Grantham’s sense of priorities

I freely admit I’m a sucker for a good Todd Grantham quote.  He laid a nice one on Seth Emerson yesterday.

As Todd Grantham gets re-acquainted with the recruiting trail, he has developed a pretty central philosophy:

“The first thing I ask is: Can the guy help us beat Florida,” Grantham, the Georgia defensive coordinator, said on Wednesday. “I mean truthfully, because that’s who we have to beat to win the SEC. And off the guys that I feel like we’re recruiting and have committed to us, I can say yes off of that. So I’m really excited off those guys.”

But what about South Carolina – which won the division this year and might be the favorite next year?

“I’m playing percentages,” Grantham said.

Okay, technically that’s two, but you get my point.  I hope he’s as good a judge of talent as VanGorder was.


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29 responses to “Grantham’s sense of priorities

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Perhaps Grantham should have pointed out that if Georgia had beaten Florida, we would have been in the driver’s seat in the East. And if we’d beaten Auburn, too, we would have won the damn thing.


    • Dawgfan Will

      I’ll give you Florida, but we just did the same thing everyone else did against Auburn. If Oregon wins the MNC, then I’ll admit they’re beatable. Until then, I’m not going to gripe about a loss that everyone else that played the same team has in common.


      • Go Dawgs!

        Granted. Just saying, if we’d taken care of business from the Florida game on, we win the SEC East. South Carolina wasn’t what did us in, Florida was. As usual. Even losing to SC, we could have won the SEC East. So, Grantham’s right to cite Florida as the team to beat, not the Gamecock blip on the radar.


  2. The Realist

    He’s at least proven to be a damn good quote. With Spurrier nearly out the door, it is good to have someone tell it like it is… with a twist. I just hope Grantham can coach as well as he can quip like Ol’ Ball Coach.


  3. Julie

    You can always count on CTG to put a burr in Spurrier’s jorts.


    • Devil's Advocate

      I’m not sure that Spurrier’s really got much of a burr up his jorts from Grantham. All he’s gotta do is say, “Scoreboard.”


      • fuelk2

        If he says “scoreboard,” it should be to Bobo. If he’s talking to Grantham, his comment should be more limited to “total rushing yards.”


  4. Bob

    I thought Greg McGarity was trying to downplay the Gator game as any more important than any other SEC game? LOL


    • Normaltown Mike


      Good thing he didn’t provide the above quote.


      • No One Knows You're a Dawg

        I’m glad someone in the Georgia football program thinks 1) we can beat Florida, and 2) it’s important to beat Florida. Richt and McGarity seem a bit too comfortable with losing it. No wonder they get along so well.


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I guarantee you that McGarity is not comfortable with the Dawgs losing to FLA no matter what the public pronouncements may be. If it happens 2 or 3 years in a row with him as AD he will be extremely uncomfortable with it.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    I love CTG, and his determination to beat florida is always welcome news. But he had best get his ass in gear on the recruiting trail. Many JUCO’s and early enrollees would be starting school in a few weeks. We only have 1 DL, 1 DE and 1 ILB verbals for the D front seven. He better get those players he’s talking about, or hope Santa brings him a magic wand for Christmas.


  6. Spike

    I am willing to give CTG some time and some slack to get the defense ready to play. And he talks a good game so far. But he needs to back up that talk and get some fanatics on his defense and reconstitute the Junkyard Dawg mentality.


  7. Derek

    Better quote:

    The first thing I ask myself is “does he scare me?’ If I was face to face with this guy in a dark alley would I shit myself? If so, I ask him to come to UGA. If not, I suggest he go to Florida.


  8. JBJ

    CTG. A guy that gets it.


  9. Benjamin

    Keep CWM from cheery picking the state might help in the upcoming years, by shoring up sloppy in state recruiting. UGA needs to fence off the state ,and not just in football (Yes im talkin to you Coach Fox!). As a fan of UF, I cherish the talent we seem to pull annually out of Ga.


    • Benjamin

      And I think if Cammy had been a good boy at UF (and stayed) that Urbie wouldnt have retired. However, that is not how it worked out so who knows or cares.


  10. Can we cut it out with the CWM stuff for opposing team’s coaches?

    CWM is Coach Willie Martinez. Its not Coach Will Muschamp.

    Reserve the acronym use for our own coaches, since those are the names we type a lot. Other coaches sould simply be Meyer, Muschamp, Saban, Spurrier, etc.


  11. If he could coach half as good as he talks, we’d be in pretty good shape.

    Still can’t believe we gave up 31 to UF’s “offense”(sic)