Take pride in your accomplishments.

A little self-deprecating humor from Aron White’s impressive speech at yesterday’s commencement ceremony:

… We have even been named the number one party school in America.  Given our record this year, at least we are number one in something.

There aren’t a lot of high-profile athletes that can laugh at themselves like that.  Best of luck to you, Aron, but I don’t think you’ll need it to succeed.


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7 responses to “Take pride in your accomplishments.

  1. Blumine

    Love you Aron


  2. Russ

    Damn good Dawg! Well done, Aron!


  3. aristoggle

    Damn good Dawg, indeed. Woof!


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Doesn’t White have a year or two of eligibility left? Good kid.


  5. Dawgfan Will

    Coundown until some irretrievably disgruntled fan comments that that attitude is why we aren’t number one on the field: 3…2…1…


  6. aious

    I am sure season-ticket holders and alumni giving thousands love it.

    So funny that we are wasting our money! hahahaha

    You go, Aaron.


  7. uga63

    Aron gets the well deserved accoldades…but let’s not forget Fred Gibson…shout out at the 2:29-32 mark from his Waycross brethren:

    Graduated ‘from the game’ and then from school. Congratulations are in order for Fred. Good luck and Go Dawgs.