So much for worrying about sitting in Seat 37F

Corch Meyers resigns – really resigns this time – and the media’s tone changes noticeably.

Better work on your intimidating gestures, Coach Muschamp.


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40 responses to “So much for worrying about sitting in Seat 37F

  1. bpwwhirl

    Senator, that 2nd link about the former UF player criticizing the team… that’s from the summer of 2009.

  2. 69Dawg

    Will will have one of the shortest honeymoon’s in the history of college football. The Florida press have had to be lapdogs for too many years because of the Urbanator. Between the irrational fans and the long constrained media it could get Zook ugly fast. As one national pundit put it Foley has either picked the next Bob Stoops or the next Ron Zook and nobody knows for sure.

    • Will (the other one)

      Plus, Foley’s already said Corch will still have an office on campus.
      That’s just asking for trouble, and there’s no other program I’d love to see fall on its face more.

  3. Jonathan

    Senator, how do you think this will affect the UGA UF rivalry? It was clearly getting nastier each year with Urban there. Do you think Will’s arrival will change that?

    • Only if Will does something to escalate things… and I don’t really see that happening.

      • Ben

        If Muschamp adds Kirby Smart on as his DC AND the Gators keeps beating the Dawgs, this thing will morph from a “rivalry” into a laughingstock with our own guys now getting in on the actions of beating down UGA.

        Sorry for the pessimism, but I am losing confidence daily.

      • gastr1

        Why not? He’s certainly not been afraid to be “colorful” on the sideline. I think there’s a good chance there’s some Kiffin-esque mouthiness there.

    • Mike

      I am pretty sure the rivalry under Spurrier was about as hot as it had ever been. It might have cooled off a bit during the Zook years, even though he was 2-1 against UGA. No one took Zook seriously enough to get all riled up, exceptfor Florida fans wanting him canned.

      The rivalry took its proper place when Meyer came aboard.

      This rivalry should always be hate filled. That is what nature intends. And it is not nice to fool mother nature.

      • Jonathan

        That is what I was wondering Mike. One would think that Will doesn’t have a hate for UGA (his two prior SEC stops were not hateful rivalries at the time [Au is working on it]). So I wonder if this rivalry will cool down again. I’m thinking if we can start winning half of them it will stay heated, but with him as the coach and our current track record… Just wondering

        • Hackerdog

          As the Senator said, it won’t escalate. Worst case scenario is that Muschamp is a complete tool on the sideline. But he can’t possibly be a bigger tool than Corch. So that would be a wash.

          What probably happens is that it stays a big rivalry because that’s what it is, but Muschamp doesn’t do anything to specifically provoke the other sideline. So it may lose a bit of the hatred.

        • Mike

          I am not sure Meyer came in with a hate for UGA. Muschamp certainly knows the history

  4. Really don’t understand the hand-wringing, led by Tony Barnhart this morning, over the timing of Florida’s announcement. Well, maybe I do understand it, but I think it’s much ado about nothing.

    If Georgia was wrapping up a head-coaching search, and chose to announce the new hire right as a Georgia Tech player was receiving the Heisman Trophy (heh), would that be a dick move? Yeah. But it would also be hilarious. As my girlfriend is fond of saying, this game isn’t called “feelingsball.” The rivalries stoked in this sport are some of the most vicious on the planet, so if you want to tweak your rivals, have at it; they want to express their displeasure about it, the place to do so is on the field. And if I’m the AD at Florida, or Georgia or Alabama or anywhere else, the feelings of Cam Newton, Cam Newton’s parents, or anyone else associated with Auburn don’t even rank in the top 1,000,000 of things I give a crap about at the moment.

  5. Go Dawgs!

    Let’s see, you’re trying to save Florida’s recruiting class which is no doubt wondering what to do with their college careers now that Urbz has left the building. The only thing you regret about naming your new coach on a Saturday night is that you didn’t get around to doing it on Friday night.

    But, good to see the Florida media trying to find some backbone. I wonder if their hands shook as they clicked “submit”, not quite sure Urban wasn’t hiding behind a corner ready to yell “PSYCH!!!”

  6. Mike

    BTW, what will be the reaction of UGA fans if Smart takes the DC position? Several sources have reported he has been offered the job.

    • I’ve even seen a report that says he accepted, but who knows?

      It’s a free country – and we’ve known all along that Kirby’s gonna do what Kirby thinks is best for himself, even if that means contradicting himself later.

      What I’m curious about is how Gator fans would feel about the hire, since it’s clear he wants to be a head coach in the very near future. One thing that’s made your program so good over the past few years is continuity at DC. I’m betting if Smart’s the hire, you’ll be looking for your fourth DC in five years.

      • Mike

        I tend to agree. But as we have seen with some coordinators, longevity is not necessarily a good thing.

        Given Will’s defensive prowess, I am less concerned with who he hires there than who he hires on the other side of the ball. I would like to see smeone that has had success as an offensive coordinator somewhere else. Having two guys with OJT might be a bit much.

      • W Cobb Dawg

        Maybe Kirby wants a return to being a RB coach, like he was for CMR.

    • Hackerdog

      There will be a very small, but vocal contingent of idiotic fans who will believe that it is a betrayal of a life-long vow to put the fortunes of UGA above all else. These are the same guys who wanted David Pollack, with his zero coaching experience, to be the DC last year.

      Most of us, the sane ones, will yawn. I’m sure Smart is a quality DC. It’s possible that Saban was really the puppet master and Smart will fail miserably in his next job. But, if that were true, AL probably wouldn’t have paid him a boatload to stay in Tuscaloosa last year. So he probably knows his stuff.

      I say good for Muschamp, and, if Smart moves over, good for Smart. I hope we beat them.

  7. Will Trane

    The big questions for UF. Who will be the assistans? How will that impact their current roster? And what recruits will decide to go based on a new staff.

    My concern is Houston and Green staying at UGA another year. I’d think it would make them better pros in the long run based on the history of Georgia juniors turning pro.

    And just maybe CMR will have a quality recruiting season. Not always the big names selected by the media. Very important for CMR and staff to have an outstanding bowl game topped off with a solid group of recruits. A bowl win is great, but it needs to be impressive based on their last two regular ending season games. Perhaps Coach T will have these guys going a little further in the game with his “S&C”. December 2010 will be the foundation for 2011.

    • Stoopnagle

      Will, you’re on to something here.

      Georgia needs to win the bowl game convincingly (another one of those 50-20 type deals), then close on this recruiting class. In the spring and fall, the coach needs to focus on football: two-a-days, banging and for crying out loud do not waste a damn day at the damn swimming pool.

      It’s going to take more than 10 wins in ’11. Florida is a must win in a way it hasn’t been before.

  8. East Cobb Devildawg

    Okay, I’ll ask it….

    Since Urbz is out can we call Mushcamp Corch now? Or is the term of endearment for Meyers only? You know with him stepping out of the limelight and all….

    What do you think senator?

  9. almightytmc1

    Okay boys and girls can you tell me which of the following doesnt belong in this group?

    A Steve Spurrier
    B. Urban Meyer
    C. Will Muschamp.

    Why do I get the feeling that Florida is about to do a Gene Chizik style hire and that the boosters will start looking for the next Cam Newton?

  10. almightytmc1

    BTW guys.
    Georgia is still Georgia.
    Famous for punching you in the teeth and giving as good as they get.
    So fire every one who is beneath Mark Richt and fill the slots with NFL assistant coaches. (and a couple of Coaches reminiscent of Sgt Hartman on full metal jacket.) Problem solved.
    UGA and Bama play in the SECCG next season.

  11. almightytmc1