Sources tell…

In a time when seemingly half the head coaching jobs in the SEC are in play, does anyone besides me miss the amateurish insanity of

Now there was a site that could give Bleacher Report a run for its money.


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  1. Normaltown Mike

    Oh oh oh, what’s the one with Mark Bradley?


  2. fuelk2

    My favorite thing about the link to the old posts is reading the old comments. Those were simpler times back then – when we all thought that we just needed a new defensive coaching staff…..


  3. GreenDawg

    While I’m not advocating that the website was anything close to credible, this comment from the past post made me laugh.

    “Did you see the one today that has Kirby Smart signing on for $720K. Al Groh to Tech and Pete Carroll to Seattle are done deals too.”

    Change Kirby Smart to Todd Grantham and that comment is right on the money. I guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.


    • Kirby Smart

      The comment WAS right on the money. I committed to take the job at Georgia for $720,000 and then backed out after announced it. Then I pretended that I never had committed. Or was even offered the job. Or even talked about the job with anyone. Or even attended the University of Georgia. Or ever played football inside the state of Georgia while in high school. Or ever lived in Georgia………..


  4. ULL

    Mullen has got to be going to Florida! I got to UL at Lafayette and AD has apparently told several people that his OC is coming here to be our next head coach and he wasn’t going to leave if Mullen was staying


    • The Realist

      I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be Mullen, but if it were such a slam dunk, it would have happened by now. I wonder if Foley is not totally enamored with Mullen after his time in Gainesville.

      None of the names that are being floated about exactly strike fear in me like Mullen. Bob Stoops? Depends on his coordinators. If he takes Kerwin Bell, then I’m all for it. Chris Petersen? He’s a great coach, but he gets much out of meh. At Florida he’ll be expected to get elite from excellence. He seems to nice to survive at Florida anyway. Not enough chutzpah. Muschamp? He’ll probably be a good coach. But, if I were Florida, I wouldn’t take a chance on Muschamp at this point… unless you get him at a discount. With McElwain (Greg Davis 2.0) coming on board as OC at Texas, he might be willing to take a pay cut to leave.


    • Mike

      If Mullen were Florida’s first choice, I am pretty sure it would have been announced already. If Mullen ends up as Florida’s next coach, a lot of other coaches probably turned down the job.


  5. ULL

    sorry GO not GOT


  6. aious

    Reminds me of that blog that claimed that ESPN Gameday was changing guys then backed off then claimed they never really said it….all for attention


  7. RC

    Fret not, miss not, my friend…


  8. D.N. Nation

    The recipient of Georgia’s first Blackout has been hired to coach the Florida Gators.


    • Bob

      Right, Will Muschamp a Gator. Sounds crazy but it apparently is true.


    • Brandon

      Yeah and the 37-15 asswhipping the year before that not too mention the abuse the A&M squad from last year put on his D full of blue chippers in the shootout Texas eventually won. Then there’s the fact that the 4-8 UCLA Bruins broke out like 36 points or so on them in Texas’s own stadium this year, the guy is big time overrated, I am thrilled, I was worried they were going to get Mullen.


      • King Jericho

        I couldn’t agree more. He’s got potential, but compared to all the names I heard, this is the best I could have hoped for.

        Let’s hope Zook 2.0. The upgrade being he actually loses to us, but no one else.


  9. Comin' Down The Track

    Will Muschamp is dead to me.


  10. Scott W.

    Speaking of Auburn, Pat Sullivan looked a little embarassed at the Heisman Ceremony.


  11. slive sux

    Who saw cwm to florida coming ? I did not


  12. Scorpio Jones, III

    Great hire for the Gators….Muschamp’s heritage should have him expecting Georgia to kick the Gators ass every November.