The Bobo debate marches on.

Mark Richt isn’t going anywhere this offseason.  The defensive coaches are going to get the benefit of the doubt after having had only one year to clean up the mess Willie Martinez left.  There is no longer any insane coaching directing special teams’ play.

After a 6-6 season, that leaves the offensive coordinator to bear the brunt of fans’ fury.

His quarterback doesn’t get what all the fuss is about.

… Murray also laughs when asked about the play-calling criticism.

“I don’t know why people complain,” Murray said. “We’re gonna set about six records this year. We’re gonna score 30 points in eight straight games. I mean that’s all due to play-calling. I don’t know how you’re gonna complain when we’re throwing 30 points on the board.. … If you go back and look through the games that we’ve lost, most of it’s due to our errors: fumbling it, throwing interceptions, us not taking care of the ball.”

In fairness, there is some truth to that defense.  I might even take it further and note that some of Bobo’s timidity in playcalling could be chalked up to having to work around dysfunctional personnel performances at key moments, such as Murray’s jacked up start in the Florida game.  (Chapas being less than 100% since the South Carolina game didn’t help, either.)

And playcalling has to account for what I would argue has turned out to be the best season for a freshman quarterback in Georgia history.

Redshirt freshman quarterback Aaron Murray is putting his stamp on Georgia’s record book entering the Liberty Bowl on New Year’s Eve:

• Murray has 28 total touchdowns, 24 passing and four rushing, which ties him with D.J. Shockley (2005) for Georgia’s single-season standard.

• He needs one touchdown pass to match the 25 that Matthew Stafford threw in 2008 to set the school’s single-season mark.

• His efficiency rating of 162.73 this season is ahead of the 155.8 school-record rating Mike Bobo set in 1997.

• He already holds Georgia’s freshman passing record with 2,851 yards, which ranks second all-time in SEC annals.

That’s not just a great freshman season.  That’s a great season, period.  And as David Greene points out, the team needed every yard of it.

… Greene’s four seasons as Georgia’s starter coincided with the four years the Bulldogs thrived under former defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder. Georgia allowed 30 or more points once under VanGorder, and that was to LSU in 2003 when Nick Saban’s Tigers were on their way to a national championship.

The Bulldogs have allowed 30 or more points five times this season and gave up 29 in an inexplicable loss at Colorado. They enter the Liberty Bowl having scored 30 or more points a program-record seven straight times, yet they are 5-2 in those games.

Hence Greene’s reasoning why Murray is dealing with far more pressure to produce.

“I never felt like that,” Greene said. “The best thing you can have as a quarterback is a great defense. When I was at Georgia, I just had to manage the game, protect the ball and make the plays when they had to be made. When we played at Auburn in ’02, we were horrible offensively, but our defense kept us in that game. Nobody would be talking about the pass to Michael Johnson if our defense didn’t force so many three-and-outs.

“Aaron has had to be pretty efficient, and he was.”

True ‘dat.  But – and you knew there was a “but” coming, right? – you can’t help but wish that Murray’s position coach had sat down and had a chat with the offensive coordinator after the Louisiana game about what they had.

“Aaron may have shocked the coaches a little, because when you go back to the start of the season, they were pretty conservative and didn’t try to give him too much,” Greene said.

No doubt A.J.’s absence was crippling and fed into that feeling of not pushing too much.  And that his return had a liberating effect on the offense.  The stats certainly bear that out.

… During Green’s four-game NCAA suspension, the Bulldogs averaged 352.3 yards and 24.3 points per game. After the star receiver’s return, they averaged 414.5 yards and 39.3 points per game.

But Green is most likely gone for good next year, and so is Kris Durham.  So how much confidence should we share with Orson Charles about next season?

… Tight end Orson Charles, who should be a key part of next year’s offense, suspects the fans that want the offense opened up will get their wish next year.

