you can attend Tech for 3 years and still not have a fifth grade-level grasp of the english language.

    • Gen. Stoopnagle

      Don’t for one second think that Tech’s revenue sport athletes are slaving away at Chem E or anything. First, they’re nearly all on the M-train and second, they’re taking anything they can’t handle on North Avenue at one of a half-dozen other USG institutions within spitting distance of BDS.

      Dyer’s fb status is more likely the product of Atlanta Metropolitan College than GT.

    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      I think we’re looking at like a second-grade level grasp there.

  6. Castleberry

    What’s with the comment about 10,000+ unused student tickets per game??? I noticed the student sections were thin in the endzone corners during pregame, but it looked pretty full from where I sit most of the time.

    • The Realist

      There are usually a few empty bleachers up in the NE corner in the 300 section.

      The reasons for this are two-fold.
      1) Ticketing policy.
      2) General admission means 5,000 lower-level seats (or whatever the actual number is) holds 7,000+ students. If each row holds 50, I guarantee most rows have 70 or so students between squeezing in, and standing between the rows.

      But, there still are not 10,000+ empty seats, nor are there 10,000+ unused tickets.

    • Gen. Stoopnagle

      That’s wildly over-estimated. There were lots of empty seats this year all over the stadium, included those student sections. I think one of this issues is that most students want to be in the sections nearest the Redcoats and sneak in when they have 300-level or west endzone tickets. It is in those latter sections where one sees the empty seats.

      Then, there’s the plethora of noon kick offs.

      • Gen. Stoopnagle

        Derp. English fail. I’m almost as articulate as J. Dwyer.

      • Castleberry

        O.K. I sit in 107 so I see all of the kids crossing through to cram into 109. I agree those sections are beyond capacity and account for some of the empty seats in the endzone and upper level.

        I didn’t think there was any way those numbers were legitimate, but wanted to make sure nothing slipped by me.

        • GreenDawg

          I am a student and can say that for the most part the student body hates the endzone student section. Most either want to be near the Redcoats or at midfield. The result is that the section by the Redcoats is over capacity while the endzone section has some empty sections up by the corners. The students have had their fair share of blame, because I’ve seen quite a few stumble in late for the noon games. But those empty sections by the endzone are their for huge nights games as well. That’s on the University’s ticketed policy. I know for a fact that places like Auburn, Bama, and Tennessee oversell their student sections by a good margin. We need to hop on this train as well.

  7. Vincent

    I for one am pretty tired of the BS line of “our grads go all over the world so they can’t come back to a football game, blah, blah, blah” bottom line. Georgia grads go all over the world too same thing for Michigan, USC, Notre Dame, Ohio State……shall i go on? Your football program sucks that’s why nobody cares and nobody comes to your games. Even when your stadium seats almost 40k less than ours.

    BTW how come nobody mentions that our school alone has the same number of BCS bowl wins as their entire conference. How embarrassing is that?

    • 81 Dog

      Hey, it’s a long way from the call centers in Delhi and Bangalore to the Joke By Coke. You can’t get a discounted fare on Southwest from there, either. Give the nerd alums a break if they can’t make it back for the games. A lot of those guys are probably playing in local cricket leagues, too. You can’t just drop everything for Tech football, you know.

    • FisheriesDawg

      True…I lived in Washington, DC the two years after I graduated. The first year (2005), I made it to 11 of 13 games (missed @Vandy and Kentucky). The following year, in a crappy season, I still made 8 of 13. The next 3 years, while living in Florida (5.5 hours from Athens), I made 8, 9, and 9.

      That being said, I now live 30 minutes from Athens and absolutely love it. Not having to travel for home games is a huge relief.

  8. peacedog

    This is my favorite reply:

    Rationalization, they name is Techie.


    I went through Tech and I didn’t have one ****ing fan.

    Never again let another Tech person tell you their lack of female companionship is a myth.

  10. Scott W.

    Go to see the North Ave. folks still have the lock on rationalization.

  11. This, from the product of an “elite” school:

    “Its a shame bc no matter wat UGA tennesse or anybodies record they have a packed out game no matter wat bc they are loyal fans came to games last yr bc we where winning..that shoes more and more how hypocritical ppl are and just like kyle jackson until we get pack out games u can kiss the fact of being on college gamed…ay and receiving big time recruits also has the effects on the players”

    Mother of God, that borders on functionally illiterate.

    • Dawgwalker07

      Let’s see if we can clean this up:

      “It’s a shame our institution thinks more highly of itself than what exists in reality. Unlike other institutions like UGA or Tennessee, whose fans care about the success of their programs and enjoy socializing so they actually come to games, our fans are too concerned with tests, acting like they are superior to other human beings, and looking up techniques for talking to women on the Internet to get out of their rooms. As a matter of fact, I believe the only reason they came to games last year was because we were winning and they felt cool coming and watching entertaining videos members of the student body had made. It hurts our feelings that fans don’t show up, and Coach Johnson told us just to punch people in the face if we heard them talking about skipping games. That helps us cope.”

    • Will (the other one)

      Auburn’s Jamz Brukz doesn’t see what the problem is.

      (Because he can’t read any of this.)

  12. Julie

    I think there are more fans in Bobby Dodd Stadium than he thinks. A lot of them are behind the pillars supporting the upper deck. That’s some fine engineering there.

  13. Dawgy45

    I tried the link but the site is down for a software upgrade. What a coincidence on a day that they get linked by the good Senator.

    New lexicon perhaps? Software upgrade: A means of preventing your in-state superiors from laughing at the airing of your own dirty laundry.