All you have to do is call.

I think Spencer Hall has misconstrued this quote from Jeff Demps – understandable if you’re a Gator fan whose opinion of Addazio is that you’d save him from a burning building before you’d rescue the Zooker, but that’s about it – but in any event, he’s missed the money quote from Demps in the linked article, which is:

… Like most of the older players, Demps, who will be a senior in 2011, is happy Meyer will still be accessible.

“Yes, it’s very important,” he said. “Coach Meyer, he wasn’t just a coach; he was like a father figure to all the players. He recruited us and he was always there. I think it’s very important that he’s going to still be around if we’re having problems on the field or off the field. We can always go to coach Meyer if we need anything.”

Now that’s got potential.  Can you say soap opera?  I thought you could.  I’ve even got a theme song.



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14 responses to “All you have to do is call.

  1. Dubyadee

    Nice to see someone in the blogosphere is picking up his game over the holidays. Nice work.


  2. Dog in Fla

    There’s so much family atmosphere in Gainesville that Jeremy put Huntley Johnson on holiday stand-by alert, put Irwin in charge of the team Christmas party and sent Will to the Quick Pak store telling him it was the Florida Way.


  3. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Looking at the Gators 2011 schedule, wonder when the Florida Way & Urban Way collide …

    Florida Atlantic
    at Kentucky
    at LSU
    at Auburn
    Cocktail Party

    That stretch of Bama, LSU & AUB has the makings for a full own civil war if Urban is still stalking around …


  4. 69Dawg

    Oh I don’t think the Urban is sticking around for the players thing is going to end well for the Gayturds. Let’s say a player has trouble with Muschamp, which is not a stretch given the number of prima donas that UF has. Now lets just imagine the player goes to talk to the camp counselor Urban and Urban does not agree with Muschamp. Wow this is going to be must see TV.