“When we lost those four straight games, everybody was telling everybody that we have to fire Coach Richt and Bobo and whatnot. And we just stuck together,” Charles said. “Now that Aaron has a year under his belt, he knows what Aaron can and can’t do. Now he’ll feel comfortable bootlegging him, making him run, throwing the deep ball, (the stuff) that he’s proven this year.”

That’s the hard part for me.  It’s not that Bobo doesn’t flash moments of brilliance.  He does.  It’s not that he doesn’t have the ability to grasp the weaknesses in an opponent’s defense and game plan to take advantage of them.  He did that in every game I saw this year.  He’s quite capable with his in-game adjustments, too.  He did a brilliant job in the Florida game of holding things together early and then going after what the Gators gave him to push the game into overtime.

And Aaron Murray shows that Bobo knows how to develop and deploy talent.

That’s pretty much a checklist of what you want from an offensive coordinator.  So why do I feel hesitant about jumping on board Orson Charles’ bandwagon?


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    Why don’t you feel comfortable jumping on OC’s bandwagon? Because somebody needs to be blamed when we have a season like this, and Bobo’s the scapegoat. It’s pretty ridiculous, but hey, Grantham’s a great soundbyte, and since we all knew the defense was going to be a “work in progress” (which is code for “gonna suck”), we feel unreasonable yelling about the defense. So, Bobo gets it because he didn’t score 50 a game. And, granted, I complained about him a LOT this season, especially during the first five games when they handcuffed Aaron Murray. But about two-thirds of the way through the season, I backed off of that a little bit. Bobo had a decent season. Fact is, Georgia just plain missed on some of those early games. But, we’re not willing as a fanbase to just say “shit happens”, so somebody has to be blamed. This year, it’s Bobo and Richt.


    • gastr1

      Yes, everyone wants to give Grantham a pass, as they should, and Bobo’s fair game. But he does a much better job than Richt did and we may just have to accept that this year the defense was not going to do very well with the offensive talent in the SEC–yeah, there’s more than the was a few years ago, more than I think there’s been in a while–and ultimately the offense did not have the right experience/parts/stones at the end of games/whatever to outscore people like Auburn and Arkansas did.


  2. Jordan

    I think the main gripe people have with Bobo is that a lot of times during games he seems to move away from what’s working (some people will say for the sake of balance). While we scored a lot some people feel we should have scored double, which they see as a possibility if he had stuck with what was working in certain games.

    Not saying I don’t entirely disagree with that school of thought, but it hasn’t been the offense holding us back the last few years.


    • Brandon

      People have to realize that every play is not going to work, that does not mean it is the offensive coordinator’s fault that he “got away” from something we had been doing successfully or made a bad call. Sometimes teams do things on defense to take away plays you had been running with success. Our defense has been so bad in recent years every decision our offensive coordinator makes is magnified because our defense is so bad that our offense has to score nearly every time we get the ball in order to win. This blaming Bobo for our woes is a lot like a set of parents with two teenage daughters who spend all of their time grilling one of their daughters who made a B in Chemistry while ignoring the problems the other daughter who is a crackhead who has had three kids they have to raise and steals their checkbook, its really ridiculous. I applaud David Greene for stating the obvious. I’m not jumping on Orson’s bandwagon next year because losing A.J. is going to hurt, our offense will likely perform next year much like it has this year which has been pretty good, good enough to win the SEC, what takes us to 10, 11, 12 or more win team next year is going to have to be a better defense, that’s where we have drastic room to improve.


  3. keith

    Go back and find the stats on the number of play action passes ran out of the I formation when our running game sucked. Then you might just remember why Bobo deserves some flack. Or why, knowing that Murray is a mobile QB, Bobo didn’t roll him out more. There are many more reasons and let me caution you on the stat line of, 30 plus points seven straight games, cause here is the truth behind that record:
    41 vs UT which allowed 24.7 pt per game, 55th in the nation, gave up+30 five times
    43 vs Vandy, 31.2 pts per games, 94th in the nation, + 30 six times
    44 vs UK, 28.5, 74th in the nation, +30 four tmes
    31 vs UF, 21.1, 31st in the nation, +30 five times
    55 vs Idaho St, +30 eight times
    31 vs AU, 24.5, 54th in the nation, +30 four times
    42 vs GT, 26.2, 59th in the nation, +30 on only 3 times..

