The NCAA cracks down.

Not on Cecil Newton.  On Lane Kiffin.

College football coaches now run the risk of being suspended by the NCAA for one or more games if they commit a secondary recruiting violation, such as exceeding phone-call limits or sending a text message to a recruit…

Grant Teaff, executive director of the AFCA, said his group is making an effort to police its own when it comes to recruiting annually one of the most competitive and contentious periods among schools and fans.

“This is our request: Anything that has to do with recruiting, if there’s a proven violation, we want the ability for the NCAA to say this will cost you a week or a maximum of two weeks,” Teaff said.”We as an association asked for that, and they granted that.”

I bet Mike Slive wishes Junior was back in the conference just so he could have the pleasure of getting him suspended.


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7 responses to “The NCAA cracks down.

  1. Bad Marinara

    Why do I expect Richt to start getting 2 game suspensions for having 2 assistants call a recruit on accident, or a friendly picture w/ a recruit getting leaked, while Parties on Toomer Corner go on unchecked?


  2. Macallanlover

    The NCAA and Slime/SEC currently have no teeth to enforce any regulations. By disregarding the written policy on the SCAM violation, and staging the suspend/forgiven at warp speed, who can take them seriously?

    The embarrassing “back-stroke” action two weeks ago has created such a lack of respect nationally, they have little choice but to come out this spring with a reversal (new evidence will become available). This would cause The aU to vacate their wins and the SEC title. Burning question to me: Does South Carolina become the 2010 SEC champ when this occurs? I cannot see leaving that vacant, it has never happened before.