Just like old times

Via SI.com's college football page

From Kevin Scarbinsky’s paean to Mark Cuban’s playoff proposal:

… Rematches would be an occupational hazard of a full-blown playoff. Using the formula above, Auburn might have to go through Alabama in the first-round, Arkansas in the quarterfinals and LSU in the championship game, all for the second time.

So to win a national title, Auburn would have to play and beat three teams it defeated in the regular season.  Wouldn’t it save time simply to crown the winner of the SECCG the national champion?


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  1. Jets Double-Secret Special Teams Coach

    This is why I have thought it would be better to have conference champs only. But many, many, many, many, and still many more hate that idea. Georgia ’07, they scream, would not have made it in! –even though a team they lost to 35-14 would have.

  2. Prov

    Senator, Auburn would have to play those teams twice in order to settle it on the field. For a second time.

  3. hodgie

    While I do agree the rematch part of a playoff annoys me, I don’t think it should be the determining factor against using a playoff. I understand college football is what we love the most. However, every other sport uses a playoff system. Playoffs are not always perfect. However, the BCS isn’t always perfect either. I wish there were some form of compromise, like a +1 or using the BCS to form an 8 team playoff. Playoffs will work. BCS system as it is =crapola!

    • garageflowers

      “However, every other sport uses a playoff system. ”

      Which is probably why college football is the only sport I watch ever week, yet maybe tune into the basketball tourney and college world series. The charm of college football is that most years, even one lose can kill your hopes for NC. At the end of 07, UGA was probably playing better than everyone, but I have no problem with them being left out of the BCSNC… they should have beaten USC and UT.

      • gastr1

        USC *OR* UT. But that does bring up a good question…how do we account for teams that close better than they start? Is it better to have the champion be the best team at the end of the year or the team that had the best overall regular season?

        • garageflowers

          I agree with the *OR*… especially that year when a two lose team won. I was trying to say that to make it (most times… not Auburn in 2004), teams control their destiny by winning their games. Win out, and you will probably go to the Championship game. I think the whole season should count… otherwise why play it. I don’t think UGA deserved it because that UT game was embarrassing. I was on a mountain somewhere outside Johnson City, TN at a wedding, and all of the good ol’ boys were listening to the game on their truck radios… NO ONE knew I was a dawg fan that day. *sigh* What a crappy weekend.

      • S.E. Dawg

        garageflowers, in, I think 07, LSU didn’t get that memo. Two losses.

        • garageflowers

          Sorry “two lose” above should have been “two loss”. Also I think in 07, LSU won its conference championship game and had two overtime losses… not an embarrassing 35-14 loss (from my friends that saw the game, it wasn’t even that close).

  4. TennesseeDawg

    Not to mention there could be a chance of the same teams meeting 3 times. Once in the regular season, once in the championship game and again in the playoff.

  5. Macallanlover

    I love CFB, I mean really love it. I don’t think we need 16 teams for a legit playoff, but if someone said we are going to have a “second season”, how could any CFB fan be against it? In the “second season” all cupcake games are eliminated, you must have won at least 11 games, must have appeared in, or won, your conference’s title game, or be rated in the Top 10 by 2 of the 3 major polls. More complicated than the 8 team idea, or the 4 Superconferences proposal, but it means more CFB and some damned good matchups. Not my favorite idea, but this 16 team thing just won’t go away, nor will someone claiming a National Title when one doesn’t exist. Just gonna happen every year sure as night follows day. Let’s do it! Tired of all the arguning with no one getting any traction. Next year we will just dust all this off and start again.

  6. GreenDawg

    With the SECCG, that makes four straight games against opponents they would have already beaten. Auburn basically would have to make it through their SEC schedule twice in order to win the MNC.

  7. Jon Lovitz

    The “Plus-One” game, that’s the ticket.

  8. No other comment although it is amazing how many journalists do not what the word “ultimate” means.