    That stat sounds good until you consider the competetion. They handcuffed Murray when it was obvious that it wasn’t needed and that falls on Bobo also. After all, he had been in our system for well over a year. We could have won the SC game is they had let him loose. Regardless of AJ.


    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but in every example you list, Georgia exceeded the opponent’s season scoring average.


      • Macallanlover

        True, so their defensive ranking is impacted by our offensive production. Just like the “UGA didn’t beat a team with a winning record, but Kentucky, Georgia Tech, and TN were all 6-6 because we beat them, otherwise they all would have had a winning record in 2010. This isn’t to say we should be very happy, but this team lost to five bowl teams, two of which are in BCS bowls. In all six losses, the game was very much in doubt until some point, usually late into the 4th, or 5th Qtr. We certainly didn’t finish well in those games, but no one blew us out. We made 3-4 critical mistakes on offense, and failed to stop anyone when it really counted.

        By any measure, we were very respectable on offense with a terrible OL performance and our biggest weapon out for 1/3 of the year. Also by any measure, we did nothing well on defense, nada. If you had told me this set of circumstances before the season I would have expected a losing season. I hope for more next season, but I am very concerned about our defense, both personnel and scheme. Offense may not be as potent, but that is not my big concern, nor the OC. Sure I would like a different offensive look, but our playcalling hasn’t been beating us since 2005.


      • Sanford222View

        Thank you! It is still UGA record and I am sure the Dogs have had other stretches against worse defensive competition not scoring over 30 that many times.


      • JN

        I’m assuming you’re playing devil’s advocate b/c it’s good for your blog among other reasons. That being said, your counter point doesn’t match up to his point. His point is that some folks, particularly ones who like Bobo as OC, throw out the 30+ pts in the last 7 games as an end all be all stat. In reality, especially w/ the talent on this offense, UGA should have scored 30 in all those games…6 out of 7 at a minimum. The outcome should be judged based on talent, not a specific # that is a “tell all” number as some folks seem to thing 30 is.

        Stats rarely tell the entire story, as they don’t in this case. Stats weren’t needed to show that Moreno was superior to Brown, weren’t needed to know Samuel wasn’t a good fit at running back, aren’t needed to know Murray is special, aren’t needed to know AJ is beyond special.


        • Hackerdog

          On the contrary, stats are extremely valuable. Stats can add balance to a frustrated, emotional point of view. People can see 6-6 and conclude that the offense must have sucked. Statistics shows otherwise. Keep in mind that the record streak of games with 30 points includes years when Georgia faced competition worse than this years’.

          And the Senator’s question is exactly on point. You can’t dismiss the streak by arguing that we should have scored 30 on each team without acknowledging that most teams didn’t score 30 on them. That’s why their season averages, even including giving up 30+ to Georgia, are below 30. It’s that argument that is logically dissonant. “Our offense sucked because we lost games. And the 7 game streak doesn’t prove our offense is good because our offense is so good that we easily should have put up those points on those teams.”


  4. dudetheplayer

    I like how Murray thinks scoring 30+ in the bowl game is a foregone conclusion.

    Now that’s confidence!


  5. shane#1

    I am not on Bobo’s bandwagon, nor an I a Bobo basher. Play calling is as much an art as a science and if an unusual play works it’s a great call, if it doesn’t work it’s an idiotic call. I don’t understand why balence is a bad thing. Balance is necessary for a pro style offense that has the run and the play action pass as it’s bread and butter. Maybe the dogs need to go to more of a shotgun spread offense to take advantage of Murray’s style but changing the whole offensive philosophy isn’t done overnight, especially with a rookie QB. Look at Meyer in 2006. He took the off week before the WLOCP to change his O. The difference was that he changed back to an offense more familar to his SENIOR QB and his O line. Changing to a spread that is new to your O line with a rookie QB is much more difficult. So if Bobo continues to run the same O he is going to go deep from time to time to keep the D honest.


