Oh, what a tangled web…

This had the potential to be a little awkward:


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    I’m sure Saban would be thrilled about Smart talking about his buddy getting the Florida job while he is trying to sell him on Bama.


  2. HVL Dawg

    Kirby Smart: “You thinking about UGA? Ya know I went to UGA and so did my good buddy Muschamp. We’re rich now.”


  3. Bryant Denny

    I won’t necessarily be offended if Smart goes to UF. He may be such good buddies with Muschamp that he doesn’t want to miss a chance to coach with him and help him out.

    On the other hand, he’s not – at least outwardly – making a better case of a head coaching job. Everyone will think Muschamp is the DC – just like Smart’s situation now at Bama.

    It doesn’t hurt him to stay at Bama a while longer. The more he stays, the better head coaching candidate he becomes.

    He’s setting himself up pretty nice for several jobs over the next couple of years.


  4. Go Dawgs!

    Good to see that Kirby has learned how to talk out of both sides of his mouth from Saban.


  5. Turd Ferguson

    I gotta think that visit was a net positive for Georgia. If I’m Crowell’s parents, I’m thinking that Georgia’s program is looking pretty damned stable compared to what’s going on elsewhere in the SEC.


  6. Stoopnagle

    Yes, let’s hope Kirby’s flirtation places some doubt in Crowell’s mind. Is it curious that the DC is recruiting a RB? I understand Kirby is a heck of a recruiter, but with McElwain (sp?) rumored to be heading to Texas, isn’t that a bit of a concern for Crowell? If you were his parent, wouldn’t you want to know the person who was going to be making PT decisions? and how your son fit into the offense?

    [insert snide comment about how nobody wants our coaches and that’s a bad thing here]

    Cutting loose on the offense on New Year’s Eve and bloodying up UCF (and the Skipper – BONUS!) is step one to getting the top offensive players. Richt is dead right that winning this bowl game is going to go a long way. The added point is, though, that Georgia needs to win it big with a lot of fireworks.

    I don’t follow recruiting, but I’m starting to because I sincerely believe that Richt has to close the deal on this class. He *has* to get Georgia’s top players this year and he *must* play them right away.

    ’11 is a pivotal year for UGA and Mark Richt. (duh.)


  7. tim

    I keep reading things like, why is a DC recruiting a running back? How about the fact that a wide receiver is the running back coach at GA. The whole philosophy of coaching is warped at UGA. “Hey kid, you’re an amazing running back, so once you learn to pass block properly, we’ll give you a few carries.”


    • I keep wondering – where is it written that only someone who played the position can succeed as a coach at that position?


    • Russ

      You only have to watch the first 15 seconds to see why the coaches might want the running backs to learn how to pass block.


    • Russell

      It’s part of the job. Learn your job. You are a football player. It shouldn’t be that difficult to learn. Want to and practice should make a football player of D1 caliber proficient at the menial but important job of pass blocking. Why are there so many people willing to give a pass on doing this?


      • Sanford222View


        And to the person getting ready to say, ” well just put him in to run the ball then”, you will be tipping your plays with personnel.


    • RedCrake

      Guess Urban Meyer had no business being an offensive coach…. he played DB at Cincy.


      • Stoopnagle

        Mike Leach and Charlie Weiss never played a down in college. Say what you want about them as HCs, but as OCs they are nothing if not successful.


  8. tim

    There is no rule that a WR can’t coach RB’s or vice versa. However, it does lend a great deal of credibilty when dealing with an impressionable, and often diva-ish, seventeen year old. (Oh, so you’re going to teach me how to run, even though you’ve never actually played as a running back? You can add in the associated eye-rolling in your mind). As far as blocking assignments, I completely agree that the kid should learn his job. How about plays that (1) limit his blocking responsibilities until he has a firm grasp of the offense, while (2) maximizing his strengths. Get the kid on the field to exploit what he does best. The video Russ posted is a great example. What about a chip block and release to the flat or across the middle depending on the coverage(the middle in this case) in order to give Murray a short option while not requiring a perfect block. A DE vs a RB is a huge mismatch to begin with, so where was the help. This was a coaching mistake more than an inevitable failure to make a block on a much bigger player. Blocking linemen one-on-one is not a RB responsibility. This is my biggest problem with the coaching staff as a whole. They seem overmatched regardless of who we are playing. Our players routinely appear out of position or at the short end of a one-on-one. There seems to be an inability to use the skills available vs. the determination to stick to the system. We had an amazing group of athletic and intelligent O-lineman this year, but they were NOT drive blockers. So where were the misdirection plays? Where were the screens, the pulling linemen on sweeps? Are Carlton Thomas or Caleb King really between the tackles type runners. Our staff seemed to think so. How about Thomas in the flat on a screen or a wheel route. I like the odds of that one-on-one situation, but apparently they’re not in the playbook. You better believe the high school kids know this by the time rival recruiters finish with them.


  9. I think it is time we stopped with the silly “RB coaching WR and WR coaching RB” canard. So what? Most coaches sucked as players (compared to who they are coaching), and some never played meaningful football in college or the pros.

    We should also stop expecting UGA grads, former players, former coaches to hold some kind of insane loyalty for UGA. This is their career. They have to look out for their own livelihood and their family.

    While I agree that certain comments are uncalled for (like Muschamp’s whole “dream job” line), but whatever. It doesn’t matter. It is a stupid thing to get all bent out of shape over.

    If you want to get upset about something, get upset that we are keeping Bobo on as OC instead of looking for an elite caliber OC. Get upset that Garner still sucks as a coach and is apparently not that great as a recruiter any more either. Get upset that we have 11 losses in the last 2 years. If you really must get upset, get upset about things that actually matter.


    • Biggus Rickus

      None of those things actually matter.


      • carolinadawg

        Our record over the last 2 years doesn’t matter? Am I understanding you to say that you don’t care if we win or lose?


        • Dawgwalker07

          I’m betting he’s saying our losses from the previous 2 years do not impact our ability to win this coming season.


    • Sanford222View

      Why is Garner a bad coach and recruiter all of a sudden? Last I checked he just put three defensive lineman in the NFL from last year’s team. I think I might be able to recall a few others over the last 15 years he has recruited and sent on to play on Sundays.


  10. Ted Williams

    Excellence in the field guarantees excellence in coaching.

    My lifetime BA is .344

    Lifetime WL % as a Manager is .429.

    It’s just like a great Chef being good at running a restaurant. The greatest ever were Chef TJ Applebee and Chef McDonald.

    Can somebody get me a hat? It’s cold in here.


  11. Russell

    Too much of this:


  12. This is John Galt speaking....

    Crowell is signing with Georgia.


  13. Ausdawg85

    Since this thread is now sort of aimless, here’s a view of what’s happening on the 40 acres with Muschamp’s departure: