Name that caption: Steve Spurrier, slave to fashion

This is a deeply disturbing photo that begs for your commentary.

Get to it in the comments section after your eyesight recovers.



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39 responses to “Name that caption: Steve Spurrier, slave to fashion

  1. Castleberry

    “You really are a Cock, Steve!!! Don’t you know Gators wear jean shorts.”


  2. Scott

    At least he’s not the one rockin’ the Mom jeans……..


  3. jermaine's dye

    Trying to find something quick and witty here….but…nothing.

    What’s wrong with me?

    I don’t know, but there’s something about Spurrier (and that shit eating grin on his face) that I’m already missing.

    See the Muschamp Presser yesterday. In an era of COACHSPEAK, spawn of Saban and Meyer, in which coaches say nothing, nada, blah blah blah, “work hard and get buttah,” there is something priceless about Spurrier. He was the perfect Nemesis. Something Wild West, gunslinger, “hang 50 on them in Athens,” that was priceless.

    (I can say that because I was there, in the stands when he did hang 50 on us. How long did he nurse that grudge?)

    You have to appreciate man who hates you and lives to beat you. A man who has not forgotten losing to Georgia and George Patton in 1966 27-10. A man who lived to defeat us. He should have made us better. He should have made us demand championship excellence. He did. And we did. At least for awhile (2002-2007).

    Now, our program has swallowed something. Something that makes us fat and entitled. Say what you want about Spurrier and his method (benching players, calling out players, calling out other programs) there was nothing “entitled” about his approach.

    Maybe this is just an odd form of nostalgia. Spurrier hasn’t been Spurrier in over a decade. But in an age where Tennessee goes through 3 coaches in 3 years and Florida changes from one Corch to another, Spurrier and his shit eating grin bring back a link to the second half of the SEC’s last century. And a time when we used to beat the hell out of Florida. At least Auburn is still buying players. That will have to do to keep SEC nostalgia for now.

    I’ll never forget in 2007, as South Carolina was whipping us up front and had the lead at the half, Spurrier was jogging off the field. I was near the sideline by the students who were yelling things about Spurrier and his mother and the legitimacy of his birth all the while giving him the single finger salute. Hundreds of Georgia fans in one huge, “FUCK YOU.” Spurrier kept jogging, head down, toward the tunnel. But right before he got to the hedges, he stopped, looked up, smiled, and waved to the crowd.

    Looked to my buddy and said, “Damn. Only Steve.”


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      +2 dude.


    • hayduke

      I’m with you, JD. Love the OBC, he’s a freaking hoot. What was it he said after this year’s game in response to why we couldn’t stop the run up the middle? “I’m not sure why it kept working, they must not run that play in the NFL”. Pure comedic gold.


  4. Normaltown Mike

    I recognize the guy on the right from “To Catch a Predator”

    The other guy….


  5. AlphaDawg

    I think I can hear “Ice Ice Baby” being played in the background


  6. Anon

    Do you like to give or take?


  7. Ausdawg85

    Upon failing to find Mike Leach in Key West, Steve hooks-up with one of the locals for a fun evening.



  8. Dog in Fla

    Taking a break from the grind of recruiting, Steve and RC look for some fast times at Ridgemont High before getting run off by Spicoli.


  9. Will

    That look on his face definitely says “I was born and raised in Tennessee,” though, doesn’t it?


    • Stoopnagle

      …if the Hanes undershirt under the Hawaiian didn’t already.

      I’ve been guilty of the same look, I’m afraid. But I also wear three shirts in the summer in Georgia, so…


    • gastr1

      EAST Tennessee, Will, EAST Tennessee.

      I can’t believe I didn’t know that about Spurrier before now…I thought he just a North Florida redneck. But no, he’s definitely East Tennessee, and yes, it’s painfully apparent in this photo.


  10. Purple Drank

    …not that there is anything wrong with that…


  11. Dawgwalker07

    “Stephen told me this hat looked cool. Maybe I shouldn’t listen to everything he says…”


  12. Normaltown Mike

    RC: “Watch out ladies, this gun is loaded”

    SS: “Wuzzup”


  13. Brandon

    Sure I may look like a dufus but I’ll beat Georgia more times than my previous 5 successors combined, and I’ll do it with your $%#@ in my #$% too.


  14. Normaltown Mike

    holy shit, i think RC is wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt!

    look at the glove.


  15. NRBQ

    Boy, the dress code at Augusta National is going to shit.


    Damn, Bubba, is that whipped cream in your drank?


  16. Rocket Dawg

    That HAS to be photo shopped? If not then where in the hell was that picture taken? Is there some secret coaches camp that they all go to in June and get freaky?


  17. JBJ

    “Dude, I thought you said they don’t allow cameras in this gay club.”


  18. steve norris

    Steve always said that winning the East was key…but his heart was in Key West…


  19. Russell

    “This is a deeply disturbing photo that begs for your commentary.”

    I am unable to comment. I am too deeply disturbed.


  20. dawg1976

    fake but funny


  21. Toom

    Don’t miss the link, there’s some funny stuff there.


  22. Coweta Dawg

    Ray Goff is a whiz with Adobe Photoshop


  23. travis fain

    That’s R.C. Slocum? For a moment I thought it was Jeremy Foley.