    • Dante

      Balance isn’t a bad thing but it’s an effect, not a cause. Good pro-style offenses are balanced because they end up in a cat-and-mouse with defenses that alternate between stopping the run at the expense of leaving receivers single-covered and stopping the pass at the expense of wider running lanes. The defenses can’t key in on one thing so they have to alternate which in turn makes the offense alternate. To think that trying for balance will lead to increased success is like believing those Wall Street Journal commercials that try to get you to sign up by implying you’ll have more income if you do since the average income of Wall Street Journal subscribers is so high.

      Even with his Quixotic pursuit of balance, my biggest beef with Bobo is that I often see him letting off the gas before he does it. And I’m nobody. I’m sure if I can sometimes see it a mile away, defensive coordinators can often see it ten miles away.


      • Good point.

        There’s a difference between having a balanced attack and being balanced in your playcalling. The former means having the ability to either run the ball or throw the ball with equal competency so that defenses take a risk in keying on one aspect or the other. The latter should be a means to an end – exploiting that defensive risk created by the nature of your offensive attack – rather than an end in itself.


  6. The Watergirl

    Only complaint I’ve ever had with Bobo is we run a boring offense full of weapons!! When the pass is working and your putting points on the board don’t resort back to the run just for balance. Bobo in critical moments in the game gets real conservative. I look at other high scoring teams in the nation I feel like we have just as many weapons if not more, so use them!!!


  7. shane#1

    Keith wrote a very good post. I was just as frustrated in the Carolina game as any other Dawg. However, I place as much of the blame for that loss on the D’s inability to stop Lattimore as I place on Bobo. When the other team is wearing out your D you have to buy as much time as possible with your running game as much to give your D a rest as to score. You also have to consider that the Gamecocks had two NFL caliber safeties, you have a rookie QB, and your backup QB had been on campus since June. Roll Murray out one time too many and let one of those guys get a good lick on him and 6 and 6 turns into 3 and 9.


  8. MinnesotaDawg

    This whole conversation just gets back to my whole issue with Richt’s game management philosophy. Instead of a “let’s score as many points as we can and use our best weapons to best exploit our opponents weaknesses throughout the entire game” approach…..we try to “manage” our offense to score JUST enough points to put us in a position to win. You can see this approach in some of David Green’s quotes about how his job was to protect the football and “make the plays when they had to be made.” Of course, the problem is that you don’t always “make the plays” at the end of the game to bail you out of tight games (UF in 2002, LSU in 2003, UT in 2004). Jeez, how many times have we heard in Richt’s post-loss pressers about a failure to “make a play.”

    This “safe” approach is observed throughout entire ballgames during the first five years of Richt’s tenure, when we had a good defense. That’s why we didn’t regularly roll off 30 pt games, IMO. Now that our defense is no longer very good or reliable, Richt has had to change this approach because he (rightfully) thinks we NEED to score more to have a chance to win. As a result, we do score more than we used to. Still, as observed in this year’s GT game, he hasn’t abandoned his old ways completely. With second half leads, we often put a stopper on our offense (with predictable, uninspired playcalling) and just try to hold on. Some call it “playing scared to lose.” We see it occasionally from the other side too (typical Fulmer and from Auburn in 2002–enabling those defensive stops that Greene also refers to above).

    My point: this 30 point streak has less to do with any significant or overall improvement in our offensive personnel, techniques, philosophy, etc. from prior years and has more to do with our perceived NEED to score based on a shitty defense. That being said, Aaron Murray, when given the opportunity, has obviously been terrific this year.


