Feeding the biggest beast in the room

I suppose I was aware of this in the back of my head, but still, this is pretty jarring to read:

Of the 35 bowls, 31 of them are on ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPNU. The four others? The Sun Bowl has been on CBS for years. The Cotton Bowl is tied in to FOX. And in the ultimate symbol of how the bowls have shifted from network to cable, ABC, which is also owned by Disney, has only the Rose Bowl and the Outback Bowl on a Saturday afternoon.

Of course, I’m grateful that Thom Brennaman’s access to my eardrums is limited at this time of year, but do those numbers (along with the fact that the WWL owns several bowls outright) complicate the debate about a D-1 football playoff?  Would having to placate ESPN’s likely concerns that any playoff format might eventually lead to a situation where the bowls cease to be played factor into the equation?

It’s one thing to threaten members of the Kiwanis Club trying to keep a bowl game in Shreveport going.  It’s another to upset the 800-pound gorilla of college athletics.


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14 responses to “Feeding the biggest beast in the room

  1. Mike

    I think the Rose has moved from ABC to ESPN. ABC only has the Outback.



  2. ZDawg

    I too, would like to pledge my allegiance to our 4 letter word overlords.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    You (we) continue to misunderstand the Worldwide Weasels’ blathering about a playoff. It has no basis in reality, never has, never will, it is just pandering to the Weasels’ misperception that a majority of football fans are drooling over a playoff.

    If this were any other broadcast enterprise there might be some connection between what is good for the goose and the babbling gander, but in an organization that continues to employ Craig James, that is obviously not the case.

    On the bright side, when one of the Weasel buffoons blabbers about a playoff, even my just born grandson knows most of what is said is bull.


  4. David

    So all the BCS games will be shown only on ESPN?


  5. Toom

    My understanding is that ESPN taking over the BCS would be a necessary step TOWARD getting a playoff and that the first baby-step was to align the contract expirations of the BCS and the Rose.

    I’m guessing we will know pretty quickly what the intent is based on what kind of agenda their ‘experts’ put out there. My perception is most of those guys are pro-playoff but if we start hearing widespread talk of how great the bowl system is, look out. It’ll be status quo.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Did you hear Holtz and May announcing last night’s bowl game? What a train wreck!


  7. shane#1

    Let’s face it guys, the tail don’t wag the dog. As long as ESPN is forking over the big bucks the NCAA and the conferences will skip to their loo, or loot, as it were. How long would Cam have lasted if he were a back-up QB instead of the most exciting player in this year’s CFB? I have said all along that it’s all about the money. I know I am a paranoid conspiracy nut, or at least I play one on the blogs, but remember, paranoid people have real enemys and conspiracys exist. Just ask Tsar Nicholas.