Thursday morning buffet

Drive safely this morning, and dig in.

  • Six of the nine most watched college football games this season on television were SEC contests.  Money well spent, CBS.
  • On the other hand, viewership of the Heisman Trophy ceremony dropped to its lowest level since 2006.  You only get one guess as to why.
  • You’ve got to love a post which contains the line “when it comes to meaningless Congressional measures, no single vote means more than that of Corrine Brown.”
  • Florida is dead to Heisman Pundit now.
  • Congratulations, Aron White.  Just don’t borrow Mudcat’s car to drive to the ceremony, okay?
  • I thought something similar to this the other day, but I think it carries more weight coming from a Florida guy:  “… that Brantley, a lifelong Gator and a legacy player, is considering a transfer despite the fact that UF hired a Gainesville guy who’s promising a pro-style offense speaks volumes.”
  • I’m surprised it took somebody this long to blame Camgate on the BCS.
  • Mark Cuban will fix that, though.
  • Muschamp won’t put a staff together until after Florida’s bowl game, so is he handling recruiting all by his lonesome right now?


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19 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. Prov

    Mark Cuban: fighting for the little guy…or a few more millions.


  2. H-Town Dawg

    Mr.SEC pointed out that Muschamp is “The Jimmy.” lol Well, “The Jimmy” can shove the “temporary insanity” crap right back where it came from…


  3. Ben

    The more I hear about this Muschamp thing, the less worried I get. It makes no sense to me to hire a guy for a program like UF who has no HC experience. It makes no sense to keep an ego like Meyer’s around. It makes no sense that he’s not assembling a staff NOW (I wonder if that’s because he can’t get anyone to come along for the ride?).

    I know he’s a good coach, but waiting around three more weeks to put his staff together seems to be a bad administrative move, and we all know that’s a core component to being a good, if not great, HC.


    • SCDawg

      What about those current FL assistants who are going to be losing their jobs next season, you know, the ones who’ve been recruiting certain players for a year or more? They’re no longer out there recruiting. Obviously if he gets a staff together before signing day he’ll have some recruiting help, but I wonder how the class will turn out.


      • gastr1

        I’m just really hoping Brantley transfers, because if he does they are absolutely screwed QB-wise, and the odds will be that much better we can re-establish the natural order of things against them next year.


  4. TomReagan

    Heisman Pundit should watch Wisconsin and Stanford play more often.

    I suppose he also missed out on the run that USC put together in the decade leading up to last year.

    Why does it have to be one offense or the other? This isn’t the NFL where everyone runs the same thing and the difference is in degrees of perfection.* There’s plenty of room for all sorts of offenses in college football.

    *I realize this is a gross oversimplification at best, and not even true at worst, but humor me. I think I deserve a bit of leeway considering that I’m discussing a post that refers simply to the ‘spread’ and ‘pro-style’ offenses as though they were all one homogenous unit.


    • Dante

      * I think you’re spot on. If you really want to hear something special, see if you can find one of the few times Ditka has gone off on how there’s really no such thing as the West Coast Offense. It’s pure genius. NFL offense is NFL offense.


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I feel sorry for John Brantley. He’s not very different from Aaron Murray–only a couple of years older. A Florida high school star with a bright future. A “Top-Gun” QB with a lot of traditional QB skills who signed with the wrong school, putting his future in the hands of the wrong coach. His considerable talents have been wasted by the dogmatic approach of a “system” coach who refuses , or is unable, to use his available talent wisely. Instead, the “system” coach has squandered this talent by making him do things he is not suited to do. How successful would Tim Tebow have been if Meyer had insisted that he be a drop-back passer and never run with the ball? Brantley is the mirror image of that, a passer who has been asked to run instead. I don’t know John Brantley but he seems like a nice young man to me. Had he gone to FSU or a host of other colleges he probably would have been highly successful. Instead he chose to play for Urban Meyer, who ruined his college career. You only get to play college football, or any other collegiate sport, one time. It is very sad to realize when you are a senior in college that you have wasted that one time. I hope he and his family understand exactly who is to blame. That sometimes gets lost in the “I guess I just wasn’t good enough” malaise. I also hope other kids saw this and appreciate exactly what happened here. Time to leave, Urban Meyer. Your act has gotten old and your welcome has run out.


    • HVL Dawg

      “……who signed with the wrong school, putting his future in the hands of the wrong coach.”

      Screw him. He’s a gator and I hate him.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        My point exactly. If Brantley had signed elsewhere he wouldn’t have been a gator, you wouldn’t hate him and he wouldn’t have screwed up his college career playing for a mindless robotic automaton Frankenstein monster.


  6. D.N. Nation

    I’ll give HeismanPundit credit for correctly predicting Auburn’s rise. I couldn’t stop forwarding the link when he said Chizik would have the Barn competing for the national championship within a few years, and well well, here we are.

    But he’s not perfect, obviously. Cough, 2005 Boise State, cough.


    • Russ

      If he predicted Cam Newton happening, then I’ll give him credit. Otherwise, it’s a purely lucky guess (as most predictions are). I think the more like prediction is that Auburn will be back to 7-5 or 8-3 next year after Cam leaves.


      • Jams

        before I post this link, I want to point out that Chris Huston (Heisman Pundit) is totally useless when not talking about the Heisman Trophy, as his writing is transparently driven almost entirely by attempts to troll for hits (hence the “Nice Knowing Ya, Gators” post). His favorite topics are railing on the SEC and stumping for the Pac 10.

        He got lucky talking about Newton, but then again if you cast a wide enough net then you’re going to catch something eventually…


  7. Russ

    Senator, I’m just amazed that you read the Ft Wayne newspaper.


  8. HVL Dawg

    Regarding Bobo’s quote of the day:

    Does anybody out there besides me think Bobo is more qualified to be a head coach than Derek Dooley?


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Apparently the college football world doesn’t hold CMB in much esteem. But you make a good point. He’s got 10 years under CMR and a few as an OC. I don’t care for CMB as an OC, but I’ll admit he’s a better-than-average QB coach and recruiter. That should be sufficient to get a HC offer somewhere. DD’s hire was a huge reach.


  9. 69Dawg

    Foley had to know that the hiring of a Lil Nicky clone was going to get him the Pro O and the 3-4. Why would he do this??? You have to be cock sure about your schools ability to adapt quickly. The Gator fans will not sit by and wait for long. Will’s honeymoon will be 1 year max.


  10. FisheriesDawg

    I’d say CBS was pretty smart when they decided to move the Iron Bowl to Friday and move LSU-Arkansas back to Saturday.