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“We’re still listening and trying to figure things out.”

Who says Jim Delany doesn’t listen to the fans?

It’s his New Coke.


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Losing sleep over losing games

I have a working theory.  Aaron Murray is a very good player who is going to be great because he obsesses about his mistakes.

“I usually lay in bed at night thinking about every single loss and what plays here and there I could have made,” Murray said Wednesday. “If you go back and look at the games we’ve lost, most of it is due to our errors. It’s tough at night reflecting on the plays we could have had this year that could have changed our season.”

Or as Richt admitted, “When we did turn it over, there were some very inopportune times for those to happen.”

Georgia has committed 14 turnovers this season after having 28 a year ago, but Ealey’s fumbles prevented the Bulldogs from tying the games in Columbia and Starkville. King’s fumble allowed Colorado to escape in what would be the final victory in the Dan Hawkins era, but there is no doubt which miscue Murray wants back most.

“Definitely the pick from Florida,” he said. “The way we were able to come back in that game and put it into overtime, we really felt like we had a shot to win.”

Maybe next year he can fall asleep thinking better thoughts.



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Looking to the sidelines and getting board

Brophy explains the art/science of calling plays from the sidelines for no-huddle offenses.


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Friday morning buffet

Bowl season is almost upon us, so dig in.


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Whatever it takes, the new standard

Auburn, the trendsetter:

… A key step occurs Friday, when Texas regents convene via teleconference for a special meeting. One of the agenda items: “Discussion and appropriate action regarding individual personnel matters related to appointment, employment, evaluation, compensation, assignment, and duties of assistant football coaches, including offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator.”

The meeting is necessary to authorize salary figures for coordinators that would allow Texas to compete with the going rate for elite candidates in comparable positions: Specifically, the $1.3 million per year deal given to Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn earlier this week.

So, Texas wants to be in position to pay both of its coordinators seven-figure salaries.  Somewhere, Jimmy Sexton is sporting the biggest shit-eating grin you’ve ever seen.  The race is on and the schools with money will win.

That’s why the most laughable part of Mark Cuban’s playoff proposal is this:

Cuban suggested trying to persuade major donors to college athletic programs to cut off financial support until their presidents approve a playoff system. He said he thinks it would take about three or four years of planning to get a playoff up and running.

Yeah, tell ’em to ensure that their programs don’t have what they think it takes to compete in the here and now so that in a few years they can have a bigger playoff.  That’s going to be one helluva sales job, Mark.


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