Somewhere, Houston Nutt is smiling.

Following up on a post from yesterday, yes, Jimmy Sexton is Gus Malzahn’s agent.

… There were reports Monday that the Auburn offensive coordinator had decided to stay at the school for $1.3 per year. That’s $200,000 less than what he would have earned at Vanderbilt (that $3 million per year deal was off).

The move likely saves Malzahn’s career — Vandy is a notorious coach killer — and makes him what is believed to be the highest paid assistant in the country.

How high? A quick check of USA Today’s head coaching salary database shows that Malzahn now makes more per year than the base salaries of half the coaches in the country (61 schools). Ten schools did not provide salary information to the paper.

Vice Chancellor David Williams versus Jimmy Sexton?  Vandy never had a chance.  But every coach in the conference thanks them for trying.


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10 responses to “Somewhere, Houston Nutt is smiling.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Either way, Malzahn and Sexton are the winners and that’s all that really mattered to them in the first place.


  2. Bryant Denny

    I have to think that there was more to the Vandy situation than meets the eye or uh, the checkbook.

    Perhaps Vandy had some sort of crazy buy out language or maybe they just wouldn’t pony up for first class assistants.

    Either way, maybe Malzahn knew he couldn’t succeed where others like Watson Brown, Gerry Dinardo and Steve Sloan couldn’t.

    There will be other jobs – maybe UNC, West Va, Clemson – that will come up in the next year or so. If I was Malzahn I would probably hold off until something like this came up.


  3. Macallanlover

    I can see GM turning that down with only a $200K differential, he will get better offers. Had vandy come in at $2M+, I think Malzahn would have been a fool to turn it down. Given the amoumt of Vandy drags out of the conference, it is time they reinvest some money in football to keep from being a laughingstock. It is one thing to get kicked around by SEC schools, but they need to beat a decent OOC team every year.

    Base salary isn’t a good comparison in this case since assistants get so few bennies. But $1.3M is a gross overpayment for in this market for an assistant coach.


    • Mac, reports are that Vandy came in with an offer in the neighborhood of 7 years/$21 million. I think he was a fool to turn that kind of money down, but maybe Sexton knows best. 😉


      • Macallanlover

        My mistake, I thought I read there was not a $3MM offer from Vandy (just internet extrapolation.) If they did, that would constitute stepping up to me. To hire an unknown coordinator from Maryland is very disappointing. Whatever the result, it is time Vandy put on their “big boy pants”. I know we live in the entitlement age on steroids, but they are getting abusing the free ride.


  4. Paul

    Why does Vandy get the reputation as a coach killer when they let losers hang around for so long and don’t even care? Record killers, sure, but coach killer they are not.


  5. Bright Idea

    Auburn just was not gonna’ face Oregon without Malzahn to let him go to a place like Vandy. He still might take a head job elsewhere after Jan. 10.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    No surprise to learn the $3 mil deal was “off”. It was a fabrication to begin with. Malzahn will get much better offers than the Vandy job, and I’m not talking the distant future. There’s still plenty of changes coming on the coaching carousel.


  7. Drew Thompson

    Vandy’s reputation as a coach killer is true, though it has less to do with anything Vandy tries to do intentionally and more to do with the nature of the university (and the conference in which it is located). Here’s why: Vandy’s admission requirements and academic standards mean that the school is perpetually at a disadvantage in relation to the other (public) universities in its conference. And the second factor is the conference itself: the SEC, where competition is as high as it is anywhere in the country. If you want a good comparison, just look at Duke football over in the ACC. Duke brought in David Cutcliffe a few years ago (a top-notch SEC guy). They’ve had limited success, but I’d be surprised if they can ever do much better than the 5-7 record they had in 2009. And that’s in the ACC, which is much weaker than the SEC on the whole. Malzahn would have made the biggest mistake of his career by going to Vandy, and I think he’s willing to bide his time until a more attractive opportunity presents itself. (For my money, I would guess that will be somewhere in the SEC; Malzahn would probably not be satisfied going to another conference after having tasted success in the SEC, and there are plenty of schools that could have openings in a year, like Georgia, Ole Miss, South Carolina, etc.)