Wednesday morning buffet

It’s cold out there, so fuel up.



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23 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. DavetheDawg

    I imagine Urban will encourage Addazio to eventually fall on his sword.


  2. Garageflowers

    This is why I hate Boise St, but have lots of respect for TCU. Our opening game next year is not as bad as Hawaii where UGA needed to manhandle them for it to really be considered a win, but I hope we destroy Boise St.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Is it possible Meyer is still recovering from the SEC Championship last year?
    I suspect his attitude about Awbun would be different had the Gators played them.

    “It could have been 1A-1B,” Meyer said.” I watched that SEC game and to say (Auburn is) not the best team in America would be incorrect. I’ve had Oregon ranked No. 1 for quite some time now.”

    “It could have been Brantley and Reed” Meyer said.” I watched that SEC game and to say the other guy is not the best would be incorrect. I’ve had Brantley ranked No. 1 for quite some time now.”

    Urb warms up for play calling in the bowel game.


  4. Brandon

    Man I’d really be sleeping well at night knowing Corch had my back. He’s like Kush’s father from Jerry McGuire, his word is “stronger than oak”.


  5. Russell

    Scarbinsky is just another yapper. Everyone forgets that the wheels go round and round.


  6. Biggus Rickus

    I like Meyer’s quote, “I’m expecting that to happen.” As if it’s an act of God over which he has no control.

    Also, that is some epic smug by Scarbinsky, and I’m rooting that much harder for the death penalty for Auburn.


    • What Kevin Scarbinsky doesn’t know about college football you could just about squeeze into the Grand Canyon. The day after the ’05 SEC title game, he wasted 15 column-inches in the Birmingham News grousing about how even though Georgia had just waxed LSU to win the conference championship, we all knew Auburn was really the superior team.

      When the hammer finally drops on Auburn, I may have to get a subscription to the News just to be able to see what his reaction is. It should be suitable for framing.


  7. FisheriesDawg

    For all the wailing and gnashing of teeth over the error in Colley’s calculations this week, I don’t get one thing. Why doesn’t anyone mention Army-Navy? I’m sure that game would have some effect on the final BCS rankings if it was factored into the equation on Sunday (after all, they both have winning records).

    What would happen if one of the two was ever good enough to merit BCS consideration? I realize this is highly unlikely, but if it were to happen, would that put the BCS selections on hold for an extra week? Or does the BCS just consider this an exhibition game for all intents and purposes and if they selected one of the two would they have to cross their fingers and hope said team didn’t lose?


    • Johnny Utah

      Hell, Navy was 3 scores away from being undefeated this season. But the losses were to Maryland, Air Force and Duke. Quality wins? ummm ND, SMU and Wake Forest. It would be interesting in the future to see what happens when a Navy team goes undefeated.


  8. Mr. Tu

    Why is Scarbinsky crapping on Georgia, since it supplies “his” teams with some of their better players every year. If he really wants to be proud of his state, try winning without them, and without oversigniong and cutting players every year.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Precisely. I’d love to see Alabama’s teams compete only with players from the state of Alabama. Whoops! There goes Cam!


  9. Steve Pederson, the guy that fired 9–3 Frank Solich, is now the guy that also fired a coach that just won his conference and is taking his team to a 3rd straight bowl game.

    Wanny’s record over the last three years – 9–4, 10–3, 7–5.

    That’s nuts.


  10. Marshall

    Yeah, the guy from the Birmingham paper is a total tool…has been for years. And kudos to Doug on the Grand Canyon joke…good one!

    Regarding the Pitt situation, I thought the same thing. Best run they’ve had since what…early 80’s? Pretty crazy.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Late 70’s….John Majors and Dorsett.


      • Marshall

        Yeah definitely pretty good in the mid 70’s when they won the NC in ’76, I believe? Figured they had a pretty good run w/ Marino in the early 80’s especially the ’81 season when they beat us in the ’82 Sugar Bowl.


  11. ChemDawg

    I wonder if Mr. Scarbinsky knows what the most sanctioned state on the college football landscape is? Or perhaps which state is responsible for NCAA recruiting legislation in the first place.


  12. Go Dawgs!

    Mr. Kustra,

    Thanks for taking the time to email us and comment on our product! We, too, would like to see the BCS bowls be free of teams which have completed mediocre seasons. That’s why we’re relieved that an 11-1 team from the WAC(K) will not be competing in one of our bowls this year.

    Warmest regards,
    The BCS


  13. Ghost of Jackie Sherril

    From Pgh. here… declining season ticket sales apparently factored in largely. Many games would reveal upwards of 20K empty seats (10K seemed vacant for WVU). A prospect bandied about in certain circles here has been The Mangino, which could be intriguing on many levels.


  14. dboy

    “Corch Meyers’ commitment to Steve Addazio grows more Jello-like in its firmness.”

    Corch Meyers’ commitment grows more Jello-like in its firmness