  9. Bad M

    Seriously. Score 31 every game and it’s not the offense’s fault. People need to realize the def will make the right call every once in a while during a game.


  10. aious

    Then how about the offense produce throughout the season and stop scoring laughable amounts in specific BIG GAMES


  11. Keith

    The problem with trying to score just enough points to win is of course, you never know what that amount is.

    And of course the good senator looks at the bright side of the 30+ per game.
    Good for you.


  12. S.E. Dawg

    Yep, and we couldn’t get the opposing team off the field on third down. It’s amazing that we scored the points that we did when you can’t get the other offense off the field.


  13. shane#1

    Who the hell tries to score just enough to win? When you coach or play you try your damndest to score as many points as possible. To do less severely limits your present and future income. IMO what UGA needs is better recruiting. You have to have the players. UGA lacks depth and talent where it matters most, on the O and D lines. UGA needs more size on the lines if they are going to run a pro style O and a 3-4 D. The way I see it, either the Dawgs go with a spread O and cut block or they recruit O linemen with the size to blow people off the ball.


    • The Rodfather

      Agree 100% on recruiting & depth. We have to stop pissing away scholarships on charity cases & feel-good stories.


      • Dawgwalker07

        I’m sorry I must have missed those recruits. Fill me in on who’s charity and feel good please.

        And as far as talent goes, we do have 3 former dl on NFL rosters and several potential Sunday players on the o-line. Talent isn’t the issue here.


        • The Rodfather

          What I’m talking about is not so much recruits (although UGA has been known to sign linemen that have chronic medical conditions & hope for the best) as it is having a full 85 on scholly that can contribute. Having a third kicker on scholarship & two running backs that are smaller than our undersized cornerbacks doesn’t help. Undersigning and then awarding scholarships to walk-ons (or brothers of players) who only get playing time on special teams or put UGA @ a competitive disadvantage. I’m not going to call out these young men specifically because I don’t think it’s fair to them, not knowing the full circumstances. After the GT game I heard on the postgame that we used 16 players on D. I don’t know if that was accurate or not but that says a lot about our quality depth. I would be interested to see stats on our scholarship players & % of plays for O,D, & ST.


        • Hackerdog

          I think the issue is in the middle. Yes, we have talent. But we have little depth.

          And, the stories out of Athens after spring camp are the kid(s) that we’re rewarding with a scholarship. The stories out of Tuscaloosa/Oxford are which kids are transferring out or being put on a medical scholarship to get the team down to 85 scholarships.

          I don’t think we should resort to Saban-style grey-shirting. But I think we can be a good bit more aggressive in recruiting without running into those kind of problems.


  14. Farsider

    Where’s the “debate” regarding the o-line coach? You want to look at this team’s failings, especially early than look no farther than the offensive front, which was supposed to be the unit that would ease the transition into a frosh QB. What happened to this seasoned bunch of alleged road graders? Why isn’t Searels under more scrutiny?


    • Macallanlover

      It is the biggest question that seems to slide under the radar. Perhaps there is a reason I am unaware of, but the last two years have been very disappointing from what was expected. The first year CSS was there I thought he did a masterful job with the situation he had to work with, but man, we sucked once we had experienced guys and depth. I don’t pretend to be an Xs and Os guy, but I am baffled by the OL performance. If this isn’t under the microscope, I would be concerned. Forget the Bobo debate, I am pretty sure we would have been much better offensively if the OL had been even mediocre.


  15. OldDawg55

    I was just going ummmm, good point, and nahhhh, don’t agree until I came to Farsider and thought “right on target”….no, we couldn’t expect a lock down defense this year and it hurt, to a great extent, but the one thing that hit me game after game was “what’s going on with the offensive line??”. No one held them up to one bashed Searles, reporters can’t talk to neirther the linemen nor the line coach. CMR skated over the problem time and again. It was THE PROBLEM!! Without the “number one line in the nation” we’d been led to expect, we had a bunch of big bodies stumbling thru each game and a duo of backs, not counting the FBs, who were stymied. And isn’t Searles “in charge” of our running offense? Let’s have some off season analysis and accountability in this important area!


