Stay in school, have a good time.

The Godfather has some musical advice for Caleb King.


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  1. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Jasper Sanks, Part II.

    Losing Dwyer was not as bad as Jamal Lewis, but in the long run, we surely messed up on those two situations.

    After hearing about the antics that Crowell pulled at Calhoun, and learning that we are still recruiting him, got to imagine we may be about to have another similar situation.


    • King Jericho

      I’m interested in said antics.


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        It has been reported Crowell was rude to the Calhounites.


      • Stoopnagle

        Basically, he got shut down and reacted very immaturely. Check out the AJC recruiting blog. I’m pretty sure he had something on it. At least, I learned it from Chip Towers interview on 960.

        It gives one pause given how ticky-tack our off-field issues have been. My first impression is that he’s clearly headed for trouble in Athens. But he’s 17-18 and is learning to deal with adversity. He’s not a full-blown grown-up, so expecting him to act like one is unrealistic. He was dealing with adversity for the first time all season and was probably hearing a lot about it from the fans, I imagine. He deserves a chance to learn from it.

        Or he could just go to Bama. Whatever.


  2. 69Dawg

    Oh for the days of Knowshon and his dancing.


  3. NRBQ

    You have to be a dumbass of immense proportions to flunk out given all the help these guys receive academically.

    Even stupider than James Brown.

    (no grief please: Augusta resident)


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      JB was a dumbass to be sure but I still miss those Christmas lights nonetheless.


    • Stoopnagle

      I generally agree with this sentiment. I find it unfair, however, if the person in question would not have been offered admission based solely on his academic record and lacks adequate preparation for higher education generally, let along at a selective public research university.

      I’m just sayin’.


  4. Bulldog

    The Dawgs need Crowell!!!


  5. Russ

    Apparently Caleb knew all about having a good time in school.


  6. Todd

    Paul Oliver pulling his stunt was nice as well.


  7. JaxDawg

    Caleb King – such a disappointment on and off the field.


  8. Brandon

    I’ve got an old high school defensive coordinator I talk to about the Dawgs now and again. He told me before we signed him that Caleb was overrated, he also told me David Greene was going to be a stud before he started playing, that’s 2-0. Other things he has said: Grantham’s scheme was too complicated for his charges this year and Grantham does not have an even rudimentary understanding of how to stop the triple option. All told though he’s not ready to write him off, he thinks there has been improvement over Martinez, but that isn’t necessarily saying much.