Hey! Only we can talk about our coordinators like that!

Spencer Hall celebrates Steve Addazio’s rumored change of address with a rim shot directed Athens’ way:

TODAY…IS OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY. The informal understanding that Steve Addazio, excellent offensive line coach and horrendous playcaller and offensive coordinator, will be fired after Muschamp hires his own offensive staff remains. His landing place was a mystery until yesterday, thus ending Temple fans’ morbid curiosity/horror at the possibility of having the Divemaster command their football team. Addazio will be the offensive line coach, something he excels at, for the Texas Longhorns. No, really, he’s quite good at that. We’re not lying. We have no reason to do this, since you’re not in the SEC and therefore not in the perpetual web of mindgames and lies with our rivals we call “conversation.” In an unrelated note, man, that Mike Bobo is a helluva coordinator.

Nicely played, but it’s worth mentioning that Bobo’s offense rolled up more yards on the Gator defense than any other team did this season.


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12 responses to “Hey! Only we can talk about our coordinators like that!

  1. Mike

    If yards counted as points, how many times does UGA win the WLOCP?


  2. Stoopnagle

    Just clicked to the comments to read the obligatory

    “… and lost”



  3. Jim from Duluth

    Hmmm .. Florida gave up 30+ in 5 games this year … suprised there were few comments about their (new) DC….



  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    The guys at EDSBS sound like they’re on speed or mescaline half the time anyway.


    • NRBQ

      Hate to tell you, Hog, but most of ’em are too young to know anything of this “mescaline” to which you refer.

      Any critter ever created for a video game, however, is another matter.

      /sigh, old.


  5. Dawgfan Will

    The irony is that Bobo would probably be a perfect fit for what Muschamp is putting together.