  16. Krautdawg

    Great. Our present offense would’ve gone undefeated if only we’d had it from 2001-2004. I love objections that disregard the entry of Meyer, Petrino, Saban, Mullen, Spurrier, and Malzahn into the SEC.

    And don’t those plays that “have to be made” now occur on every drive? Murray showed he can handle the pressure. The plays simply need to be called instead of stowed away for when we’re coming from behind.

    Said another way, the game we’re managing looks like this: we can realistically rely on 2-4 defensive stops. In this context, the only sensible “game management” consists of scoring, scoring, and scoring again. Does it really take this long to get through the 5 stages and accept that offense is now our dominant unit?


  17. W Cobb Dawg

    In past years I was all for blaming the assistants or players or schedule or ‘fill in the blank’. The truth that continues to stand out year after year is that our coaching staff just isn’t that great. We’re serial underachievers. Other teams seem to find that missing piece to the puzzle and go on to the championship. We find ways to screw up. The blame should be placed entirely on the highly paid leader who created this situation and perpetuates it year after year. CMR is a wonderful guy, but he’s not a championship coach.


    • Normaltown Mike

      I just don’t understand why Bobo told Washaun to fumble the ball at SC at the goal line and again at MSU at the goal line. It just doesn’t add up.

      At Colorado too, Bobo called for the fumle. This time it was at the 30, but still. Clearly when things like this happen, its the coaches fault.

      McGarity needs to do what Bama did at the end of the Stallings era:
      First: Bring in an assistant with ties to the program (Kirby!).
      Second: Fire #1 b/c he sucks and bring in a proven winner from a mid tier program (paging Gary Crowton)
      Third: After #2 leaves b/c the fans are lunatics, hire a proven winner from a major confernece with an exciting offense (hello Mike Leach!)
      Fourth: Fire #3 when he utterly debases the program in some unforeseen manner, YAR!, and hire someone with long ties to the program and a legendary name (Derek?)
      Fifth: Show the door to the favored son of middling success and make a run at the offensive genius de jure (Dan Hawkins er Chris Peterson). Fail at hiring this hotshot and then fly a lear jet with a trunk of franks and fitties to some average NFL workaholic who was a college success (Pete Carroll).

      Voila! 10 years and 5 coaches and we are DOMINATING!


      • Dante

        I used to think once a fumbler, always a fumbler. If Eric Dickerson can’t hold onto the f’ing football, what chance does anyone else have? Years later I saw Tom Coughlin bring in someone to teach Tiki Barber to stop fumbling. And it worked. I couldn’t believe it. You can coach the fumbles out of someone. We desperately need to at Georgia.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      My problem with Bobo is the same problem I have with Mark Richt. As pointed out by West Cobb Dawg above, they both seem to have the knack for doing the wrong thing at exactly the wrong time that causes the team to lose instead of win, often to clearly inferior opponents. You would think that after a while they would learn but they simply do not. 2 examples: Exhibit 1. 3rd and 4 at midfield, 1 minute to go in the Arkansas game. A first down and a fresh set of downs, then you run clock, hopefully gain 20 yards or so to give the best kicker in the US a chance to win the game. Worst case-overtime at home. Somebody (I don’t know if it was Bobo or Richt) calls a slow developing pass play which also requires a back to block a DE. The back (Ealey) whiffs the block, Murray gets sacked (he was lucky to hold onto the ball) we punt and the rest is history. Should have been a quick 5 yard out thrown on time–1,2,3 ball gone. Galactically stupid call that cost UGA at least the chance to win the game, if not the victory outright. We had ’em and the coach choked. Exhibit 2. Colorado game. In field goal range. Almost the end of the game. Running clock and positioning the ball for an easy field goal to win. Somebody (Bobo or Richt) calls a draw play. On a draw the line doesn’t block anyone, instead relying on the pass-fake. Problem is, everybody in the stadium, including the Colorado D-linemen, knew that in that situation UGA was going to run the ball. The Colorado players all ignored the pass fake and went straight for the ball carrier (King) who got hit hard and fumbled the ball away and the game with it. Incredibly idiotic call. Those are just 2 game losing calls that are so apparent that any kid playing pee-wee football would know not to do that. There were others as well. This is a difficult conference, with excellent teams, coaches and players. The difference between winning and losing is razor thin. We cannot expect our players, even if they are superior to the other team’s players, to overcome mental errors of their coaches. This team would have won about 10 games this season without anything being different on the field except someone calling plays at the end who wasn’t a complete idiot. Hell, if the Tech kicker hadn’t missed the extra point the Bobo and Richt would have probably found a way to lose that one, too. I could name some other specific calls but this post is too long already. I have been watching this for years (remember the Auburn game 2001?) and writing it off to CMR learning on the job. This was his 10th year. It was also Bobo’s 10th year as QB coach and 4th year as OC. Enough is enough. I also like Mark Richt personally but if Richt stays he has to get a competent coach to call the offensive plays. If not–be gone.


    • Macallanlover

      Again, not suggesting we be complacent about 8-5 or 6-6 but come on, “serial underachievers”? “Not a championship coach”? Can’t “go on to the championship”? Has dementia struck in Cobb county? Does the 2002 and 2005 seasons not smack of “championships” to you? They sure do to me, and I don’t think the man has forgotten how to coach. This constant, and relentless bashing of CMR is exactly what other programs use against us in recruiting, and why media pimps like F’Bomb and company take and run screaming to the world about “hot seat” in Athens (when their wasn’t, and now use to say the landscape is truly toxic.) It is this type of “cannot be pleased” attitude that has given UGA fans the bad name we now deserve. It isn’t just 8 and 7 win seasons we whine about, it is every single one of them since 2002.

      We came into 2010 with a new DC minus three NFL quality DL and a MLB, not to mention an inexperienced QB without his star WR part of the season. We had been expecting a 9-3 season by most fans, and ended up 6-6 competitive in every game….very competitive.

      Alabama was ranked #1 preseason and ended up 9-3 coming off a lot of momentum from last year’s undefeated season. 2-3 games under expectations but their coach is getting a damned statue erected to him at their stadium and please introduce me to one Bama fan who thinks he isn’t the best in the nation.

      Florida was ranked in the Top 5 preseason, ended 7-5 gettin wiped out in 3 of their losses and escaped an OT win against our lousy coach. Their “walks-on-water coach” quits them for the second time in 12 months and allows punks like Rainey to re-enter the team to save his season yet those fans will tell you Urbie is and gives him an office on campus to hang in. No thanks, I will keep me some CMR.


  18. I still believe that CMR & the other coaches think Bobo is doing a good job as OC. I also believe that Murray, Charles, & the other players believe that Bobo is doing a good job. We are going to get some good recruits because they want to play for Bobo.
    Personally I believe that Bobo is as good of an OC as Richt was at FSU & that got him the job as HC of the Dawgs,
    If I am Richt & I am playing to keep my job, & he Is, Then I want to keep Bobo as my OC.
    Finally I watch a lot of games & see a lot of plays called where I think That If Bobo had called those plays I could expect to see a lot of negative comments about the play callong. I continue to disagere with those comments.


  19. Toom

    What’s sad is Murray may be as good as we think he can be and we can STILL be mediocre. significant changes in the run game and defense or Murray will be another super star to come and go without a championship.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Imagine if Murray was being coached by Mullen or Malzahn next season. Wouldn’t he shoot right to the top of the heisman race? That should tell us all we need to know about our O coaching.


      • Puffdawg

        What part of your comment “should tell us everything we need to know about our O coaching?” The specualtion part or the opinion part? Or the imagination part?